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Deranged boyfriend kills girlfriend, himself & baby

Darian killed his own daughter/YouTube

Keashawn & child murdered.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

COVINGTON, Ga. — Pookie & Ray Ray are on a roll and they’re showin’ no signs of slowin’ down. The city of Covington, Georgia is in mourning after convicted felon Darian Bennett shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, Keashawn Washington, and their child before blowing his own brains out. Darian also shot Keashawn’s mother but she survived. Granny remains hospitalized in critical condition. The double murder-suicide transpired June 11, 2022 after the couple broke up. According to police reports, Darian barged into Keashawn’s house and opened fire — killing her as she held their 14-month-old daughter, Jaquari Bennett. Then he shot Darian’s mother (Peggy Burns), grabbed the baby and drove to Riverdale First United Methodist Church where he proceeded to kill himself and the little girl. Other kids were in the home but weren’t harmed.

Darian tried to kill them too but they were astute enough to hide in closets and underneath the bed.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “These angry f*ckin’ men. Their mindset is ‘if I can’t have you no one will.'” Another chimed  in with, “Women please be careful who you let into your life. Stop letting sweet talk, looks and materialistic things attract you to the wrong person.” A third person added, “I wonder what these women be doing to trigger these fools to go batshit?” 

Keashawn, 38, had a protective order against Darian.

But it obviously didn’t work.

Another day, another chalk outline.

Pookie & Ray Ray claimed another victim.

Watch the sad report.

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  1. I just can’t understand why you would kill a child a baby a small person. It’s sick and we need help. God bless them and their families.

  2. Every woman should be packing at all times in order to protect herself because a protective order isn’t worth a damn.

  3. These illiterate f men know they gonna get free food in prison thts why they kill…it’s free rent in prison. If they were getting killed same time mayb they wud think twice

  4. Evil is filling this world more and more. Gotta stay prayed up! What kind of human would destroy his own seed?!! RIP lil angel & beautiful Queen.🕊🕊

  5. He was an evil coward, hurting women and babies. God bless this family🙏🏾💔

  6. Another angry black dude killing a Beautiful black woman and his own baby. Yet trynna convince black women that we shouldn’t date white or Asian men. Sad asf

  7. BLM won’t be talking about this one. There’s no racism involved.

  8. Great now all of America is starting to see the dysfunction that’s occurring within the black community.

  9. He didn’t have a life, a failure at everything he did. He could have done the reverse & killed himself first.

  10. Single moms are more likely to be the victims of domestic violence. Marry before you carry ladies.

  11. stop the killing please god help us🖤😡💔🤬🤬🤬😥🙏🏾

  12. We have got to do better than this!!!! Killing your own children is thinking like an animal. We are not animals.

  13. Then they wonder why there’s so many single mothers, and want to speak about bw and accountability. Literally shaming bw this is the 4th story about a man killing his bm. How these men expect bw to stay in abusive situations like these? Especially when there’s a child or children involved. Come on like these ni*** Literally killing us and then killing the child, where’s the accountability for these men being toxic and deadly? I don’t blame any woman for leaving an abusive situation.

  14. Makes me want to stay single…too many men hurting women because of their unstable mindset…jealous ways…weakness…how do you kill a 1-year-old baby or anyone for that matter…I’m sick of hearing about these stories…seems like every week you’re hearing about things like this…I’m tired of this crap happening among our people

  15. My heart breaks for her family. I don’t understand the mindset of these men shooting & killing their girlfriends/wives/baby mothers etc, and only God knows why they take the lives of their children. She was only 1, how could you take her life! This man had to have mental health issues because no one in their right mind could hurt let alone kill a baby/child. I tell any & all women I meet, even my girl friends, that if they find themselves in a DV relationship to do all the right stuff as far as the law is concerned so they can’t say you didn’t do anything to get out of the relationship, but I also tell them that a PFA (protection from abuse order) is just a piece of paper, it will not save your life, but a legal, registered firearm (a small handgun, if you buy from a reputable shop, they’ll help you pick one that’s right for you) and obtaining a permit to carry/concealed carry permit (or whatever is the law in your state) Because unless you’re a pretty strong woman, a man can overpower you very fast. Unfortunately there are times that you have to have the mindset of ‘you’ve gotta take him out before he takes you out.’ Especially if you have kids; if he kills you then obviously he goes to jail and your kids don’t have either parent. safe ladies

  16. The more women choose the wrong men to fall in love with the more women and little kids will be killed by mentally ill men. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. How long was pookies criminal record? Stop looking past that criminals record ladies, it’s a matter of life and death..

  18. Women love Pookie and will Ride out the Foolishness until the very End No matter what the Cost.All the Red Flags was there before the Relationship even got started but you had to have a Baby.

  19. DAMN…The BLACK Woman Is NOT Valued -AT ALL!!! Demons Amongst US.

  20. Pure evil domestic violence is rule by Satan. Satan comes in many forms he comes to kill steal and destroy please stay vigilant and sober. Ladies and gentlemen everyone you met is not meant to have assets to you. Mentally illnesses is a form of Satan why because love do not kill. God will never tell anyone to kill. For you claim to love someone and to turn around and kill them. You never loved them only you thought you had control. Love do not control it gives freedom to be yourself. The first signs you see violent towards you and this is for a man as well. Run and do not look back it will never be a one time thing. Do not confuse love for sex. If it’s too good to be true it is. If a person tells you they will never do it again they are playing on your emotion. Remember a woman and a man is just like a bus stop. They will make arrival on the next run. Wait before becoming physically with a person. Your life can depend on it. Date a person look for their strength and weaknesses. Look at the person and see how they handle stress during an difficult time. If angry shows up with frustration and they take it out on you. RUN like you never have in your life. If that person can not handle being under pressure they can not handle any small thing that can set them off at any given moment. Always remember true love do not hit harm or kill.

  21. We as women need to start carrying guns. I’ve always been anti gun, until the reality settled in for me… that no one is here to protect us. The system has let FAR too many women die because of negligence. They never take these threats on women’s lives seriously ESPECIALLY black women and other women of color. I’m so tired of seeing the same thing happen over and over again. Please if you can carry, we gotta try something new bc I’m so sick of seeing these men take innocent lives because they feel entitled to us and our bodies. Please stay safe angels❤️

  22. They pick these clowns then cry foul when smoked. Be careful who you let in your life and in your home.

  23. Protective orders usually don’t protect the woman. When a man show you how they really are, leave. Don’t stay and try to work things out. He is not going to change. This man was sick and in a fit of rage to take her life and his own child. Sad!

  24. I’m sure he was at his breaking point.
    In my opinion, he was probably pushed to his breaking point from having no liberty 🗽. In my opinion the states push people to their limits.
    Cops, judge, whoever it is, was. It happens. It’s why the USA is messed up. Everyone needs a shrink and meds to cope with society. Sad.

  25. WHY WHY WHY!! What a cold blooded bastard not the baby she never had a chance what could that woman say that would make a person do such a evil thing I just don’t understand anything anymore RIP mom &baby girl please grandma survive

  26. Need to do better picking the father of your children. “Handsome” is only good in bed. What happens after?

  27. This is reality now days. Dark world we living in. Stay close to GOD and rely on him for all your needs. Prayer is powerful. Spread light and love in to this dark dark world.

  28. Rest in peace to Darian Javaris Bennett and I genuinely hope he is in a better place. The thing with these people who commit suicide is that they probably don’t want to die but rather they really want the pain to end. Suicide is not a selfish act and is certainly not cowardly. Darian Javaris Bennett’s life should be celebrated and with little blaming. No one will really know what irreversible darkness and hopelessness that the man Darian was escaping from. It’s absurd that they show a mugshot of Darian who committed suicide instead of a decent photo of him wearing a suit, tuxedo, or formal attires. It’s disgusting that there’s a lack of people in the comment section who cares about mental health & emotional intelligence. Rest in peace Darian J. Bennett 🙁

  29. Nothing justifies his actions but I wonder if this is one of those custody battles where the woman won’t allow the man any time with his kids and he snapped! After killing the ex and knowing his life was over he may have thought, if I can’t be in her life, no one will! Very sad situation either way!

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