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Tisha Campbell opened up claims Martin was abusive

Tisha said Martin abused her/YouTube

Tisha reveals what happened. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Surviving Martin? Culture Spill released the documentary of Tisha Campbell-Martin who accused Martin Lawrence of sexual harassment on the set of their 90s comedy sitcom “Martin.” At the behest of her husband (Duane Martin), Tisha sued Martin in 1996 for “repeated and escalating sexual harassment, sexual battery, verbal abuse and related threats.” She claimed he groped her ass and tongue kissed her. At one point, Tisha implored the writing team to eschew scripting bedroom scenes. She also said Martin threatened to fire her and the entire cast. The case became so stressful, a disoriented Martin ran into the middle of L.A. traffic with a gun and yelled at drivers. “They’re trying to kill me!” he screamed. “Fight the establishment!” The dispute was eventually settled out of court. But the damage was done.

“Martin” was cancelled after 5 seasons (1992-1997).

Social media reaction was Icy Hot. One commenter wrote, “I believe she made everything up. She seems like the type of person who likes the spotlight and wants to have a story for acceptance. In other words, SHE’S A DAMN DRAMA QUEEN!” Another chimed in with, “Martin was in love with her but she wanted Duane.” A third viewer added, “I feel Tisha’s husband was behind it all! She was in an abusive marriage that was very stressful, which transferred negative aggression into her work issues with Martin!”

After not speaking to each other for 25 years, Tisha and Martin mended fences last year on BET’s “Martin: The Reunion.”

It was incredibly awkward to say the least.

But give ’em credit for making up.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. I believe Tisha was jealous of Pam’s relationship with Martin. Pam out dressed her and Pam and Martin made the show.

  2. Tisha Campbell wanted to do an album during taping of the season, and they producers of the show said no. Duane Martin came up with a plan to tell her to say Martin was touching her so she could get out of her contract.

    Martin was the first person Tisha called when she was getting a divorce from Duane…. Would be strange to be contacting someone that used to “touch me”

  3. She lied for her man, who was jealous of Martin. I figured that out real quick & she hasnt really prospered since.

  4. Now we all know Martin was on that stuff bad at the time and acting real crazy. I believe Tisha.

  5. This was all on Duane Martin. He wanted a tv role on Martin’s show, Martin said HELL no! Then Duane (and Tisha because shes not innocent at all) came up with the allegations that she was being fondled by Martin. From there his show started to go left. Im riding with Martin… He didn’t do it. Why would Tichina remain friends with a man who sexually harassed her best friend! There’s not enough money in the world!

  6. Martin knows he was wrong, she didn’t want to be filmed with him because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Even Pam complained too, we love Martin but he had some touchy feeley things going on with him at the time. He must’ve thought she was his real wife. Lol!!!🤣😂🤣

  7. These two need to sit down and talk to the public and bring everything to the table. Don’t sugar coat or hide anything using the court and legal system excuse. Just state everything plain and let’s get the real answer. Because they are too many questions left unanswered. Smh

  8. Nobody believes Campbell she’s a liar just like she lied about being a victim to sex traffic a year ago… nobody came to her defense then just like nobody came to it now….she’s a liar and she fuck up the show behind that bs

  9. During the reunion special she was almost overly & graciously d riding … i just feel like Martin really really wanted to be with her , & she liked him but she chose Duane , who at the time was seemingly a bigger star (starring in movies / Hollywood) and most would even say more traditionally handsome to her … & bc of the pressure Martin was applying , she had to deal with her husband being mad at Martin kissing & feeling on her etc , which is the root of the suit , I don’t think she really wanted to hurt Martin … now all these years later , she likely regrets (aside from her kids) choosing Duane , bc of all the shit he put her thru & to make it worse Martin became an A list blockbuster movie star & so much more successful than Duane , who basically is a has been , while she herself is struggling to keep working , the Martin show being so iconic & “Gina” is what she will be forever linked to & paid from … so that’s why she expressed so much gratitude bc it’s also guilt & overall hope , to stay on Martins good side

  10. Tisha is the common denominator….Duane Martin and Martin Lawrence…didn’t work out. She’s the problem.

  11. He wasn’t a coke user or anything, he just smoked marijuana. and had a lot of mental breakdowns like every other celebrities . I believe he was battling with mental illnesses which was the cause of him running into the street . The fame seems good but it comes with a lot of problems

  12. Will forever be the best black sitcom in the history of sitcoms! What other show can you watch and still laugh like it’s the first time you’ve seen it!!? The chemistry between the characters were much appreciated! 1 luv Marty Mart ❤️

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