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White chick murders her abusive black boyfriend

Courtney stabbed Christian to death/YouTube

White chick kills negro lover.

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MIAMI — OnlyFans model Courtney Tailor (né Courtney Clenney) was thrown in the psychiatric ward after she stabbed her Nigerian boyfriend — Christian Obumseli — to death inside their lavish high-rise condo. The Zorro impersonation transpired Sunday night in Miami during a domestic dispute. Christian, 27, was transported via ambulance to Jackson Memorial’s Ryder Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead. Courtney, who’s white, was arrested and placed in a behavioral health unit where she remains on suicide watch. The prepossessing blonde told detectives she’s gonna kill herself. Courtney, 25, has millions of followers on Instagram. She’s also sexy as f*ck. Investigators said the swirlers have a history of domestic violence. So they’re trying to determine if Courtney acted in self-defense. A neighbor descried Christian beating her ass. “I could not tell if it was open-handed or closed-handed, but he was swinging at her,” he told reporters.

However, those close to the abusive couple said Courtney was the aggressor. “We’ve seen her hit him. I’ve never seen him hit her,” recalled Ashley Vaughn, a mutual friend. “From what we’ve personally experienced between the both of them, we believe that Christian wouldn’t put her in a position where she would need to stab him to protect herself.”  

Prior to gettin’ shanked, Christian dissed black women on Twitter. He called ’em a “disgrace” and said white chicks are superior. Now sistahs are clappin’ back. One wrote, “Killed by the same type of woman he put on a pedestal.” Another added, “This is what happens when you hate black women who look just like your black mother who raised you.”

Ouch! Karma’s a bitch.

After she gutted Christian like a fish, Courtney posted erotic pics on her OnlyFans page seeking a new man.

Damn that’s cold.

Christian is supposed to be a high roller but his family set up a GoFundMe page.

Do you think Courtney acted in self-defense?

Or, is she guilty of murder?

Watch Courtney get arrested.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She was just on the Miami podcast a few days ago and looks completely normal and not suffering from mental illness at all. If this was a black man or a black women that did this, they would have been locked up right away. GIVE THE MAN JUSTICE! She is a privileged white girl making multiple six figures a year off OnlyFans. Makes me sick!

    P.S. her hair extensions are so whack

  2. And people say the Becky Pandemic isn’t a real problem, well this right here proves it is. Hard to feel bad for him as a black Nigerian woman but it’s still unfortunate. With the way circumstances like these are I doubt he will get justice.
    Hopefully this will be a lesson to black men with a certain ‘preference’. Those women never ‘prefer’ you just your bag💰

  3. That’s what happens when you are blinded by white people being nice ,all them mfs evil sneaky and racist to a degree,and he would probably be alive today if he had stuck with his own race.

  4. He hate Black women 🇪🇷😁🏳️‍🌈 so he got what he deserve from the White man’s nutsack White women sent him to his maker cause he was toxic

  5. So they were sex workers on Only Fans; that explains how they could afford a luxury condo. They got into an altercation and she stabbed him to death. Now she’s playing crazy so she doesn’t have to face any criminal charges.

  6. A go fund me?? They were living in a $750000 condo and driving exotic cars…

  7. Why have a luxury apartment, when you don’t have life insurance? Why in the world is there a go fund me???

  8. What a minute…….Hey black men i thought you said black women were too aggressive and combative for you.White women are crazy as hell and i bet she will get zero prison time. Enjoy your “preference” while sleeping with 1 eye open!

  9. He was her onlyfans pimp !! He only like white women so he could use and manipulate them they guy was a pos simple

  10. Black women, this is none of your business. Let the black men that often like to degrade black women, and their white woman “preference” fight and march for justice by themselves.

    Only thing I care about is what y’all sipping on tonight? 🍹

  11. See these black girls in the comments can’t show no decency just because he bashed black girls laughing n making jokes about a dead soul you’re just proving his point yall are so bitter

  12. Parents EDUCATE YOUR SONS AND BUILD THEM UP before they end up like this STEPHEN. His mother is black and this is very disturbing for him to say these things about black women…may he rest in peace but those tweets were ignorant

  13. @S A A B: You literally contradicted yourself. I’d he bashed them they have every right to return the energy

  14. Told y’all stick to ur own kind. These white ppl isn’t gona get any time behind your behind…..

  15. 🎤Bruddas listen to me clearly 📣📢 stay away from these types of females, they’re psychopaths! Hence why they even consider “only fans” as a career opportunity, says a lot about their character/morals.

    Chickenheads like this are just strictly chasing that bag & will cross & do anything to achieve it, the love for money can drive one insane & leave one without boundaries.

    They’re demonic & are being influenced by demons energy is contagious & sexual activities is an exchange of energy! These are the harlot’s of Babylon don’t drink from her wine otherwise you will be driven mad by her lust & by her immorality.

    Females like this are psychopaths, they’re the daughters of Babylon & guess what? Mental health is from the devil, he will drive you mad to the point where you do his bidding…

  16. So no one in his family or his friends didn’t pull him aside and tell him it’s not a good idea to date a woman that has an Only Fans account and shows her body to other men for money? I’m really surprised a Nigerian man would introduce a woman of such to their family, I guess times have changed. I don’t care about the race, but it seems someone should have said something to him. Also I am hearing there were 7 calls to the police about him from her so it may be more to the story. She may actually get off if she has a good lawyer and can prove she was in a DV situation. Peace and comfort to the family.

  17. This guy hated black women, some of his tweets were of hate towards black people and especially black women, he tweeted of his love of white people and white women…. He thought grass was greener! 😶

  18. Guess his black life didn’t matter to his skank blonde. LMFAO……😁😁😁😁

  19. African or African-American/Black, your preference can kill you. That’s not out of jealousy and just gonna say it again–your preference and self-hatred can kill you. They love it when we hate ourselves and hate our own. Some do, anyway. That’s who he chose, that’s who he worshipped, and sadly her unhinged self took his life. And she will be able to cry and get out of it. Maybe get a slap on the wrist. Will probably lie and say she’s either nuts or that he was an assailant. So you know, date the people you want to. I will never tell any Black man or woman not to date outside their race, but only be careful. That’s it. Anyone of any race can kill you, but persons with socio-economic privilege…hmmmm. Lot of them play a good role to use and abuse. Sorry to this man but wow interesting tweets.

  20. White girls who like black guys, don’t like “Sambos”. Case in point, thats why Kim left kanye.

  21. What some of these co0ns don’t understand is that some white women won’t tolerate a black mancoon who disrespects his own kind. You’re not impressing them. They will leave you or phuck you over or in this case, kill you.

  22. Everybody: Courtney killed her boyfriend
    Black men: Sooo she’s single 👀

  23. Bet he didn’t see that coming. Y’all ain’t gonna never learn. And them African men really think white folks are the Gods and Savior of the world Lol.

  24. Well she did him a favor and made it where he never has to be bothered with or think about black women or anyone else for that matter ever again…

  25. Oh the irony. Then the very ones he’s bragging about kills him! I guess God didn’t want him publicly speaking about his people! You shall know a fool by what comes out of his mouth!

  26. This is karma at its best! Black women should show up at his funeral with party hats, noise makers, confetti, and booze to celebrate! This story just made my day! LMAO!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  27. It tells white folks you are begging for acceptance and that leaves you open for targetting when they are done with you because they assume no one will have your back.

  28. This is also why I don’t date white girls. Leave it to the clowns to do that. I’ll be gay or whatever to the white girls because I walk by them and don’t even look at em. Hopefully y’all bruthas who have ancestors who were enslaved in the Amerikkkas find a better melaninated Queen to be with. I understand it’s not easy finding one but they are out there. Much love

    Sincerely a light skin brutha who wants his kids darker than him.

  29. Sadly, this is what happens when both BM and BW put all of their own in the same category based off of the behavior of a certain type/group of people. A don’t agree with his tweets, and do not feel that you have to put down your own to give public approval of why you are dating outside of your race. But never will I say that someone deserved to die. We ALL have to face God at the end of our lives. Prayers to his family.

  30. How is it a diss? Black women do disgrace themselves. Even Nigerians like me won’t marry a Nigerian woman that was born in America. Going back home for a wife

  31. Everyone is free to date whomever, however, media loves to portray black women as ratchet and angry. It’s crazy white America’s agenda has been to destroy the black families. Why do you think athletes attend predominantly white colleges and when they leave they want only white women. Why are reality Tv shows glamorizing black women being violent and ratchet. It’s a deep under lying issue!

  32. @Loveinnerbeauty: I’m a black woman and I didn’t celebrate this brothers death. It’s sad that he lost his life at such a young age and it’s sad that the media is spinning the narrative that this woman is suddenly “mentally ill”. I hope she doesn’t get away with a slap on wrist for this. With that being said I think this black man was self-hating hypocrite, I don’t think “crazy” comes in a color. White, black, Spanish, Asian all have crazy people, which is why you should date someone for who they are and not the color of their skin. I can only imagine how horrific his last moments were. May he Rest In Peace and receive justice.

  33. When you divest and diss your own people just remember they still have that upper hand when things go left. Couldn’t been that much of a high value man if they have a gofundme 😂

  34. She’s not in a psych ward she was seen out at a bar omg 😳

  35. can some white women come together and mourne for this dumbass? N his family outta b ashamed of themselves setting a go fund me but he had enough money to live fancy and afford designer clothes. Tbh I wouldn’t care if she was found guilty or not, I’m not white enough to be even considered his friend.

  36. I will neverrrrrrrr ever go and get me a white dude
    Never they have done too much to my ppl. And I’m sorry black people are nice. All black women have to do is learn how to get along with blk men. I can out right tell you white men are not the devil you wanna get in bed with..they tolerance level for drama is very low. That’s why when a women get outta hand he kills her and feel nothing about it. Girl hell no..leave yt women to there yt men. They know how to deal with them devils……

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