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Pookie murdered friend for playfully tugging on his ear

Dejah was killed by her best friend/Viral Crimes

Pookie kills best friend. 

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TYLER — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Jamaurea Jermaine Britton was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his best friend, 18-year-old Dejah Hood, because she reminded him of his ex-girlfriend. You can’t make this stuff up. The femicide transpired on September 26th at Hollytree Apartments in Tyler, Texas. According to police reports, Jamaurea picked up Dejah and a 1-year-old child she was babysitting so she could help him move from his apartment. The corpulent simp had just broken up with his girlfriend so he was in a terrible mood. When Dejah playfully tugged on his ear, Jamaurea grabbed a wine bottle and busted her in the head — causing her to collapse. Then he beat her with a hammer until the wooden handle fell off and strangled her. Jamaurea thought Dejah was dead so he proceeded to egress the apartment.

When he heard her calling his name, the 19-year-old thug returned with a knife and stabbed her to death.

Then he wrapped her corpse in trash bags and dumped it in a creek behind his apartment complex.

Jamaurea was, however, kind enough to take the baby home.

When cops arrived at Jamaurea’s unit a day later, they saw blood everywhere. The emotional teen confessed to the crime and told investigators exactly what happened. Turns out, Jamaurea’s ex-girlfriend used to play with his ear in a homogeneous manner. So when Dejah mimicked the act, it sent him into an apparent “fit of rage.” Jamaurea was arrested and charged with murder.

“He was in the kitchen alone, thinking about his ex-girlfriend and the breakup he had just suffered recently,” the arrest affidavit states.

“While Britton was alone with his thoughts, he became angrier and angrier. Britton explained how Hood approached him and playfully tugged on his ear, which is something his ex-girlfriend would do.”

Dejah was a 2023 Tyler High School graduate and a talented hair stylist.

Scuttlebutt has it Jamaurea lied to investigators.

Many believe he made a pass at Dejah and she rejected him.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Black Women Are So Endangered We Have No Protection And No One To Trust It’s Sicken

  2. It doesn’t matter what she did , she didn’t deserve to die. This is what men think of women as objects to be taken out. Sick. I’m so scared for our black little girls sometimes.

  3. It’s truly sad that many of these men can’t handle rejection.. even when you make it clear you’re not interested! Been there just a few months ago! Praying for her family❤❤❤

  4. Such an Overkill! He is the epidimy of pure evil! He need not ever get out! He is a Danger to Society!

  5. What about the baby? He dropped the baby off to mom and no questions were asked?

  6. His story is bullshit, but there’s more to it that probably makes her look bad as well.

  7. Fuck man, I should have never watched this video….man I have a 8 year old little girl….this is literally the WORST era to have a daughter!

  8. Clearly he is lying it seemed like he lured her to his house wid hidden motives Thank God He Didnt Hurt The Child It Could Have Been Two Bodies Instead Of One HE IS A SICK EVIL SAVAGE.

  9. I’m sorry to say this but I hope they whip his ass everyday in jail🤷 I can’t hold back with this one because it’s just straight BETRAYAL 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  10. Stay away from unhinged people. People need to have a spiritual relationship with God and to LISTEN to your intuition, and or your gut feelings.

    God be warning a lot of people but they don’t pay attention to the signs.

    My condolences to the family 💐

  11. He’s full of shit…he wanted to talk to her and got rejected after a recent break-up with his GF. I bet he thought she was the perfect rebound, but nope she wasn’t having that. Just my opinion

  12. Wow he was just a gross pig …these niggas be straight creeps

  13. These days rejecting these dudes is costing women their lives and that is why i tell my sister to ignore them all. These dudes are weak as hell.

  14. Ladies, please stay away from these degenerate demons. THEY DON’T LIKE YOU. PERIOD. They hate themselves very much, so they definitely don’t care about you. They are demonic and unhinged. None of the demons are friends or kin of mine. I don’t deal with them like that.

  15. Wtf this is getting out of hand women are not disposable items to beat and throw away, do you not have mothers sisters grandmothers men have got to do better RIP to the young woman

  16. This is why I can’t just be friends with females she was too beautiful this is sad and horrible people be fighting demons and they be winning for real

  17. He was a simp and she was using him, he made a advance and she rejected him so he did what he did. R.I.P to the young woman.

  18. rip but he has gay tendencies it’s written all over his face. I’m surprised he was with girls.

  19. Idk the truth but if that was really it that’s got to be the dumbest shit I have ever heard. He should be placed under the jail . How someone there to help you and you have it in u to hurt that person? Just EVIL

  20. She was so gorgeous. That hippopotamus that took her life deserves to be under the jail.

  21. As men, we don’t understand how psychotic abd mentally and emotionally disturbed we’ve become. We’re ticking time bombs with no self-control whatsoever. More of us should be getting help, but we’re still in denial.

  22. He liked her and she didn’t see him like that. What we learned is everyone isn’t your friend and don’t be alone with these dudes.

  23. CAP!!! He was lying his ass off from the beginning.
    He most likely forced himself on her and she rejected him and fought for her life
    EAR MY FUCKIN ASS. Smh I could see lashing out and doing something you regret but can later be talked about (like shoving her away or hitting her) but taking her life?!?! Nah, man. R.I.P

  24. Like I said if by her touching his ear set him off I can imagine what the ex went through he probably was abusive to her that’s why she WROTE LOSSER ON HIS ISH. NOT only that you had sense enough to take the baby back then ur mind wasn’t all the way out there. He’s mad because she probably rejected him it wasn’t no EX GIRLFRIEND and couldn’t handle it.

  25. Definitely lying his ass off, he shot her but had enough sense to not harm the 1year old and returned the baby safe, had enough time to think and cool off going back home like wtf have i done to my friend over an ear tug, gets back home, see that shes still alive and instead of getting her medical attention, proceeds to beat and stab to death? And this is your friend? Sounds like her rejection turned to him hating her

  26. He probably tried to smash & she said NOOOO & his ugly self killed her smh

  27. Isn’t Deja a tranny?. Just asking because that also could be his so called reason..

  28. They gone make mince meat out of his stupid ass in the big house….if they havent already

  29. killing someone because they don’t like you is the lowest of the low then to find her alive and continue is disgusting may he rot in prison and she rest in peace

  30. The neck and anything around the face of the human flesh are sensitive personal places to a person. With that being said “keep your hands to yourself” and always address your boundaries. 🙏🏽 God bless you all

  31. fat boy wanted some booty, she turned him down, he killed her, case closed

  32. I can totally see how blind trust can put you in danger. I had a guy who was my so called friend. His Dad asked me if he could pay me to tutor his son. We were around 16 or 17 and I was happy to help. The guy was a perfect gentleman around everyone, but once we were alone, he snapped! He tried to force himself on me and I just kept begging him to stop and telling him his Dad was coming back and whatever else I could think to say to try and distract him. Thank God he stopped and kept apologizing. I never spoke to him again.
    Please be careful. We never know what’s in someone’s mind.

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