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White gunman in Buffalo ‘targeted’ Black people

Payton Gendron targeted blacks/Reuters

Gunman targeted blacks. 

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BUFFALO — Payton Gendron, a rifle-toting 18-year-old, was thrown in the slammer after he opened fire on a bunch of black folks at a supermarket for no f*ckin’ reason — killing 10 and injuring 3 others. The racially motivated massacre went down Saturday night at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, New York. Gendron — a white dude from Conklin — livestreamed the killing spree after traveling 200 miles to a black neighborhood. The trigger-happy teenager donned tactical gear and conducted reconnaissance at the grocery store 24 hours prior. Gendron surrendered to police and didn’t put up a fight. Following his arrest, Gendron told officers his modus operandi entailed extirpating every n*gger in sight. Investigators also found a White supremacist manifesto that he wrote and disseminated online. “The evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime,” said Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia. “It will be prosecuted as a hate crime. This is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind.”

Gendron even had the audacity to plead not guilty to first degree murder. Ain’t that a bitch? Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “Put this bitch down! No courts needed!” Another chimed in with, “Put him in a cell block with black people.” A third person added, “Pleads NOT GUILTY? HOW????” Gendron accidentally shot a white customer and told him he was sorry.

Gendron’s family members claim he has issues with mental health?

What punishment do you think is suitable? Life without parole? Death penalty perhaps?

Watch Gendron get arrested.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The vast majority of white folks are racist…that is a simple historical fact!!! This has been evident for all to see throughout human history!!!

  2. May a special place in hell be reserved for this killer and those like him that are plotting domestic racist terrorism

  3. We have to stop ignoring the signs with these people before it’s to late

  4. How they handled him is disgusting! If he was another color it would’ve ended so differently

  5. PURE. EVIL. KILLING ANYONE OVER THE COLOR OF THE SKIN GOD GAVE THEM! GOD IS CREATOR AND LOVER OF DIVERSITY! My heart aches over these 10 lives lost so senselessly. Telling the families “I’m sorry” just doesn’t feel good enough. We shouldn’t have to utter those words in 2022. We are A BACKSLIDEN COUNTRY, and it’s TERRIFYING

  6. There is a reason why so many people hate urban blacks. But not the older adults…This should have been done to the urban youth which respect no one

  7. Ain’t no way that killer should have made it out of that town alive. The police should have been overwhelmed by the community and the killer brought to street justice. Where all the street dudes at? They shoot each other up smh🤦! It was time to send a message to these 🤬.

  8. That is what happens when all to insist in forcing mixed races together
    Humans have races like dogs, and shouldn’t be mixed at all.
    since humans existence all wars are fighting by exactly differences among races. Humans use to don’t listen to it’s own history.

  9. It’s hard to be a black person, you can easily get killed while picking up some groceries. America is worse that I ever thought. Just when I thought things are under control for a bit, only to find out I was lying to myself. My condolences to all the families and I hope he gets a needle.

  10. What a hateful jerk! He killed all those innocent nice people, come on, if he just HAD to kill somebody, then go for bad people, don’t base it on someone’s skin color!

  11. Sickening how gentle they’re handling him he’s getting more sympathy than the dead black people’s family and victims who are laying in a pool of blood

  12. Now watch black families of the victims forgive the little crazy Pink caveman. SMFH

  13. Mental health???? That ain’t no fuckin mental health, give him the death sentence!

  14. The sad thing is, there’s rarely Ever if any accountability in regards to White Americans and their actions. They have an excuse for everything. And because we have been so submissive, it’s what they’ve come to expect. This incident has nothing to do with mental illness. This was premeditated hatred being displayed. What’s even more disturbing is, he was taken alive. John Crawford III comes to mind. Tamir Rice comes to mind. Philando Castile comes to mind. My point. Look at how the cops handled this situation. Also, the 911 operator hung up on the person calling in. Yet there’s no racism in America. We need to start arming ourselves like they do. By Any Means Necessary!

  15. I am sorry that he was not killed by police or someone else who had a gun to defend themselves and others!!!!? Police kill black people for less… America is a nasty, dirty cesspool of WICKEDNESS!!!!!!! All-around black people are left wide open for the police and citizens alike to destroy them!!!!!! Where is the JUSTICE?????!!!!!!!

  16. Attention Black Men and Women, go get your concealed carry permit for $100. We must protect ourselves and families! This man killed innocent elderly black people and the police making sure they don’t hurt his racist ass. GOD is our protection and also this nine millimeter. Enjoy your day and Power to the People ✊🏾

  17. And they took him alive. If he was black the police would not ask a single question before firing.

  18. Speechless somethings got to give what is the solution?? Should we arm ourselves?? Prepair for civil war ??? What’s the fucking deal !!!! Fucking tired 😫 😩

  19. This what I don’t get… when a Black men is perceived to have a gun he is murdered but when a white guy has been actively shooting he is taken into custody. One would think a cop would fear for there lives if other people were just shot and killed.

  20. When we get tired of being hunted down like animals we we become the hunters

  21. There was another mass shooting of 9 people in Chicago last night. Nobody cares about those black lives though.

  22. All of the people killed were not black, that is a lie. The evidence is the video that was Livestreamed by the shooter. The first and last victim killed in the video were both clearly white.

    Proof that 80% of the media is propaganda pushing false narratives.

  23. PTSD for those employees will become a reality! Its funny how it can just hit you all of a sudden. Sometimes months later after everything calms down and then the nightmares starts. This guy probably have no idea what is in store.

  24. The idiot’s extremely stupid! He accomplished nothing but incarcerating himself in a hellhole for the remaining years of his sorry life.

  25. This is a distraction…while you are paying attention to this the govt is preparing to roll out a digital pass to buy food, so they can completely control the food system and who gets to eat. Just rolled out in Iran for bread, causing mayhem, and the Biden admin goal is to remove guns from Americans before they roll out the system in the US.

  26. no way I could be a cop man. if I pull up and see bodies laying everywhere and dude with a vest and helmet on… there’s no way I’m not picking up his own AR and emptying the rest of the clip in his face. what a lowlife

  27. Now its a matter of time untill some black person will go shoot up whites out of hate. It’s a vicious cycle

  28. It’s mind boggling for any white person to think they can eliminate a group of people who, by nature, possess genetically dominant genes. NEWS FLASH! Like it or not, white folks have the most recessive genes among all human beings on planet earth. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do about that. It was God’s doing, not ours. WHAT’S MORE? No one can prevent whites from mingling with blacks or others, not the police, not a governor, not anyone.

    If you yourself do not wish to mingle with nonwhites, you can make the choice not to. To make it easier on yourself, you can move to Greenland, Poland or Finland where the population is 90+% European White, or Hialeah, Florida where the population is 92.6% White. If you can’t afford to move out of sight, you can always stay in your house and not come outside.

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