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White chick murders her abusive black boyfriend

Courtney stabbed Christian to death/YouTube

White chick kills negro lover.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MIAMI — OnlyFans model Courtney Tailor (né Courtney Clenney) was thrown in the psychiatric ward after she stabbed her Nigerian boyfriend — Christian Obumseli — to death inside their lavish high-rise condo. The Zorro impersonation transpired Sunday night in Miami during a domestic dispute. Christian, 27, was transported via ambulance to Jackson Memorial’s Ryder Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead. Courtney, who’s white, was arrested and placed in a behavioral health unit where she remains on suicide watch. The prepossessing blonde told detectives she’s gonna kill herself. Courtney, 25, has millions of followers on Instagram. She’s also sexy as f*ck. Investigators said the swirlers have a history of domestic violence. So they’re trying to determine if Courtney acted in self-defense. A neighbor descried Christian beating her ass. “I could not tell if it was open-handed or closed-handed, but he was swinging at her,” he told reporters.

However, those close to the abusive couple said Courtney was the aggressor. “We’ve seen her hit him. I’ve never seen him hit her,” recalled Ashley Vaughn, a mutual friend. “From what we’ve personally experienced between the both of them, we believe that Christian wouldn’t put her in a position where she would need to stab him to protect herself.”  

Prior to gettin’ shanked, Christian dissed black women on Twitter. He called ’em a “disgrace” and said white chicks are superior. Now sistahs are clappin’ back. One wrote, “Killed by the same type of woman he put on a pedestal.” Another added, “This is what happens when you hate black women who look just like your black mother who raised you.”

Ouch! Karma’s a bitch.

After she gutted Christian like a fish, Courtney posted erotic pics on her OnlyFans page seeking a new man.

Damn that’s cold.

Christian is supposed to be a high roller but his family set up a GoFundMe page.

Do you think Courtney acted in self-defense?

Or, is she guilty of murder?

Watch Courtney get arrested.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Fuck em ..y’all will learn WE ARE BLACK ..invest in black ..dnt be dumb

  2. Don’t be dating no onlyfans chick ever. Sad that Nigerian brother lost he’s life. I’m Nigerian too.

  3. He made his casket, now he has to lay in it. He should have chosen better.

  4. Black men really turn simp for other races lol a onlyfans girl? The self hate

  5. He dissed black women for “shaking their behinds”, disrespected them only to be murdered by his only fans white girlfriend

  6. “Black Men” are pleased at least it was a “White Women” who Took him out!😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  7. NEVER SWIRL!!!!!💯💯💯

  8. 🤣🤣He wanted a white chick he got one and she OJ’d him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    41 million and counting and all their own fault

  9. My family will disown me if I date a onlyfan girl because is borderline protestution.

  10. Let the non black women advocate and march for him. Black women need to be silent. This dude always tweeted and spoke negatively about black women. Burn the cape!!!

  11. Hebrew Israelites don’t even be in situations like this. That’s why it’s important to get in the word in these last days. 🎺🔥🍷

  12. He had to be sleep when he got stabbed because he could’ve easily overpowered that woman

  13. Black women: don’t send money, don’t march, don’t mule. It’s not our fight. No black woman was involved in this mess

  14. Black women stay out of it this is not y’all fight let them deal with it ✌🏾🙏🏾

  15. He was anti black woman. His tweets were exposed. Black women sit this one out.

  16. See, Toby had a preference.

  17. The amount of black women in the comments dancing on this man’s grave is SAD.

  18. Black women: stand back and stand down! This man hated you when he lived.

  19. He hated blk women & his tweets are resurfacing. He said some horrible things about blk women. So this is what he get

  20. Welp what a shame, all I know black women do not put your cape on for this man.
    He was online openly disparaging and degrading black women.

  21. WELL THE “colord menz” KNOW THE DEAL AND “STILL” FU€K!NG WITH THOSE “wyite👽 HOZZ”!!!!😴

  22. Toxic relationship and they always fought, she was trying to defend herself. He is so much bigger than her, stand your ground applies here.

  23. It goes without saying but if the roles were reversed, the brother wouldn’t have gotten all the “mental health” treatment. He would’ve got the “string this nigga up” treatment

  24. Say man I get all white women ain’t the same but I’m good with my black queens (sistas) 🖤🖤🖤

  25. Lesson to black men……there are crazy women in every race so stop thinking you have a prize when you date non black. Im very tired of seeing our women being bashed by yall.

  26. I smell milk eggs and sulphur that’s all ima say. N some nggas be thinking these weaker gene females the 🔑. Devils taught u to lust after the weaker gene . Give me the blackest darkest ether 9 producing queen. That lady got a head full of fur n yall tryna figure out why she did what she did. If she miss too many baths the lice gon tell it. The devil is unoriginal n grafted n anything unnatural is weaker than the natural. U nggas are carbon 12, condensed sunlight. N some ppl get sunburned gank. Some devils don’t like u they pretend . Many ppl sleep even J but Pope woke

  27. Black men can run to Becky in droves as long as they accept the cultures they are worshipping have murder of black men in their historic repertoire. So knowing that is no great surprise. Own it if it happens as she will likely get away with it and THAT’S what each black male swirler is signed up fot. Just don’t come crying cuz we warned you again and again. It is what it is and I can’t care more for you than you do especially if you’re a cross ciltural respectability politics court jester. Sorry not Sorry.

  28. I don’t think she ever loved the guy to begin with. It’s obvious she is the criminal here. It’s hard to end up stabbing someone you once truly loved, even if the person betrays you. And plus, she must have a lot of options to easily replace the average looking nigerian. But she wouldn’t have done that easily if he was too sticky.
    The fact she went on social network just after the crime as if nothing happened, proved that she didn’t really love him.
    She might have accepted him because she was insecure; may be also relatively poor. When the insecurity left she probably wanted to get rid of him. But he might have been too sticky. I don’t know him, but I know a lot of nigerians. Seems to me that he’s that kind of guy with a gentle facade, but a huge ego (sorry in advance and correct me if I am wrong).
    I am sorry for him; he’s the victim after all.
    That’s why we should not try to get into relationship with our assets. Women are weak when they see assets; they can say yes to the wrong guy and later want to get rid of him when she returns in her senses.
    We also have to give a part of the blame to those men who gather assets that could have contributed to develop black communities to get into relationship with women who are not even close of their league; women who would not even greet them in normal circumstances.
    But after when they get betrayed, people see them as completely innocent.
    It’s time we also start exposing that coward behavior of many black men.

  29. This shit is sad I will never trust a Becky if it was the other way around he would be locked up hell if it was a black woman that did this to a white dude she would be locked up no bond they let them get away with everything but we get the death penalty

  30. Why anyone would have a relationship with an OnlyFans stripper is weak. Seems like alot of brothers get with women like this for others validation. Its like the rappers and the cash phones, or the gold jewelry. Its about ” Look at me!! I got this white girl. Im better than you” That’s the truth. Accept it or be angry and not change. I feel for black women. Its tough for them with these buster ass brothers.

  31. A lot of people have mentioned his tweets, but he didn’t just disrespect BW, he talked about a BM too. He said he loved white people. It’s obvious he believed white people are superior and blacks are inferior. The way he kept proclaiming his love for the white race while disrespecting his own makes it clear.

    All these divesters promoting WW and WM are better then their own race are extremely toxic and dangerous to the black community and need to be avoided at all cost! There are several divestors online who continue to promote this division between black men and women. They have revealed the weakness of our community to the public. You never let your enemy know your weakness.

  32. I will let Becky and Tyrone’s have this one ✌️ shouldn’t have said terrible things about black women.

  33. When it comes to white chicks, secretly, you’d like to hit it from da’ back. You know it’s true. We are all sick to a certain extent. We were made that way and have to actively fix ourselves. Fix yourself and you won’t look twice.

  34. No way this perfect submissive most beautiful white woman did this. She felt threatened. Maybe a black woman jumped inside her body and stabbed him. Then the black woman teleported back out. Then a black single mother took the pictures on only fans. Then she turned back into a beautiful perfect while milk lily submissive woman. You know the white man did it. You know the man. It’s the system. I think it’s a scheme Todd set up to come back to us with the bull ish. 😂

  35. It’s funny both black females and males are getting killed dating outside their race(white) in America recently…………………….🤔

    You would think this should bring us together but I guess we gonna keep taking these L’s🤷🏿‍♂️

  36. The victim/boyfriend tweeted constantly about his hate for black women so I find this very ironic. The white woman that you put on a pedestal (while dragging black women through the mud every chance you got), ended up causing your quick demise. And now the family is asking for donations when this man probably wouldn’t spit on a black woman if she was on fire.🧍🏾‍♀️🔥🤷🏿‍♂️ Yeah… no thanks.

  37. A “Go fund me” for someone who lived in a million dollar condo on the Atlantic ocean and drove a Rolls Royce SUV worth $300K?!

    That sounds as nutty as squirrel sh*t!!

  38. Damn all that down talking black women and how white women were so much better, yep that white woman got you a one way ticket to your maker. Don’t feel nothing, sick of BLK men like this.

  39. Warning ⚠️ Black woman, this is none of our business.. back to ID CHANEL

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