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Olivia explains difference between men and women

Olivia says men and women are different/YouTube

Olivia schools independent women.

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ATLANTA — “Anything you can do I can do better.” A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa elucidating the differences between men and women. It’s her assertion the two genders ain’t the same and she’s 100 percent correct. “I’m gonna say something that might ruffle a few feathers,” Olivia warned. “Men and women are not equal. No, I’m not a misogynist or a self-hating woman. I’m just tired of going along with the only narrative deemed acceptable in today’s society.” Olivia said a woman’s ability to achieve accouchement puts the female species in an entirely different category. “Women have always been regarded as more valuable from a biological standpoint because women carry life and are the gatekeepers of reproduction,” she explained. “There’s a saying that goes ‘sperm is cheap. eggs are expensive’ and, biologically, that’s absolutely true.”

Even though woman are capable of parturition, Olivia believes life begins and ends with an ejaculated phallus. “One man is enough to repopulate the entire human species,” she said. “But one woman is not. A man produces roughly 525 billion sperm cells during his lifetime while a woman only produces 400,000 eggs during her lifetime.” Instead of bitchin’ and complaining about who does what, Olivia thinks it’s time to start appreciating each other for what we bring to the table.

“One of the few remaining pleasures of life is the joy and companionship men and women have with each other,” she said.

“If we were the same, we wouldn’t need each other or even desire each other. A woman can birth life which is something a man never can, even though our current society is trying to prove otherwise. Men are physically stronger than women which makes them better suited for labor intensive jobs like drilling for oil or constructing skyscrapers. Why would anyone look for equality there?”

“Men and women are made to complement each other,” Olivia continued.

“We’re meant to fit together like a puzzle to bring forth a family and birth a society, a civilization. It’s time we let go of the twisted notion of equality and actually start valuing men and women for their different roles and capabilities. Women have to stop saying they can do everything a man can do and start saying they can do what a man can’t do. Because this is the whole reason why the sexes exist in the first place.”

Preach babygirl, preach!

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

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  1. It’s about time people started speaking this type of brutal truth! Thanks Olivia.

  2. Feminism claimed equality for women but its nothing but a mirage. Many women have even begun to think they are better than men and will try to compete with and outdo men on everything. All guys can do is walk away if she has been groomed and indoctrinated with this Amazonian princess warrior mentality.

  3. NO MORE DATING , PROTECTING ,PROVIDING AND MARRYING WOMEN …………. stop listening to these people who tell you to date and marry women ………

  4. Women are the glue of society. They keep relationships together. My wife always calls my daughter to arrange a meeting between the 3 of us. It does not occur to me to do this. She calls friends on the phone just to talk. I call friends when I want something, usually. This extremely powerful trait of women is not valued by men for the most part.

  5. Men and women are completely equal, they just have different roles. Any opinion apart from this is just pandering and disingenuous.

  6. Men and women are different thank God that they are, a man should not expect or desire a woman to start thinking in a logical and analytical centered way that he does, likewise a woman should not look to a man to see things through her emotional framework, both should learn to value and celebrate the vital difference that God has built into each gender of the creature called man.

  7. Biologically in terms of reproduction we are both equal because a woman needs a man to get pregnant so I don’t think anyone of them has more value than the other biologically one cannot exist without the other that’s just the truth

  8. Who cares if a handful of lunatics think that men and women are exactly the same!?

    We’ve created all of these false genders (mental disorders), yet we’re not able to separate women, from men?

  9. “Women have to stop saying they can do everything a man can do and start saying they can do everything a man CAN’T do.” This is brilliant.

  10. When did we get to this point that we as humans have to explain this 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ # LORDHELPUSALL

  11. Guys! What did I tell you?!! Don’t listen to this BS advice, its only her opinion. And if you can come to solutions from observing bad behavior then why does it still exist? This opinion (wrong one at that) will definitely KILL your relationship. You treat your woman like she is your body. If you find a woman that you like, make sure you want to marry her to have sex with her 3 weeks out the month.
    If you sustain that she will make you the happiest man on earth bc your lovemaking will extend and extend. It is all of our libidos. Nothing is more powerful. Her 3rd level of sexuality will blew both of your minds. That is the only emotional bond there is she is looking for. Its getting there!
    You put her on a pedestal by showing her affection when you are not having sex with her. That makes her look forward to being in bed with you. If she does not look forward to being in bed with you then you must be taking this chick’s advice. Listen all women are made for sex. It takes one man to satisfy one woman. When that fails her she seeks numbers. Its NEVER IN NUMBERS. This chick should be speaking on that! But it would be with error also. (her lovelife must be miserable)

  12. The worst mistake a man can make is trusting a woman. Hold something back for the day she says shes not happy so when you get put out you will have something.

  13. Men and women aren’t equal and never will, equality don’t exist.

  14. Oh ….yes we are equals …..I give back what is dished to me …..that is equal treatment as it should be .

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