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Pookie kills chick and her boyfriend then skips town

Edwina was shot two different times/Viral Crimes

Pookie kills estranged wife. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LITTLE ROCK — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 37-year-old Edwina Brown who was shot dead by her simpin’ husband, 37-year-old Danny Brown, because she sought a divorce. The femicide transpired on March 27, 2023 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Edwina and Danny were separated when he showed up at her residence seeking reconciliation. When Edwina refused, Danny pulled out a gun and opened fire — shooting her in front of their two children. Edwina was transported to the hospital where she ultimately died. Danny fled the scene like a little bitch. After a 3-week manhunt, Danny was busted in Dallas, Texas. He was arrested and charged with capital murder. What’s sad is Edwina had a chance to put Danny away 11 years ago. That’s when she broke up with him and found herself a new man.

But, not to be outdone, Danny hired two hitmen to kill ’em both.

Edwina and the boyfriend were home canoodling when the gunmen barged in and let their gats explode. The unsuspecting lovebirds were shot multiple times. Edwina survived. But the boyfriend died. The contract killers were arrested, charged and convicted of murder. During interrogation, the hitmen snitched — saying Danny masterminded the murder-for-hire plot.

The shooters were ordered to “blow the bitch’s head off but don’t harm the children.” Danny was arrested shortly thereafter. But, a day before he was set to stand trial, Edwina refused to cooperate with authorities. The judge dismissed the case — making Danny a free man. He married Edwina two weeks later and the rest is history. Babygirl must’ve loved her some Danny because she ignored every red flag. The trigger-happy thug once served 5 years in prison for manslaughter. Danny also did time for domestic battery.

Edwina received an associate’s degree from the University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College.

She also worked as a Phlebotomy Technician before opening her own boutique.

Danny is a murderous bum with zero ambition.

Their children are now orphans.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Never date a person who has a crazy ass ex,because your life could very well be in grave danger if you do.

  2. Good for her!! Her time will better server upstairs with God!! Because wtf? Some women love violence without violence they don’t feel love.

  3. This is real messed up what he did to her boyfriend & to her too!!! Damn!!! This story is unbelievable!!! He should have been behind bars after he killed the boyfriend & maybe this wouldn’t have happened!!! She loved the f*** out of him & her love for him caused her death & I feel sorry for this happening to her!!! SMH!!! He should have just killed himself instead of killing innocent people that became his victims!!! May they both rest peacefully & my condolences to her family & her loved ones & I’m so sorry for their loss!!!

  4. Why couldn’t they press charges on him for the death of the boyfriend without her help. He was the mastermind

  5. Sadly her male worship is what landed her in the grave condolences to her babies

  6. This is the most extreme case of black male worship I have ever seen. I’m disgusted and very angry at this lady. The lack of self-love is astonishing.

  7. I’m always hesitant to victim shame but she’s an high key idiot. She played a part in her own demise. The only person I feel about his her ex-boyfriend who was killed and her children who no longer have a mother or father

  8. Only person I feel sorry for is the bf that passed away smh n she was the reason and then got back with n married Danny..😮 and he still ended up killin her smh.. stop tryna turn these street dudes into husbands

  9. He killed your boyfriend, then tried to kill you and you married him anyway, for him to turn around and successfully do what he intended. I hate that this happened, but she’s the cause of her own death.

  10. These women don’t have God in their life it seems my condolences to the family and friends but why marry an abusive man like you don’t know his intentions to kill you make it make sense pls

  11. Stop being so damn desperate for a man that you overlook Hella red flags… 😤

  12. Why in the hell would you marry the man who killed your boyfriend and tried to kill you? This dont make no sense whatsoever, but people always say, stupid is as stupid does.

  13. My sister’s please don’t 😢 put yourself in harms way we are Queens so if we’re not treated like so leave the situation love is never hurt full

  14. Can’t feel bad for anyone but the boyfriend and her children who she cared NOTHING about.

  15. Just think, if she would of cooperated with authorities, her ass would still be alive. I’m sorry, but she didn’t give AF about her BF, how could she marry this man after attempting to kill her and taking out someone she was involved with. I know the first word that came to her BF family head after learning about her demise was “karma”. Everyone has a right to life, but when you have the opportunity to save your own, consider yourself blessed. This woman made poor choices and paid for it with her life.

  16. I’m sorry I’m still shocked she married him after what he did and only 2 weeks after!! I’m not shocked what he did to her… what could she expect! Yeah I can’t feel sorry for her at this point

  17. Maybe someone here who’s more educated in Law can explain this to me because he essentially walked free because the girlfriend refused to testify, but how does the refusal of a witness to cooperate trump the testimony of 2 guilty hitmen who admitted that they were hired and given specific instructions on how to carry out the hit by the suspect in question?

  18. Sometimes it’s hard to feel sorry for them. She married him after he killed the boyfriend and tried to kill her. Then it be these older cats that be crazy as bat shit.

  19. It’s almost like she committed her own suicide. That was selfish on her behalf fr.

  20. I don’t know why women marry or have kids with the devil and think it’s not consequences. So many women destroyed their lives with this mindset. Very unfortunate smh

  21. Some people jump off bridges. Some people do this dumb shit. O well 🤷🏽

  22. That bastard should never have been let out after the first murder. The system is broken!!

  23. I ain’t lying this bitch deserved everything that happened to her. I don’t feel one ounce of sadness for her.

  24. Karma came back to bite her for not providing justice to her boyfriend and his family. 😢

  25. He didn’t even want to marry her. He married her, because if anything went bad w that case, and he got picked up, they won’t make you testify against your own spouse, particularly in cases where the person was AN EYE WITNESS

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