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Pedo-Pastor, 63, married teenager on 18th birthday

Dwight & Jordan got hitched/YouTube

Old pastor marries teen. 

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DES MOINES — Dwight Reed, the 63-year-old pastor of Christ Apostolic Temple, is under fire after he married 18-year-old Jordan Goodlett right after her birthday. And, rumor has it, she’s barefoot and gravid. His Viagra must’ve worked. The feat of holy matrimony went down in Des Moines, Iowa. Jordan is Bishop Reed’s quondam student. The cradle-robber met Jordan in 2017 when he took over as pastor and dean. The first lady, who was around 13 at the time, graduated from his school. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude Jordan was groomed as a virgo intacta to be the bishop’s wife. Yuck! That’s disgusting! Prior to landing a gig at Christ Apostolic Temple, Bishop Reed filled a cleric role in Shreveport, Louisiana. But the congregation had him exiled for concocting sugar daddy dalliances with underage girls. Bishop Reed has been married 3 times and divorced 3 times. Jordan is spouse number four.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “63 and 18… that’s some sick sh*t. Her brain isn’t even fully developed. They both are sick and the folks in church who are congratulating them are sick as well. This is crazy.”

Another person chimed in with, “That is so sad. There are a lot of grown women out there. Why did he go and get someone his granddaughter’s age? He is a sick man and so is her parents for allowing it . Sick, Sick 😷 Sick.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾✌🏾✌🏾”

A third person added, “This is why I don’t go to church anymore.” 

There’s an age gap of 45 years between Bishop Reed and Jordan.

Is it too wide?

Watch Bishop Reed defend his marriage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. That’s a child and he is truly sick if that was my daughter Lord knows you better give his soul to God cuz his ass would be mine

  2. The pastor has more standards than most dudes. At least he’s not wifing up a thottie or single mom. Women will shame him because like Dave Chappell said, “There no such thing as 36-year-old p**sy

  3. The Christian church is a joke. Y’all do NOTHING the Bible says and don’t even understand the Bible. The Bible is for the Israelites written by Israelites who today have been scattered across the world via the transatlantic slave trade. You so called blacks and Latinos make up the twelve tribes of Israel. Stop playin in these dumb churches

  4. Don’t let the devil fool you !!! Absolutely disgusting. Shameless… and the congregation is underneath some deep manipulation. May God deliver them all. HOW LONG WERE YOU HAVING THESE THOUGHTS TOWARDS HER IF SHE JUST TURNED 18 sicko

  5. Whew the way he said that’s my “WHHHIIIIIFFE” lol that took me out! Whew this is sick

  6. Everybody at that church is DUMB AS HELL and I hope this man meets his reckoning. Can’t wait to see it

  7. Disgusting ….CONGRATS PASTOR
    R KELLY! Can’t keep an adult woman so he goes after teenagers

  8. He’s a old perverted hound dog. Can’t stand how some of these dudes hide behind the pulpit and scripture trying to justify their actions. Y’all really think this man wasn’t messing with this young lady before she turned 18? Who is he trying to fool. Old geriatric imbecile.

  9. Just down right sick! Idc how things were done back in the day. Times have changed and some of the things that were socially acceptable back then, we learned over time, wasn’t right or in the best interest of the child. Sure she’s 18 and legally, he’s not wrong, but what happened to morals? I’m learning more and more that a lot of these pastors lack morals smh.

  10. This man has been to prison twice, has a SERIOUS gambling (for yrs) problem, and was seen at the Riverside Casino at the roulette table on Feb 11th with his “wife”!


  12. Seems like a shot gun wedding he got her pregnant. Sad. He a wolf in sheep clothing

  13. The frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25-that is the area of the brain that controls your cognitive skills. Unfortunately at 18 she can make her own decisions. I could not sit under that pastor’s leadership knowing this. This is ridiculous to me. It makes me wonder if something was going on before she turned 18. The fact that he was the dean of her school and “god-father” makes that even more sick. A full investigation of this case needs to happen because of the circumstances of the relationship.

  14. @Walmart Cashier: I don’t think he will allow her to go to college because she will be exposed to things contrary to what he has been teaching her. If he gives her that type of freedom he will definitely lose the control he has over her. The main key to keeping that control is isolating them from anyone who will speak against the situation. Her whole life will be lived out in that church so he can maintain his control over her. My heart goes out to her.

    Also, it is alleged that her father is the one who walked her down the isle, there is a picture out there that shows it. It’s so much to this story and it’s just a very disheartening situation.

  15. where is all the outrage of white men exploiting and sexually abusing young black women in porn. No one says nothing about that. But soon as an older man does the GODLY thing and marries a young woman its wrong? You people are insane.

  16. She’s gonna shake him for a young nigga, when he starts falling asleep at 7pm every night

  17. If their happy together that’s all that matters, no where in the scriptures does it even suggests the age of people getting married. Many people have been married more than 10 times and then finally meet someone the world deems controversial. But, it works for them. Members at his church aren’t interested in how this looks but focuses on the Bible. And as people of The Lord they support and admire the fact that the pastor chose to marry rather than burn. Never give up, God deals in a variety of ways to show His love for mankind even in marriage. And it’s written; “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” Doesn’t say anything about age. Younger women love to be lead by good men, good wise men, a man who appreciates them.

  18. Another example of perversion and pimping , right there in the church! How dare the church call this ish normal.

  19. I can understand better if he married someone that’s in her forties. But 18??! C’mon now!

  20. Niggas hating because the old man is winning. I hope he’s eating the booty from the bike! LoL!

  21. I can’t put enough vomit emoji’s on my comment. What in the Nettie and Celie is going on here??? We are so lost that anyone would think this is ok is not ok…..🤢🤢🤮🤮. Why can’t we protect our girls better? He sounds like a provincial idiot up in the pulpit. Not a man of God at all.

  22. He’s forked tongue snake with the gift of gab. He purposely chose other women as armor barriers so he could really sink his claws into that young girl. If there is a hell I hope he croaks soon so he can go there with gasoline draws. I hope he has a fat life insurance policy too so she can cash out on that filthy man. Her father is a simp too

  23. This so disgusting and disturbing. This nasty old man is probably a pedo. I can’t understand how these people in America can go and participate in these evil churches. If anybody is saying that they are God’s chosen one and want to seen as Christ like, they are a devil. Its written in the Bible Mathew 18.6. It’s is a great sin for a man to cause a child to sin. 😡

  24. This young girl is ahead of the game , she knows this pastor is close to death and she will get everything stop being naïve about these gold diggers

  25. Oh hell no ❗ I thought she was his granddaughter ❗ That picture don’t even look right ❗ Ain’t no way I can date a boy the same age my nephews are ❗ What can we talk about ❓ the lastest video game and the lastest rap music or hold up ❓ what damn club we going to ❓ Really stay in your lane young and OLD people 👌🏾💯❗ This is some bull 💩 for real for real ❗

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