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Pookie killed his ex on her birthday after she left him

Mye was killed outside the club/Twisted Crimes

Pookie kills ex on her birthday.

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QUEENS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of Instagram model Mye Brooke Johnson, 27, who was shot dead by her simpin’ ex-boyfriend, 29-year-old Quasawn Williams, because she found herself a new man. The femicide transpired in front of the Stiletto Lounge on December 23, 2021 in Queens, New York. Mye, a prepossessing single mom, was celebrating her birthday with her lesbian BFF and her new boyfriend when Quasawn pulled up and confronted her. As their contretemps intensified, Quasawn pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Mye, the boyfriend and the lesbo. Mye was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two/thirds of the Ménage à trois suffered non-life threatening injuries. The boyfriend fired back. But he missed. Quasawn was arrested and charged with murder.

He’ll spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars.

Mye’s 7-year-old son is now an orphan.

Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “He’s a simp and a sociopath at the same time, how ’bout that? Hate guys like this who can’t move on after being dumped, as if they can’t get another woman. He was unstable and that’s why she left him and moved on. He took a mother from her son and she had every right to be out celebrating her birthday just like the rest of us.”

Another chimed in with, “These women continue to choose thugs to be with. I wish I could feel sorry for ’em. But I can’t.”

A third viewer added, “Another black man killing a woman over pussy… I don’t get it. There’s plenty to go around. Why get stuck on one woman who moved on? Man up, get over it, and move on… WTF!”

In addition to modeling, Mye worked as an NYPD school safety agent.

Quasawn, on the other hand, is a felonious bum with no goals or ambition.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Most of these drama killing could have be prevented. U think these women r easy or innocent. #1 u break up with a Man U knew he is the jealous type and his hurt is still raw u celebrating birthday with your new boo. How did he knew where she celebrating her birthday? Women stop playing that game of jealousy with your man or ex man these men r like children and it’s have serious consequences and your dam life is most important to list it over drama 🎭

  2. Always at the club. Stop going to clubs. You have an ex thug bf. Stop dragging new bfs to your unresolved ex relationship. Btw, she seemed gay with bestie. Two filtered mess.

  3. Lets be real, chick was nothing more than a thot doing thot shit and paid the price. Probably was still smashing the ex.

  4. Looks like Mye and the lesbian were messin around

  5. Instagram modeling got her killed. That lifestyle is dangerous. She shouldve got married and raised her child.

  6. Her and her bff were phuckin…. u know them hair hats love their thugs by the way….. was she on bbl sick leave…… still and all rip


  8. Black women want killers and thugs and we are supposed to feel sorry for em?

  9. These 304’s are Savage demons she lived like a man and went out the game as most men out there. This isnt sad its expected.

  10. Yall sound real ignorant blaming this woman’s so call lifestyle on her death. Stop acting like women are not being killed in high rates by their husbands and exhusbands. If plenty women who are not IG models that don’t club are being killled by their husbands/exhusbands, then her lifestyle had nothing to do with her being killed. Its men killing their wives, kids and themselves because the wife wants a divorce. Stop blaming women for the fact men cant be single and move on after a breakup. That’s the reason men like to bully happily single women. They love saying “buy a dog and die alone” Truth is youll live longer being single and buying a dam dog 🐕 Deep down men are the ones who can’t be happy being single like a woman can. Studies say single women live LONGER, HEALTHIER lives than married or attached women. Now that’s a fact.

  11. Never date a man named Quasawn

    He was destined for jail since birth

  12. Regardless of what’s in her social media videos, her possibly having a intimate relationship with her lesbian friend or whatever else you idiots bring up, this woman was MURDERED by a jealous and emotional, bitch made male. Anybody justifying his behavior needs to clipped too.

  13. A background check is necessary these days for our safety ladies. We are being taken out by both “good and bad” men at alarming rates. Please be careful out here.

  14. I dated a guy for 3 weeks and one day he cried because he hadn’t heard from me that day.
    I blocked him and moved on. I was out of town for my sister’s wedding which he knew about in advance. Thank god he didn’t know where I lived.

  15. Hell when my ex broke up with me I was hurt but i didn’t even think about hurting her

  16. A lot of women will know these men have criminal records and still date them!

  17. @LaToya: some people can pass any background check and still kill their women so background check ain’t the end all.

  18. Her story is similar to mines but this boy wasn’t my bf He assumed that I was because I used to hang out at this place majority of the time with my girlfriends and He was trying to buy me gifts and stuff and asking me to go workout and stuff with em and I said no over several times and then it got worst He started stalking me Idk how long he have been stalking me and he also stayed at the hotel where I lived in but he never lived here at all he lived with moma and he was only here to watch me and try to see what I was doing like I can’t stand that I hate repeating myself to somebody When I say No that’s what tf I meant.

  19. Simps throw away their lives over a woman. Now he will be in prison at Rikers. They are F-ing in Rikers so he will be someone’s woman.

  20. I Don’t Do Clubbing At All… I Go To Work & Go Home. Go To School & Go Home… Don’t Go Party At Rough Places.

  21. Black folks don’t know how to get along in the easiest of places let alone a hostile environment like a nightclub.

  22. Omg 😳 she was sooo young and sooooo very beautiful, now her son left motherless , such senseless murder that should never have happened, evil and heartless people out there , tragic and sad :(((

  23. Stop calling these ratchet street girls models they are not models smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

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