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Suicidal nurse caused big accident, kills half a dozen

Nicole Linton killed 6 people/Facebook

Nurse kills 6 people.

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LOS ANGELES — Nicole Lorraine Linton — a 37-year-old nurse from Houston, Texas — was thrown in the slammer after she caused a fiery wreck that took the lives of six people, including a gravid popsy and her unborn child. A sextet of children and two adults were also injured. The deadly crash took place August 4th at a busy intersection in Los Angeles, California. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Nicole speeding through a red light in her Mercedes at roughly 100 miles per hour, striking at least five vehicles (setting 3 on fire and leaving 2 totaled). The speed limit was 35. Nicole, who has a history of “profound mental health issues,” was having contretemps with her boyfriend at the time. Yep, all of this happened over some dude. That’s why many in law enforcement believe Nicole tried to commit suicide. The prepossessing redbone faces six counts of murder and five counts of vehicular manslaughter.

Nicole is lookin’ at life in prison.

Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “I swear every time this happens, the driver who causes the wreck always survives no matter how extreme the crash was.” Another chimed in with, “I think the worst part is she wasn’t drunk or anything (not that it would make it better). But the fact that she was fully aware of what she was doing makes it 10x worse.” A third observer added, “She had no regard for human life, it’s truly unforgivable.”

Sadly, crashing into cars is nothing new to Nicole.

She’s been involved in 13 other accidents.


Watch the explosive wreck and Nicole’s court appearance.

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  1. Wow she killed those 6 ppl and tried to kill her self behind some guy no excuse. Should have moved on those ppl would still be alive , throw the book at her . And the man done moved on already .

  2. She should get the maximum of 100 years. Guess she thought she was above the law. Condolences to all the families, including hers.

  3. Whats crazy is she had been involved in 13 previous car accidents before this

  4. Dammit she had no regard for others safety smfh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. And the family talking about “WE FORGIVE YOU” what?! She’s not even remorseful. She really doesn’t give a damn. It’s all in her demeanor.

  6. She did it deliberately. She was upset with her boyfriend. I can’t see how she has a license if she has had 13 other accidents.

  7. This is so sad, families lost their loved ones all because of her selfishness and stupidity. She took 6 lives now she needs to pay with hers. She needs to do life without parole. These poor people got cheated out of their lives , so I think her freedom should be taken away from her. 13 prior accidents !!!! Why was she still driving??? She has to be stopped, this was horrific, she needs to pay for what she has done

  8. White Supremacy is to blame for this and the previous 13 accidents she was in

  9. ALWAYS tell your loved ones “I love you” when saying goodbye. They can be doing everything right–but some SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, TRASH like this decides to put a metaphorical bullet into the chamber , point n pull the trigger at whatever/ whomever is in site. Condolences to the victims’ loved ones. 😞🕯

  10. Theres unanswered questions still. If shes not suicidal or homicidal why was she driving at 90mph into a FULL intersection. This is not a reckless daredevil act gone wrong. It wasnt a medical issue. So the only explanation that makes sense is a combination of mental issues and suicidal.

  11. This is why I check intersections before I enter, even if it’s a green light. It’ll save your life! But the Word of God can save your soul 😂 You can be forgiven for all of your sins, regardless of what you’ve done. Anyone looking to be saved, I’ll post the Word below.
    Hear the Gospel Romans 10:17
    Believe the Gospel Romans 1:16
    Repent of sins Acts 17:30
    Confess Christ Romans 10:9-10
    Baptism Mark 16:16
    Be baptized in water for the forgiveness of your sins and be added to the church of Christ.

  12. Why no death sentence? How she still alive after taking 6 and an unborn baby?

  13. She better pray those victims don’t have family members in that prison.

  14. Prison don’t help every solution. Not saying that she don’t need to be lock up. I’m saying, give her help. There is something wrong with her. Mental Health is going very fast these days. If they give her help, her life problems can help others before they try and give up on life an hurt others again. An it can help their kids and family from losing it from what just happened to their mother/father/sister or brother. When helping someone, your helping hundreds or even thousands of others. That’s all I’m sayin.

  15. Really tired of the ” Mental” defense. For Christ sake..she was a nurse. If she was suicidal..then she needs the death penalty. She wiped out a whole family. 😭😭😭

  16. She needs to be given the death penalty, why should tax payers waste their money on a sub-human ingrate like that.

  17. I hope the deceased haunt her, she’s supposed to save lives, not take them! Prayers for the families who lost loved ones because of her disgusting act. 😞

  18. This country is filled with selfish and entitled people. The lack of civility and empathy is upsetting. This woman can go to hell.

  19. Sorry this happened but glad she will no longer be able to practice nursing. No telling how many lives she would have taken because her temper and lack of self control clouds her judgment.

  20. She’s going to make it about race and mental health. Give her the chair already.

  21. So how did she become a nurse. She should’ve been in a mental hospital.

  22. Who cares, throw in jail. Apparently we all suffer from mental illness these days.

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