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Dr. Johnson: Black dudes shouldn’t date white girls

Umar condemns interracial love/YouTube

Dr. Johnson scolds black men.

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NEW YORK — A viral video shows Dr. Umar Johnson lambasting black men for copulating with white chicks. The 48-year-old psychologist spewed the diatribe on the Breakfast Club during a recent chinwag with Charlemagne tha God. The episode is titled “Snow Bunny Crisis.” To compound matters, Dr. Johnson claims we’re settling for broke, homely, “leftover” white chicks instead of garnering the crème de la crème. “Black men get the white women that other white men generally don’t want,” he ranted. “You don’t get the top of the line white women, you dont. You get leftovers.” Ouch! When asked if black men should date outside the race, Dr. Johnson didn’t mince words. “No interracial relationship is acceptable because we have too many black women who are unmarried,” he retorted. “Black women are the largest population on Planet Earth. If you can’t find one in America, get it from Africa. If you can’t get it from Africa, go to the Caribbean.”

“Why would a black man need to copulate, build a family with anything other than a black woman when you have so many black women available?” he continued.

“It is an exercise in self-hatred. There’s no way to get around it.”


Me personally, I’ve banged every race except Indian. I’ve courted Black, White, Asian and Hispanic. But after watching Dr. Johnson’s tirade, I began ruminating if I copulated with a pink toe other white dudes didn’t want. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I thought they were hot. So did my phallus, nicknamed “Mandingo.” One of my white chicks was pyscho, but prepossessing nonetheless.

Hell, one of ’em pretended to get kidnapped and had her father expedite the police to my mom’s house to have me interrogated. So she was probably batshit too.

Then again, every chick I dated (regardless of ethnicity) was non compos mentis so what difference does it make?

See, western women (in general) are difficult to settle down with because there’s nothing to gain — you can only lose what you’ve worked hard for. Of course, we’re speaking in generalities. Some western women are cool. But many ain’t.

For instance, Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball coach Chris Beard is white and rich. But his fiancée sent him to jail, jeopardizing his métier and $5 million dollar salary. Had Chris remained single, his life wouldn’t be ruined nor his reputation besmirched. Plus, he could’ve purchased an all-you-can-eat coochie buffet with that kind of salary.

So why get hitched?

That’s why many believe western women (regardless of ethnicity) are good for dating only — especially if you’re an eligible bachelor with decent remuneration.

And if you marry a western woman, statistics indicate you’ll be divorced in a year and there’s an 80 percent chance she’ll file. She’ll also push litigation for alimony and/or child support whereas you won’t get sh*t.

Again, there’s nothin’ to gain.

You can only lose.

That’s just the culture we’re in.

Has nothin’ to do with race.

There’s a reason eligible bachelors are purchasing passports and traveling overseas to find wives.

American laws are anti-male.

Now, it makes sense for Pookie & Ray Ray to seek cohabitation with western babes because, unlike eligible bachelors, they have nothin’ to lose. Pookie & Ray Ray can simply expend her mazuma, screw up her credit, and reside under her roof rent-free.

It’s the American dream, n*gga.

Dr. Johnson is single with conjugal aspirations.

Do you share his sentiment on miscegenation?

Should black men stick with chocolate vulva?

Watch Dr. Johnson excoriate vanilla-lovin’ negroes at the 30:00 minute mark.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This from the man who has impregnated multiple black women and not married any of them. The hypocrisy runs deep my brother and to your disdain and dislike you just going to have to keep watching it snow!!!!!!!

  2. Speak for yourself lol. I love my white queens 🤤👱🏻‍♀️

  3. What a racist 🤣🤣🤣 dude doesn’t even know he’s a racist!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Hey , he just like me, nothing but a black queen. I accept the drama and all that comes wit them,not saying all black queens are full of drama. Just know that no other race of women in the world can love a black man like the black queen. Hats off to them

  5. It doesn’t matter what race you choose to date be with who makes you happy anyone who supports this clown for his hatred towards white women in interracial relationships with black men please explain to me why you believe this shit is okay to hate on and teach your kids to hate on when really you’re just teaching your kids racism aside from that I love rabbits I had three pet ones and as for snow bunnies long live the natural freaks😘😛🙌💦

  6. Hey Umar
    If “SNOW BUNNIES “ are so bad.
    Remember the , “CRABS IN A BARREL” Mentality 🤔🤔😳
    Those reasons above ( and more) are why I
    Thank you much ! 👍👍🥰🥰😘

  7. As a white man it sucks cause I love my big booty white girls but I love all big booty girls so I don’t care I just want a big butt and a decent face

  8. Man, fuck a snow bunny. Never been something I’m attracted to. I like mine brown and round in the right places

  9. The black women betrayed the black man a long time ago they perpetuate that they want thugs and criminals so black men go outside their community because we don’t want that it’s that simple. Not all black women but very many

  10. Even if you’re a black man who dates or marries outside his race, you have to admit he’s right. Other minority groups gain power through strengthening their communities first and not just blending in.

  11. this guy Umar is a Joke !! racist MoF … People out there marry who you want too … dont let some clown tell you who to marry. Be your own Man or Woman and make your own choices that real Freedom. this guy Umar is a mark !! Umar = culture vulture trying to make it on his brothers $$ The only Responsibility you have is to YOURSELF !! to be Happy no matter who your with.

  12. I used to date white women only, only through therapy is when I learnt that it was more of fetishizing and self hate. I rather have an ugly white woman than beautiful black woman. I learnt that it was their skin color that I prioritized. Now am married to a beautiful sister that I actually like. Not to preach hate but more so understanding why the bias is there. I also have learnt to love myself. Unapologetically black

  13. As a young black man Ill tell you what enamored me for the longest with white girls. When it comes to fucking and the racking up bodies game, its like playing on easy mode. White women are easy as hell to sleep with because we as black men are fetishized.

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