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Brianna Grier falls out of police car, family pissed

Brianna died in police custody/Daily Beast

Brianna fell out of police car.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

SPARTA, Ga. — Law enforcement officials in Hancock County, Georgia are under fire after Brianna Grier fell out of a fast-moving patrol car and died. Brianna, deemed non compos mentis, was arrested at her home around midnight on July 15th after she “allegedly kicked deputies, dared them to tase her and said she wouldn’t go to jail before threatening to kill herself.” She reportedly suffered a mental health crisis. Bodycam footage shows officers carrying Brianna, 28, to the vehicle as she pleaded her innocence. “I ain’t broke no law,” she said. “I ain’t broke no law.” After zapping Brianna with a stun gun, deputies threw her into the back of the squad car. But they forgot to fasten her seatbelt and the door wasn’t properly closed. A handcuffed Brianna fell out moments later and was found face down on the street.

She died while comatose 6 days later.

Brianna’s parents, Marvin and Mary Grier, filed a lawsuit against the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump — who represented the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Brianna Taylor — is handling the case. They’re seeking millions of dollars in damages. “Yet again we have another African American citizen killed in just an unbelievable way while in the custody of the police,” Crump said at Friday’s news conference in downtown Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta.

Then he told mom and dad, “We won’t let them sweep your baby daughter’s death under the rug.”

Marvin and Mary called the police and asked them to check on Brianna.

Had they not done that, there’s a chance she’d still be alive.

Watch bodycam footage and the news conference.

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  1. The manner in which we are dying is LUDACRIS Hollywood couldn’t write it

  2. She is obviously not alright. She is obviously not fine. The ambulance should have been called immediately.

  3. Why is the family suing?? 🙄🙄🙄 all they want is money , how come the family did not spend money to put her in a mental hospital

  4. Blog King stop lying there’s no mental health problem black women act crazy then get themselves killed by not complying

  5. This is how we treat mental health in this country now!! They murdered this young woman!!

  6. This is getting old, they should have known better. I’m so sick of this happening. Now she is dead and they just wanna make it her fault. God help us all

  7. @Sharon: They did call for an ambulance immediately. You can spin this any way you want, but they were respectful toward her the whole time, she clearly wasn’t going willingly, so yeah, they had to pick her up and put her in the car. She wasnt under arrest, they were trying to help her. At no time were they abusive to her.

  8. Did they do her a favor?you dont get better from her illness only more insane

    But a BIG Money 💰 pay out is coming to the family

  10. Girl didn’t die from the fall. Listen closely she was gone on the throw in all noises stopped. The door didn’t close good bcuz she was basically dead weight in the backseat. Everybody focusing on the fall out the Car but she went out on the throw in

  11. How is it the cops fault that this young lady unfortunately decided to end her life by jumping out of a moving vehicle? She probably underestimated the speed and velocity of the moving vehicle and all she tried to do was just make a run for it. But regardless, it was her actions that took her life, not the officers. And I’m tired of seeing these two 🤡🤡 crump and sharpton always using black lives as profit to their pockets!🤦🏻‍♂️ They’re both so full of 💩💩

  12. They treated her awful in this! She was not a criminal she was a person in crisis! Disgusting! I have a mental illness bipolar which is just as bad! They should be completely held accountable for their actions for a life that didn’t need to end. They couldn’t even get her in a patrol car correctly! Pigs.

  13. the door was open yes we all know that, but did she fall out or jump out? thats the question. either way it falls in the police for not securing her properly. dont think it was done intentionally but whats done is done so go head and pay the family cause thats what they coming for

  14. Wow! She was yelling and fighting then once they put her in the back and slammed the door all went quiet. They smacked her head really hard with the door. She sustained injury then. Other door wasn’t secure. How she fell out I don’t know. First she was talking about suicide. Second I’m sure the family said she was schizophrenic. They needed to call an ambulance to transport her to a hospital for a mental health hold. They didn’t secure her with a seatbelt. They handled everything wrong. Everything. Then when she is on the side of the road they are handling her, moving her around. You never move a person unless it’s absolutely needed as in a fire etc..There will be hell to pay.

  15. This is ridiculous and obviously the cops didn’t care about this young woman’s well being ! The police have too much power !

  16. Condolences to lost ones ,but i see the deputy put her in the car and close the door, its not anyones fault she wanted to harm herself( she was a shizo and threatens to kill herself,, she opened the door and falls out, causing injury and then death sadly) so now the deputy gets blamed, and crump and others really just want money, cause thats what crump is there for. sad situation. people are irate . but for what, just wanna blame and not take action, on top of that , its the parents who made the judgement call to bring in cops. and now they will come with conspiracies too, ” she was dead before she fell out” the deputies killed her , and her falling out is a setup. GTFOH

  17. I know the family is hurting at this point. But why I call the police when you know she’s mentally ill. Second it’s sad to see that a black officer acted the way he did with another black young woman. I hate this for her family. Where was the Patience that was clearly needed in the situation instead of her being rough housed?

  18. She fought with police and then JUMPED out of the car!!! This is on her and her foolish parents!!

  19. If her parents knew she had mental problems they must have known what mental health professionals to call. Why didn’t they? And why did they call 911 which is the emergency number – did they know she was having an emergency? And if she was a grown woman, why did they feel responsible for her? And if they did why did they allow her out at midnight?
    Her parents demand answers but they should answer some questions themselves.

  20. The creep cops showed more compassion for the lost blue tooth than they did for a human life.

  21. These pieces of shit are a little too fucking calm considering they just killed this woman…. Then he has the audacity to scream at her… No he needs the face criminal charges

  22. WOW! Tortured a mentally ill woman then caused her death. How can this be acceptable?

  23. This is just heartbreaking, she was scared, confused and probably in the throws of a awful panic attack, throw in psychosis and what this poor lass needed was a ambulance and mild sedation, instead she was handcuffed with her arms behind her and roughly thrown into a police car and allowed to fall to her death.This is murder. PLEASE PLEASE, If you have a loved one in this state DON’T phone the police phone a medic. 🖤RIP Brianna🖤you’re safe now sweetheart 🌹

  24. I bet her head was in the door when that pos cop slammed it shut! that fuck ! Never should have been in cuffs for a wellness check !

  25. She said “she wanted to end her life”…..she saw the door open …..and you know the rest of the story

  26. It’s become painfully obvious that when you call police for help with someone having a mental health emergency the death of the person experiencing the crisis is a probable outcome.

  27. When he threw her in the car she stopped TALKING ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ PERIOD when he tazed her the first time it messed up her heart more than likely it stopped for a split second and passed out,then with the door open his speed she was thrown out unconscious but still breathing SMH, please black ppl don’t call the police on your family take the to the hospital yourself that way you know they made it safe and getting help

  28. I’m not understanding why if it was in lieu of a mental health crisis why wasn’t there a ambulance there with the police when they got to the house??? The parents just called the police and then did what shut the door and went to sleep? My mom would rather hit me with a sleeper than call the police on me, but my mom would’ve stayed with me and them police. Then the way the black cop was slinging her around all rough when he picked her up was horrible. He put her head on his knees then just let it slip back on the ground and all that “SIT UP SIT UP YOU AIGHT YOU AIGHT” SMH…..but I put blame on the parents as well…that’s your child..grown or not you should’ve been there with her….with THEM.

  29. I feel bad for the cops having to even deal with her.. they really should have called someone to tranq her and put her ass in a mental institution.

    But nope, cops were told to go there and only tried doing their job, this bitch jumps out and now its their fault? I hope all of you die.

  30. If the cops have bothered to look back at this at all, maybe they regret not moving their car so they weren’t trying to maneuver her between the hedge and the car? It’s not like they hesitate to take up the whole damn street anytime it pleases them. They were too lazy to move the car, instead elected to carry/drag her like a sack of potatoes. Seriously, the best that can be said is they were incompetent, lazy, inhumane. But quite possibly it’s worse. For once I’m not opposed to Mr. Crump, who is a blatant opportunist.

  31. The poor parents must be guilt ridden for calling the cops.. please always specify you need medical assistance (ambulance) for a mental health crisis. Cops have no idea how to handle someone in distress and are way more inclined to kill you if they feel threatened. EMT’s are trained for this and don’t carry deadly weapons. Being detained whilst in a crisis is traumatic enough, please don’t call the cops on people in distress.

  32. This looks like a case of police brutality, I think they cracked her head when they tossed her into that patrol car, because you can hear no sound coming from her all of a sudden. And she was quite loud just before that, when they threatened her with a taser. It’s very suspicious that she made no sound in the car and while falling out. I don’t believe for one second she made any effort on her own to jump out. That cop duo had zero empathy for her during that whole incident. They must be charged for everything they did and failed to do

  33. She was suicidal. The door wasn’t completely shut….And she threw herself out the door.

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