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Dr. Johnson: Black dudes shouldn’t date white girls

Umar condemns interracial love/YouTube

Dr. Johnson scolds black men.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

NEW YORK — A viral video shows Dr. Umar Johnson lambasting black men for copulating with white chicks. The 48-year-old psychologist spewed the diatribe on the Breakfast Club during a recent chinwag with Charlemagne tha God. The episode is titled “Snow Bunny Crisis.” To compound matters, Dr. Johnson claims we’re settling for broke, homely, “leftover” white chicks instead of garnering the crème de la crème. “Black men get the white women that other white men generally don’t want,” he ranted. “You don’t get the top of the line white women, you dont. You get leftovers.” Ouch! When asked if black men should date outside the race, Dr. Johnson didn’t mince words. “No interracial relationship is acceptable because we have too many black women who are unmarried,” he retorted. “Black women are the largest population on Planet Earth. If you can’t find one in America, get it from Africa. If you can’t get it from Africa, go to the Caribbean.”

“Why would a black man need to copulate, build a family with anything other than a black woman when you have so many black women available?” he continued.

“It is an exercise in self-hatred. There’s no way to get around it.”


Me personally, I’ve banged every race except Indian. I’ve courted Black, White, Asian and Hispanic. But after watching Dr. Johnson’s tirade, I began ruminating if I copulated with a pink toe other white dudes didn’t want. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I thought they were hot. So did my phallus, nicknamed “Mandingo.” One of my white chicks was pyscho, but prepossessing nonetheless.

Hell, one of ’em pretended to get kidnapped and had her father expedite the police to my mom’s house to have me interrogated. So she was probably batshit too.

Then again, every chick I dated (regardless of ethnicity) was non compos mentis so what difference does it make?

See, western women (in general) are difficult to settle down with because there’s nothing to gain — you can only lose what you’ve worked hard for. Of course, we’re speaking in generalities. Some western women are cool. But many ain’t.

For instance, Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball coach Chris Beard is white and rich. But his fiancée sent him to jail, jeopardizing his métier and $5 million dollar salary. Had Chris remained single, his life wouldn’t be ruined nor his reputation besmirched. Plus, he could’ve purchased an all-you-can-eat coochie buffet with that kind of salary.

So why get hitched?

That’s why many believe western women (regardless of ethnicity) are good for dating only — especially if you’re an eligible bachelor with decent remuneration.

And if you marry a western woman, statistics indicate you’ll be divorced in a year and there’s an 80 percent chance she’ll file. She’ll also push litigation for alimony and/or child support whereas you won’t get sh*t.

Again, there’s nothin’ to gain.

You can only lose.

That’s just the culture we’re in.

Has nothin’ to do with race.

There’s a reason eligible bachelors are purchasing passports and traveling overseas to find wives.

American laws are anti-male.

Now, it makes sense for Pookie & Ray Ray to seek cohabitation with western babes because, unlike eligible bachelors, they have nothin’ to lose. Pookie & Ray Ray can simply expend her mazuma, screw up her credit, and reside under her roof rent-free.

It’s the American dream, n*gga.

Dr. Johnson is single with conjugal aspirations.

Do you share his sentiment on miscegenation?

Should black men stick with chocolate vulva?

Watch Dr. Johnson excoriate vanilla-lovin’ negroes at the 30:00 minute mark.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. No one can tell me what or who to have a preference for. I’m all for interracial dating, relationships, families, mixed children, etc. I don’t want to be restricted to just Black women. Some Black women are beautiful as well as other cultures. I’m gonna choose who I want.

  2. Umar Johnson needs to pay his damn child support for his Black kids and leave Black men dating preference out his dusty mouth. These damn PBC umar Johnson types are so annoying.

    I will date and marry which ever woman suit me best and dusty umar Johnson types can’t do nothing about it.

  3. TRUTH HURTS. UMAR is saying what EVERY other ethnicities have been saying behind closed doors about black men for yearssssss.

  4. I agree with Blog King. I’m sick of this segregationist mindset. There is only one race – the human race. The only real difference is cultural.

  5. All this coming from a man who does nothing but Pander to black women but yet he’s not married to a black woman. LOL you mean to tell me with all the pandering that this guy does he can’t find one black woman to marry? This is the equivalent of broke people trying to give Financial advice.
    Man, sit yo’ ass down..

  6. This idiot also said that homosexuality is a disease that he can cure. Yeah, I’m beginning to doubt his credentials…

  7. But yet he wants a polygamist marriage. He is crazy. Men who think and believe like him never get good quality women. Marriage that is about love last longer then these contract mindset men

  8. As long as you a good woman, race don’t matter. Don’t let them feed you this sh*t people 💯.


  10. He wants us with Pookiesha as long as she’s black, and she has a bunch baby daddies, step daddy black mode syndrome.

  11. BWs are the most obese (57%), have the most out of wedlock births(70%), high body counts, increasing STI rates, and are most evicted. Umar is an hilarious brother for calling them discipline when they are the furthest thing from it.

  12. Honestly, I am happy that BM are dating outside the race. This has truly been a protection for BW in so many ways, especially for educationed BW in high position. The constant stereotypes that majority of American BM said on the internet about BW has been disgusting. I have nothing against black love, but in this “red pill” era, it’s just too dangerous and scary to date a BM.


  14. Brothers hate themselves that’s why they date outside of someone close to the white race y’all hate your own mother you came from a bug 🐛 don’t even date another species of bug 🪲

  15. @Dick Police: This is why I can’t respect a lot of black men. “I bet you black men would love fucking a white chick from the KKK” 🤮🤢🤔🤔🤔. Y’all disgusting. That’s like me saying I’d love to let a white dude hit from Ghetto Gaggers 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  16. Young black men, go free. Black women have never had a track record of enjoying being beside a black men. I find it funny that black women left black men for white feminism, yet upset when black men date out of their race.

  17. Never feel ashamed for who you date I love my black and Latino women tho

  18. I’ll have to disagree Dr Umar. My motto when dating is : ”If she ain’t white, it ain’t right”.

  19. i mean the simple solution really to his predicament is “stop focusing on race” If 3 generations from now everybody is caramel skinned and mixed race then these problems will still be there cause you realize rather quickly its a cultural problem not a racial problem. you gotta change the cultural norms thats how real change occurs and you would think an educated man would understand that Doc. but no go for the easy ticket and latch on to race to gather donations for a school that doesnt exist and is only an idea to line his pockets. I mean you can make a race related argument all day but that doesnt mean it isnt a dumb argument.

  20. Fuck what he talking about, love my Spanish mama 🤷🏾‍♂️ talking about “during the civil rights movement they was next to us” this ain’t the 60’s anymore. Are they next to us in today’s world? Hell nah lol oh and I love being black, wouldn’t have it any other way 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m 35 and been dealing with black women all my life up until 2 years ago. Low and behold my Spanish significant other is the first that “gets it” so to speak lol I’m sure there are some right minded black women out there, but that hasn’t been my experience in 33 years so I said fuck it not going to waste anymore time.

  21. Every black man need to have kids with a white woman. In two or three generations the caucasian gene would be replaced completely and we would be one melanated world

  22. I like white women cause I can clap dem cheeks when I want. Black women always try to interrogate a nigga.

  23. Humans are meant to mate with each other! All humans! Whoever you are attracted to ….. it doesn’t matter. Maybe God designed it to be that way. Look at all the gorgeous children born to mixed race couples. I know several mixed race couples and they have strong, beautiful, supportive marriages, are great parents, and very happy indeed. It doesn’t matter the race. It’s how they connect with each other.

  24. This guy is ALWAYS about black and white. Shut the hell up already. I bet if he was eating cereal he’d have something to say about the damn milk. He doesn’t get in the color game but speak against Interracial relationships😂.

  25. My wife who just happens to be white gave me a chance when I was still trying to go back to school and working at a factory third shift. Back in my youth, I like black women as well but most told me that I was not their type, too nerdy, and too weird. It’s not all our black women who do this but most.

  26. Smash who you want to smash. Smash who you’re attracted to. It’s a no brainer.

  27. I can’t stand the argument that Umar is saying, and alot of Black people always take that same stance when trying to rationalized why we shouldn’t date outside our Race.

    I was married to a Black Woman, I have 3 incredible Black Children…but now as a divorced Black Man that has my life together and living the way I purposefully want to live…Im not going to let Race keep me from having and awesome experience with an awesome Woman!

    Im going to date ANY Race if that Woman meets the criteria that I have set for myself in dating…and the #1 aspect is RESPECT!
    Which just so happens to be the #1 aspect most Black Women DON’T HAVE for most Black Men!

    Why does no one…including mouth peices like Umar NEVER get on the necks publicly of Black Women and start holding them accountable for their bullsh*t?
    Why aren’t Black Women “waking themselves up” and holding each other accountable to be better in relationships with Black Men?

    Black Women…stop it with the “Imma boss b*tch” bullsh*t, stop it with all the other foolishness yall keep congratulating yourselves about and BE BETTER WOMEN!

    Oh yeah….and stop giving “ain’t sh*t nigg@s chance after chance, and having children with these male dumpster fires!
    Make better choices in Men!

    FIT, FEMININE, SUPPORTIVE, RESPECTFUL…single fellas answer this question: how many Black Woman have you ran into over the last few years in the dating world that exhibit those 4 aspects?

    I know your answer!

  28. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that one day black boys and black girls will one day join hands with white boys and white girls… and this has come to pass, the man was a visionary.

  29. I love my white 🤍 woman from Germany she treats me like a king
    If u want a good white woman go to hamburg Germany black guys

  30. This is crazy. If a white man was saying interracial relationships are unacceptable and should never be, what would we call him?

  31. He’s right and I’m white. He’s not saying he’s against interracial love he’s against the governments way of telling us what love is.

  32. If you gone marry white, please go for they wealth!!!! Blk men are so dumb 🤣

  33. As a white dude I’m gonna side with the racist black people…be true to your own, no matter your color.

  34. I’m not even against interracial relationships like he is, but I do see crazy mismatches all the time. I’m talking normal black guy with giant, fat, terrifying white girls that no white guy would ever touch

  35. I get what he’s saying but some of us don’t want to be single forever. Majority of times, men of other races approach me. I’m not approached by a black man often and I’m not going to live single for the rest of my life if I’m not wanted. I have nothing against them as I have a black male friend who is inlove with my close friend who is white. But what can you do?

  36. I wish that all black man think like you. You deserve to have two beautiful black queens right by your side

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