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Brittany is pregnant again, Mahomes in deep trouble

Patrick & Brittany expecting No. 2/Clutchpoints

Mahomes expecting Baby No. 2.

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KANSAS CITY — Patrick Mahomes is not only kicking ass on the gridiron… he’s a tiger in the bedroom too. Similac paucity be damned, Patrick and wife Brittany are expecting their second crumb snatcher. Yessir, a new Kansas City Chief is in the incubator. Patrick tweeted the gravid news Sunday evening. The 26-year-old wunderkind disseminated a family photo with the caption: “Round 2!” The pic also shows 15-month-old daughter Sterling holding a sign that reads: “Big Sister Duties Coming Soon.” Social media reaction was wild. One fan tweeted, “Isn’t there something in his contract that he agreed to that says he can’t partake in physical activity in the offseason because he can possibly injure himself? So doesn’t this go against his contract?😂😂😂” Another chimed in with, “Damn Patrick you love sex.” A third fan added, “Dude she’s making sure he can’t go nowhere,” to which another person replied, “Better not upset her, Pat. She’s got you by the short and curlies. She hit the lottery.”

Patrick and Brittany tied the knot in Hawaii two months ago?

Are you happy for them?

Should they stop at two kids or continue to propagate?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. At least they can afford baby formula with a 70 percent American stock shortage!
    What a time to be rich, that you don’t have to watch your baby starve!
    No one cares people have sex everyday.
    “At the resurrection none will be married nor given in marriage they will be like angels in heaven” Matthew 22:30
    The words of Jesus
    Enjoy it now kids
    It dies
    Nothing you have will go with you.

  2. I’m not from Kansas City or anywhere in Missouri bit Patrick Mahomes needs to leave that clout chasing trashy female he’s with. He can do way better than her.

  3. Patrick please use protection from now on when it comes to brittney 🤯 a**

  4. Congratulations, such a beautiful family. Patrick is a great guy, and Brittany is gorgeous. Much love to the both of you, and your new baby. (Get enough sleep).

  5. Her behavior makes me question him as a person. How can he maintain his brand of humility when he is in a relationship with someone who obviously lacks any sign of humility?

  6. I see a bunch of jealous and bitter BW you mad cause another becky stole a successful BM 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Hopefully this second child keeps her Karen ass at home on Sundays. Glad to see he shipped his sister to LA. Maybe PM15 can get back to his second year playing style and earn that contract.

  8. He clearly needs a dark skin black woman or light skin black woman who will treat him like the black king that he is. Make that Brittany Matthews girl jealous. She better be glad that he married her butt. Thank you

  9. Horse face made sure he wasn’t going to leave her because she made sure to get pregnant after he won the super bowl. She knew he’d stay then.

  10. Damn pat fuckin the genes up with this one it was already diluted enough to begin with but respect to him cuz she look like a recovered heroin addict

  11. This is the worst mistake. She will walk away with millions. This woman and his brother are both pieces of sh*t

  12. Patrick Mahomes has to see that “Resting Bitch Face” forever now!

  13. Big mistake! She is a ticking time bomb. Patrick not thinking straight. A real gold digger…👍🏻😎

  14. Been married twenty-nine years. My condolences to the both of them.

  15. Each kids gonna cost 500k after the divorce/seperation, some men never learn! you get what you fuking deserve…!!

  16. This poor guy has no clue he married a nut…and she’s the mother of his children. He is way to good for her on many levels!!

  17. My God, even the Kardashians have more class that Brittany Matthews, and I’m not even a fan of them.

  18. Out of all the choices Pat got to choose from that’s actually grown ass women he chooses a female version of his girly ass brotha. Wt a great choice and she not even cute and when she opens her mouth it gets even worse.

  19. She’s nothing but a goldigger plus she’s not pretty at alllllllll patrick you can do a lot better

  20. She’s an attention seeker due to the fact that she is very unattractive in the looks department so she needs the validation. Furthermore the fact that she’s obnoxious and not attractive makes her an easy target.

  21. Patrick is not thinking clearly because the real reason that he married his high school sweetheart of 10 years because she. married for his money not love because she’s not from anywhere in Kansas City so that makes her a golddigging nut.So it would be better if have left her and get a divorce because you can way better than your wife like a dark skin or a light black woman to treat like a black. king you really are to make your wife jealous.

  22. Getting her pregnant twice… He has to be hitting that from the back.. One glimpse of that grill would make any man soft

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