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Single black mother says loving her child is difficult

A viral video shows a single black mom saying she can’t fully love her son because she despises his father. Ain’t that a bitch? Many of us have baby mamas and baby daddies we can’t stand. But you don’t take it out on the children. The melancholic tirade was disseminated via TikTok. “I need a break so bad and the only person that can help me is my worst enemy,” said the lachrymose damsel. “I gotta send my baby with the person I hate the most. This is a chapter in my life that will never close. This baby daddy, baby mama sh*t is not cute, bro. [It’s] a real life connection [because] you’re sharing the same legacy.” American popsies need to understand when you undergo parturition out of wedlock, you’re still tied to Pookie & Ray Ray for all eternity. Not 18 years. Forever. So stop spreading your legs and marry before you carry. Jeez, it ain’t rocket science. Some of these Western women are making it an easy decision for the Passport Bros, Passport Brad and Men On The Move to travel abroad for vulva.

Watch the rant.

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  1. I knew a woman who had a baby by her brother,never reported it and actually protected her brothers betrayal but then had kids with another man and put him on child support for all the kids and treats him like he did some unspeakable act to her and also abusee the kids,I told him he should take her to court. It’s wicked out here!

  2. Hearing/Seeing a woman cry does one of two things to me;

    1. It may cause me to instinctively go in “Sentry Mode”.

    2. It makes me want to get thee hell away from them. Ignore them. Put in my noise canceling headphones.

    This is a Number Two situation.

    I truly feel sorry for her son.

  3. She needs to get off the internet crying and shit! It’s city girl 4 seasons aint it? Let them lay in the bed they made!! Save the tears, black men DO NOT CARE ANYMORE! I wanna hear the man’s side of this story and I guarantee it makes more sense than this dumb crap this braud is talking.

  4. Women stop with this victim shit! Men give you signs! Women hold ALL power! YOU choose to lay down with someone, YOU chose not to make him put on protection, YOU chose to go through with the pregnancy, YOU chose to have a baby who is not your husband! My mother taught me DONT make permanent decisions based off temporary feelings!

  5. 19 million black babies have been aborted since 1973.…. Who is our worst enemy???

  6. This chick is so damn selfish! She isn’t thinking about how her child will feel if he/she sees her talk about how much she HATES the father on the internet. Putting this type of material on TikTok is damn near child abuse. She knew what she was doing when she had sex with no protection and decided to have the child!

  7. She’s trash, plain, and simple. That kid has nothing to do with its father what so ever. He isn’t the fathers second coming. She’s just lazy, modern, and doesn’t want to deal with her responsibilities. Modern woman going out sad.

  8. If I were the father I would fight for full custody. This lady is mentally unstable…it’s scary.

  9. The fact that she took the time to set up her phone to record this shit. Like the bitch made a whole set to explain to the world that she hate her kid.


  10. Throw her in a psych ward! She’s crazy and watching her was hard to stomach. This is about much more than being a single mother. Theres something wrong w her mental bc who craves attention so bad to the point that they would display themselves on social media this way? Especially knowing your child could see it? She’s sick, has nothing to do w being a single mother. She’s fighting other demons.


  12. This is sad but it’s the truth same thing I went thru with my mother! Only can get alone from a distance! It’s hard because I always thought it was my fault and no matter what I do I get put down or just not noticed! It’s hard watching your mother love your brother harder then you make you feel OutKast but a strong mind goes a long way and thru it all I love my mother still!

  13. Always love your kids !! Get far away from the dad or anybody that makes you feel like this .. moms are important if mom isn’t good the baby isn’t good the best solution is to stay farrrr away from the dad .. heal and take care of your kid the kids are important they need love regardless of where they came from

  14. Kind of weird seeing this me and my mother always had a weird relationship to put it simple. I remember she would always tell me I ain’t shit. It kind fuck me up because I wanted to be more than shit. I told myself that I would be a good man a better man if I ever met a woman. I told myself I would always stand up for those that can’t and won’t because I needed everyone to know I’ll be someone or atleast better than shit. I begin to develop a hero complex but life slap the hell out of me a got me right lbvs. I never knew my father and my mother would often say I’m a spitting image of him looks and attitude. I wonder was he the one that was not shit and that’s the face she saw when she look at me. I always wonder why my brothers were treated differently but never took the time to put the pieces together. I just always assumed it because I was the oldest. At the end I’m alive because of my mother I want her to know I love moms and while we didn’t get along a lot of times miss you greatly. I gotta glimpse of your potential struggles you were facing. May we all makes better decisions for our futures

  15. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 she salty fuck her

    But she can easily give the kid to the father which lets me know she just wants attention…..she does what ever female does and out her feelings first….just because she doesn’t like the father doesn’t mean his kid feels the same..

    I pray she cry’s over this 100 times A DAY

  16. I’m married to a wonderful husband ❤ and we are welcoming our first child together.

    I am the first women in my family to have a child within a marriage. I refused to become a baby mama. My standards are higher and I seen what my mom went through.

    For the lady crying in the video she has to deal with her emotions. And be held accountable for opening her legs to a Pookie 🥷. I hope she does get the helps she needs. I seen my mother struggle due to decisions. But also Jesus saves and heals ❤

  17. Damn well Sis need to go talk to somebody, whatever mistakes the baby-dad made is on HIM the baby is innocent and didn’t ask to be here. I’m not gonna love MY child anymore more or less than I would if me and my baby dad were together

  18. This woman is so real, and with this hurt she can take the negative, and turn it positive by helping others. Imagine how many guys, and gals she could help. She points out everything, even things you just never think of.. so real….I ask everybody to pray for this Woman, and her son. 🌷

  19. 1-800-CRY ME A RIVER
    It was her choice to tolerate and endure all the bs he was doing to her. Yup it was in his resume but like most women “ignore “. And the results are in, don’t worry millions more joining you sis. Didn’t want the nice guy, naw he boring I love that toxic ish🤨

  20. It’s called living with morals but no one wants to say that!! Everyone wants to live the hot thot life and don’t want to pay the consequences of their behavior!! Ladies learn from women like this who have to wake up to reality crying for 23 years alone!! Now she got to convince another good man that she is worth being married with another man’s kid!! Good luck to that!! Those poor kids have my love and support not thes immoral men and women!! Let them pay for their actions is what God say!! You other ladies better learn from the mistakes others make!! Read Romans i : 24-32 and see what God says will happen when you forget the creator!! Amen!

  21. All I can say is. I don’t feel bad for any single mother or father who’s cry’s about how hard it is to raise a child. Yes it’s hard, but If you lay there easily to have unprotected sex with anyone and have a child and you wasn’t ready. That’s on you and lack of maturity that you have. Regardless if you are with someone for the rest of your life or not. Why lay down if you ain’t ready and you clearly see they ain’t ready either? Now if y’all are and the relationship just don’t work then that has nothing to do with the child. Work it out if your have the maturity level to be/act as adult.

    Me and bm don’t get along at all but we damn sure don’t have any problems raising our child together; not being together. Communication and maturity is key to raising kids. Because at the end of the day. You are learning every day just as much as they are learning too.

  22. Grow up. Or close your legs.
    It’s simple. It’s called birth control.
    To take it out on the kid?!?!

  23. I hit the same rock bottom and I can admit this, my child’s father tortured my life, has the kids now and still tortures my life till this day

  24. You have to be really stupid not to love your own blood or because you dislike the person you had sex with to create this child not to down this black mother but I don’t like my son’s father but that doesn’t mean I can’t love my son I love all my kids equally unconditionally and I don’t play favoritism I have one boy one girl God has truly blessed me with the both of them and I love them and I will do anything for them to help them better theirselves in the nearest future and to come. My kids are not on social media and hell I’m not on social media either and that’s the problem this day and age everybody going on TikTok I don’t even have TikTok on my damn phone stop trying to impress other people get yourself together!

  25. a lot of dudes in prison and shooting up people in the streets come from them mommas who hated them

  26. I’m sorry, all I could see was all that cleavage she had in the camera…
    Now that that’s said…
    I don’t have any empathy for these sexually irresponsible females…

    If I had the ability to get pregnant 🤰 THERE IS NO WAY I would allow ANY man to have unprotected sex with me…
    Lastly, I would look to married couples for advice on life and relationships…

    But hey that’s me speaking as a logical man, not as an emotionally driven female…

  27. It’s pretty simple ladies, stop going to the club to find a man, because that is where you find the guy that is just looking for a piece. Look for a man who is responsible.
    When you sleep with an irresponsible man who is just looking for sex, he treats you nice because you are giving it up. Just because he treats you differently after you are pregnant, doesn’t mean he changed, it just means that the irresponsible side took over because responsibility came into the picture.
    The guy that is pushing you to have sex has no respect for you, you are just a piece of a$$ to him. And if you are giving it up, you don’t deserve the respect, you are just that piece.
    If you want a quality man, be a quality lady. If you play the trash, you get trash.

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