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Pookie kills his wife then assaults their 3 children

Christina murdered and her kids abused/YouTube

Pookie kills wife, assaults kids.

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HOUSTON — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Keith Marion Lee, 35, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his wife, 32-year-old Christina Abner, because she wanted a divorce. The femicide transpired around 1:30 a.m. on December 15th at their residence in Houston, Texas. It was also captured on video. According to police reports, Christina told Keith she was sick and tired of being his punching bag and she wanted out of the relationship. A bout of contretemps ensued. As the quarrel intensified, Keith pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Christina multiple times. She died at the scene. Keith then proceeded to attack their three children. Two of ’em ran to a neighbor’s house, begging for help. They had swollen eyes, bruises and lacerations. One of the kids suffered a skull fracture, brain hemorrhage and a collapsed lung. The third child, a severely beaten 3-year-old boy, was left at the house with Christina’s corpse.

After receiving a 911 call, police officers arrived and found Keith on top of a neighbor’s roof trying to escape. Yep… that fool was so high on PCP, he climbed up a damn chimney. The grill-wearing thug was arrested and charged with murder and three counts of child abuse. What’s sad is Keith was arrested multiple times for abusing Christina, but the judge kept setting him free.

Hell, police received three domestic violence calls at their home in the past six months alone.

Christina’s brother, Brandon Abner, should feel like sh*t. He introduced Keith to his sister when they were in high school. “If I could offer any advice to anybody, if it’s such a bad thing, just step away,” Brandon told reporters. “Anger will never bring my sister back. Hate will never bring my sister back. I still forgive him because that’s the heart I’ve got to have.”

Sh*t, i wouldn’t forgive that n*gga.

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, Ridiculous!! Those kids will be scared for life & didn’t deserve that!!! 🙏🏽🕊🤍”

Another viewer added, “The neighbors should’ve called CPS since the courts never made him sit in jail and get him some help.” 

Speaking of jail, Keith was locked up a week prior to the murder.

But, as previously mentioned, the judge let him go.

When asked why he committed the heinous crime, Keith replied: “Demons told me.” 

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Na that dude was possessed, the way he climbed that roof though and then saying demons told him to do what he did 🤔😔

  2. Sadly she had to know he was unhinged after 9 years. He definitely was not marriage or father material!

  3. For her to say he was the best thing that happened to her even though it was an abusive relationship👀🗣 crazy!

  4. For some reason, black women cant recognize when their life is in danger…or do they even care???

  5. Aint no telling how long this been going on 😢im praying for her babies

  6. Her poor bro I know he’s feeling it given he hooked them up; albeit not his fault. RIP! The poor kids I hope they get counseling and are cared for by close relatives!😢😢😢😮😮😮

  7. What is really going on with our black men killing the mother of their children? You kill her in front of you all children and then you beat your children to a bloody pulp. Prayers to the children for they will need extensive therapy. Condolences to the children and family. Every day, we are seeing cases like this.

  8. He saw demons in that pcp induced psychosis, and became one. Praying for the family.

  9. So, the neighbor admitted he saw the kids outside crying before!? The proper response would be to call 911 for a welfare check.

  10. Smoking that naked ain’t no joke it eats a hole in your brains and you never be the same. I seen dudes on that

  11. Brandon ain’t shyt. All he got is “It is what it is.” Nygga really?

  12. The System “Failed” This Beautiful Young Mother/As Usual Out On Bond,Case Dismissed,Etc/He Was A Ticking Time Bomb,Even Harming Children😢The Devil Has Many Faces

  13. The first time he hit her in 2010, she should’ve been out of there, So Sad, R.I.P.

  14. Who is the Houston judge who didn’t find the probable cause to keep this beast in jail and let him go?

  15. My black brothers are losing it out here you see posts like this daily. Somewhere we have failed our brothers and sisters. They say to recognize a problem you need to have a solution, one is daddy- men raise your sons up to be responsible and respectable men in society and to value women. Mothers are raising these men some are failing bad it. Mother’s teach your daughters their self worth teach them to value who they are. We have got to start somewhere someone on here said “where is blm” I say where’s the village that we used to have protecting and loving each other ✌🏽

  16. Why do these women keep choosing those dudes? They know what type of guy he is the second they meet! Why do you think a “nice guy” can’t even get a phone number from them?🤦

  17. These BLK women need to wake TF up. Knowing this fool was getting aggressive and the cops coming that many times in only a few wks, this woman knew her and her children were in danger but turned a blind eye to it. In and out of jail and taking pcp. Something was going to happen. Now, she’s gone. If ur not worried about urself, at least get ur kids to safety but nah, stick by this GOOFIE azz ninja. I don’t feel bad for her. Only the children. I hope they get the help that they need

  18. Bishes be too needy and horny that you allow a punk to play with you and your children

  19. Most men out here no matter what color really think women are only here to clean up after them , cook for them, and have babies. And be a sex object.

  20. How can anyone feel compassion for these women when women keep signing up for this. Women should already know what comes along with being with these men of today, and yet and still they keep signing up and continue to CENTER men as if they are God and Christ (their Lord and Savior). Why don’t women SIMPLY just LEAVE THESE MEN ALONE and FOCUS on building up their own GENDER, and building a SUPPORT NETWORK with other women. Women can’t keep pretending that they are VICTIMS when they are the ones who KEEP VOLUNTEERING for this type of thing to KEEP happening. LEAVE THESE MEN ALONE….PERIODT!

  21. PCP is a dangerous hallucinogenic drug and it lingers for a long time in the brain

  22. Having life insurance is smart. Having life insurance KNOWING you’re dating an unhinged dusty is A MUST…. RIP

  23. These DV situations never get better. This demon beat his own kids and seems like this young lady was trying to change him for the better by keep allowing him back in the home after he kept getting out of jail. Praying for the kids and healing.

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