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Single women explain why Pookie & Ray Ray superior

Pookie & Ray Ray are in demand/YouTube

Modern women love thugs. 

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ATLANTA — Damn. Nice guys really do finish last. A viral compilation video shows a coterie of delusional single ladies elucidating why they prefer Pookie & Ray Ray as dating partners over eligible bachelors who work a 9 to 5. Doesn’t matter if Pookie has a criminal history. It’s their assertion thugs and drug dealers proffer a more enticing romantic package. “Dating a drug dealer, I felt more feminine than I ever felt in my life,” one woman explained. “We’re being totally honest, drug dealers are more romantic. They know women because they get a lot of women.” Another popsy added, “I like drug dealers. I like scammers. A 9 to 5? I don’t even work a 9 to 5.” Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “They want a drug dealer because he’s stupid and will blow his money. He ain’t thinking about the future. They have him right where they want him. Smh.”

Another person chimed in with, “And then they complain about Black women being unalived by those same drug dealers. Smh.” A third viewer added, “This is why more American men are becoming Passport Bros and also why no foreign men come here to find wives.” A separate video shows a handful of modern popsies saying Pookie & Ray Ray are in demand because they don’t mind moving in with women; whereas men who have their own homes ain’t lookin’ to move in with no chick.

Do you agree with the ladies?

Have Pookie & Ray Ray cornered the dating market?

Watch the controversial clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They just want a man that’s loose with money and won’t ask shit from them…. except take a charge or hide this in your house….

  2. They get on the internet and constantly prove what we say is right about them and then say we are lying

  3. all those type of women I know has a lot of kids single and no one wants them but pookie n ray ray 🤷🏽‍♂️facts. Saw this my whole life.

  4. They like a drug dealer until it’s time to hold him down while he locked up, now everything he can do and ever did for you goes out the window

  5. These women are brainwashed, and they get this influence from television. They brain the size of a peanut.

  6. They just off in the head.. its a game to them..they messed up.. didn’t have a dad and it shows..

  7. are they eally promoting this? dating drug dealers? ok, if that’s the world they want to live in I guess🙄

  8. They deserve everything that comes to them. Don’t feel sorry for them 10 years from now

  9. these are the type of women that when they get old they run to the church to find a man

  10. They like what they like…. UNTIL they don’t…. then everyone else needs to forgive and forget about their bad behavior and just give them the stability they want…. they still gone fuck the d boy while you caring for them….

  11. No honor amongst thief’s.
    The women today especially black females,
    Have no morales. They will sleep with there friends husband, boyfriends, they will sleep with there own blood sister , male and female cousin. Black females even sleeping with trans women. The women is equally to the Honey badger 🦡
    They don’t give a fu&k.
    A folklore Minator half man half bull approach a black woman and can provide her money and gold and protection the black women would sleep with it. No shame or morals of the American women today especially black females.
    Just My thoughts 🤔

  12. It’s very difficult to build a decent family with most black women today. I see a lot of professional & blue collar blk men with non blk women today.

  13. Good black vintage women breed is extinct.
    Now you have all these jezebel generations.

  14. bitches love to be abused so give em wut dey want

    U simps lookin fo love…. bitches nowadays wanna fuk

  15. 🤣🤣🤣 whew and they wonder why they the least married demographic by far.

  16. Feminism is a form of Satanism and it turned these modern hyenas crazy. They’re on demon time.

  17. Aren’t they the same ones that put their hands on you, leave you pregnant, get killed, locked up, abuse you?🤔

  18. U single and broken mothers deserve everything u get in life if this is ur mentality 😂

  19. Women like this LOVE struggle love….they want and thrive off of drama. They know what type of man turn their crank.

    Nothing new…proceed as we were fellaz.

  20. Bro? If she had a 9 to 5 guy she would cheat on him with type of dude she putting out the house!
    A OG from back in the day told me this” 9 to 5 dudes always get cheated on by their Woman between the hours of 9 to 5″😮

  21. 🤣🤣🤣 whew and they wonder why they the least married demographic by far.

  22. They want to marry men whom they see themselves in. The problem is that when they see their full selves in those men, they don’t like them. They passed by the men who Loved them for the male version of themselves. Being in Love with oneself exclusively is Narcissism .

  23. Good. Now they need to stop crying about men getting passports and finding women elsewhere. These dumb broads let their type knock them up and leave.

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