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Instagram star Gena Tew revealed AIDS diagnosis

Gena linked to Nick, Chris and Tyson/YouTube

Gena Tew diagnosed with AIDS. 

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NEW YORK — A viral video shows Instagram model Gena Tew revealing she has AIDS. The debilitated damsel, who weighs 65 pounds soaking wet, was spotted egressing a hotel with “Wild ‘N Out” host Nick Cannon who recently said 80% of women have malodorous coochies. Gena also gave up the ass to R&B singer Chris Brown, model Tyson Beckford and several others in the entertainment industry. So you know they’re nervous as hell. A doctor told Gena she’s had the malady 8 to 10 years. That means anybody she’s copulated with is possibly infected. Gena, 25, can’t recall who gave her HIV. “In that time frame, I was living in New York City and was homeless,” she said. “I did get raped a couple of times but it’s not something I like to talk about, I have had a couple free tattoos so it could have been a dirty needle, I don’t know. Do I know any one of those people? No. Did I say anything when those things happened? No. Because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young.”

Gena can no longer walk and she’s sedentary in a wheelchair.

Do you think Nick, Chris and Tyson should get checked for AIDS?

Should smelly vulvas become the cynosure of unhygienic popsies?

Watch explosive footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The wages of sin is death. These diseases are a punishment from God when we dont keep His commandments. If she was married to the first man she had sex with this most likely wouldn’t have happened but she chose a promiscuous lifestyle and this is the reward. Come back to God’s laws and commandments People.

  2. If a woman has hygiene issues is because a man put it inside of them. The only time a woman really has a odor is after she has her menstrual cycle.

  3. Chris brown could have also gotten infected through tattoo needles long before now, and also, lots of hoes too

  4. Nick is a whole entitled mess…and the chicks who participate don’t love themselves…for sure! That comment confirms his mindset towards women in general and the way he conducts himself with them…He is the weak link and the common denominator….lol…chile crazy is just crazy and I think we can give him his papers and love him anyway…just don’t date him, marry him, or have sex with him and you good.

  5. It appears that while Nick is having all of this unprotected sex with different women, he needs to be just as worried about what’s in their bloodstream as he is about their feminine hygiene.

  6. as scary as HIV/AIDS is, it is very hard to catch it even when unprotected like a .01% chance. We all could have had intercourse with someone with HIV/AIDS and will never know.

  7. How do you go for 10 years with full blown aids and not die, let alone, not experience any alarming sickness during that time period??

    Full blown aids kills quickly, no? You recognize that you are losing weight abnormally, simple sicknesses hits you like a ton of bricks, your skin loses its vibrance, your bones becomes brittle, you begin to feel weak. You mean to tell me that through all that shyt it takes this disease 10 years for anyone to notice any thing wrong and it still not kill you? I mean damn, something is not adding up.

  8. Nick needs to carry his ass to the damn doctor and go get checked & stop worrying about odor & worry about the shit that he may have cause rumor has it he out here spreading that sauce! HIV Aids !!!!🤔🧐🙄😳 Shit

  9. This goes to show u a lot of women and MEN don’t get check ups enough… everybody just f*ckin! smh

  10. But can we talk about how some men who claim to be heterosexual are actually scared of the natural smell of a vagina. Vaginas don’t smell like roses and if they do its because something was put in it or on it and may very well result in that fishy odor due to a yeast infection. If u clean the outside properly and don’t stick things (douche, suppositories) in it I promise if there is no underlying issues it will not smell and in fact u may receive compliments on the taste!!!

  11. I wonder if she was vaccinated. People are getting a form of HIV as an adverse vaccine reaction.

  12. This is the side of hookup culture they don’t tell you about. Hot girl summer is officially canceled for her. I’m not trying to be cold but that’s the reality people need to be mindful of who they’re sleeping with. 25 years old and she had aids 10 years just think about that.

  13. My husband had a friend from child hood who always talked about how bad women smelled between their legs. My husband didn’t understand why he was knocking down just as many chicks and didn’t feel that way about women at all. After college that same friend came out as gay. Nick may honestly just not enjoy pussy, and the baby mamas don’t matter because closeted gay men get women pregnant all the time. It’s sadly a common thing.

  14. Yet you have these female celebrities out here teaching our daughter to have sex with any man they can find, to have multiple children by multiple men and so on. …. Big Round LIZZO , CARDI B and God knows who else. But will they speak out on preventing one from getting this illness. Will they teach their fans responsibility. Nope cause they know that topic dont sell albums.

  15. This may in a way explain Nick Cannons behavior, with all these kids, as he already suffers from Lupis, this young lady has unknowingly had a HIV infection for at least 10 years, now full blown aids and Nick Cannon just celebrated his fight with Lupus for 10 years. This is some scary stuff, as I hope all others are well.

  16. If this is true I mean really true about her getting AIDS that’s what she get, I’m sorry to sound like this but at the same time I hate that females think it’s because they look good they can go around and mess with this man that man and the next man and the next man and the next man after that and think that s*** ain’t going to happen why all these lessons that we been hearing about n history from girls making mistakes in the industry and just period the same s*** just keep happening and happening, then men get blamed for that

  17. Dammmm nick and chris. And both of them boys look nasty. Nicks been sick on the low for a minute now putting babies in females. And Chris looks really bad.

  18. @James Evans: Easy E didn’t contract AIDS from a sexual encounter with multiple people back in the 90’s. He was stab with a dirty needle in a fight with Suge Knight’s people in the studio.

  19. Alot of guys running to the clinic who delt with her now 😳 🏃‍♂️💨 🏃🏾‍♂️💨

  20. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 for this young lady Lord do it for Gena strengthen and re condition her Lord
    strengthen her mind body and soul Lord,
    do it for Gena in the name of Jesus for Only
    you can I speak life longevity, peace, health
    give her back the mobility in her legs give the strength to fight fight fight this demon
    victory is yours in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏽

  21. Do y’all remember when Chris Brown lost all that weight and everybody said he was on meth then remember when Nick Cannon started looking stressed out and hella old super fast right after he left Mariah I thought it was just work but now I’m starting to think otherwise you have to remember they have the money for medicine and special facilities to maintain their health she don’t so her life can dwindle away super fast

  22. Yall bloggers really need to stop fishing..
    You don’t know if she was intimate with Nick Cannon and if they were you don’t know if they used protection or not. So many people have HIV and/or AIDS and because allegedly she was with someone who has money it’s a big deal.. who cares!!!

  23. One thing about me before I make anything a sexual partner (year’s ago) is I will get tested and I will drag you to get tested with me and if you… this kitty will never be accessible to you, condoms break,fall off and besides if you don’t think you have anything…. let’s get tested!

  24. I don’t feel bad for somebody who lets people hit just because of the money they have or for money you brought it on yourself should have used your brain and got a nine to five

  25. Nobody …and I do mean NOBODY should be dying from AIDS in 2022. A plethora of life saving drugs exist for AIDS. Something ain’t right with the buttermilk 🤔

  26. I commend all the women who made me wear a condom,but for all the rest,y’all sum stanky legg heffas!

  27. That’s y u need to be with one fucking person not 4 or 10 🙄 😒 💯💯💯💯🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷👑👑👑👑🖕🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🩸

  28. Before sleeping with anyone, you may need to ask for certified indepth dr. records. No one should sleeo with anyone unprotected unless you have definately, positively, seen and know that that person has been tested. I would still be protected. Sex is to risky to go unprotected.

  29. Nick Cannon and Chris Brown better check themselves. Nick be having like about 10 children or so , so obviously, he doesn’t always use protection. Chris Brown should have settled down with Rihanna a long time ago. Anyway, I wish them all well!!!

  30. “I didn’t know I had it…” & “I don’t know who gave it to me”… think about everyone that slept with her NOT KNOWING! Young people please be careful. What does a person with aids look like?… ABSOLUTELY NORMAL!!!

  31. She don’t have AIDs its a scam it’s fake the catch is to get you on the medication it’s fake she don’t have AIDs

  32. These Hoe’s are TRASH 🙅🏽‍♂️
    Be careful Fellas 🤢

  33. After seeing what this woman looked like before knowing she had AIDS and how skinny she was/is it made me think of something. I remember seeing an interview where Nick said that white men were all a bunch of pedophiles because they all only like skinny women and how he thinks they all look like children. Well Nick is a hypocrite and an asshole. That looked like a 16yo walking out of the hotel. Hope this young lady pulls through. Oh and fuck Nick Cannon.

  34. She knew she had it smh! She said someone gave it to her! So whoever gave it to her is passing it out too! She sold her soul to the devil for fame && money

  35. I’m sorry, sex ain’t even worth dying for. I dont give a f*ck who it’s with.

  36. Facts. Always, always, ALWAYS, use protection. I don’t care if she says she allergic to condoms, I don’t care if you can’t feel the coochie, I don’t care if it’s a quickie, I don’t care what she tells you!!! Strap up brothers and get tested. Don’t throw your life away. You have a future and a life to live. Take care my brothers. 💯

  37. Blog about some other shit besides drama and people who don’t even give a fuck about you. Blog some good news for once

  38. That was a very brave thing she did! I pray she stays strong 💪🏽…. The sad thing is when you ask to be tested for STDS you would think they test for everything but you have to also ask for an HIV, Herpes, and Hepatitis test separate. Please be safe everyone

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