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Popular singer dead from fentanyl, ethanol overdose

Charity dead from an overdose/Viral Crimes

Popular singer dead from overdose.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. George Sapp, 42, was thrown in the slammer after he gave narcotics to 27-year-old singer Charity “Linique” Huntley who ended up dead from an overdose. Charity died on April 6, 2023 at Baptist Beaches Hospital in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Details are sketchy but all we know is George put Charity, who was naked, in the back of his Chevy Tahoe and drove her to the emergency room around 9 a.m. When they arrived, her “body was cold to the touch, and stiff — indicating signs of rigor mortis.” Doctors exhausted every life-saving measure but it was to no avail. Charity was pronounced dead a week before her 28th birthday. Her mom, Mary Huntley, had a feeling something was wrong when she couldn’t reach her daughter. “It’s been hell for me,” Mary told reporters.

“I hadn’t talked to her… and I called her and her phone was going to voicemail. I felt sick, I was like, ‘Why is she still not answering her phone?’ It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and she is not answering her phone… The detective called me and said they had my baby since 9 o’clock that morning, and they told me that my baby was gone.”

Medical examiners conducted an autopsy and determined Charity died from an overdose of fentanyl, oxycodone, and ethanol. Police opened an investigation and George was arrested in September. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, but he hasn’t been charged in connection with Charity’s quietus. Ain’t that a bitch?

During interrogation, George told investigators he ran into Charity at the beach and they proceeded to hang out on a boat. He said Charity asked for pills and he gave her half of a Percocet. George definitely gave her more than that because surveillance video at his apartment shows a disoriented Charity holding on to his arm in order to walk. You can tell he got her high, then raped her.

To compound matters, Mary said Charity was on her way to stardom.

“She did dancing, and she smashed it, she sang, she was raised in the church singing, that was her passion, modeling… that was just her pleasure, but she rocked everything she did,” she recalled.

Mary started the “Charity of the Arts Foundation” in remembrance of her talented daughter.

“The goal for the organization is to support local artists and companies, dance companies, different things of that nature,” she explained.

“Uniforms are expensive, costumes are expensive. And I want to be able to help and give back.”

The foundation also has a referral service.

“If they’re looking for a good producer, or if they’re modeling, they want to know how to do a photo shoot, I want to be able to refer them to other professional, experienced producers and photographers and you know, just so that they will be able to help work with them,” Mary said.

She also asked the community for a favor.

“Please help me get justice for my daughter,” Mary pleaded.

“She can’t fight from the grave. She can’t say what she did and didn’t do and she can’t tell me what happened.”

Watch the explosive documentary, George’s court appearance, and a pair of Charity’s music videos.

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  1. I dont know why women love these retarded bad boys …They dont know how to love…Leave these no good men alone!!

  2. Somebody needs to drug him and hand him over to Fleece Johnson. This dude drugged and SA’d her.

  3. I’m not about to keep saying rest in peace of these young ladies these women continuously keep showing their low self-esteem and putting themselves and silly situations this is not about humans this is about spirits using humans

  4. When you allowed yourself to get involved with individuals especially thuggish individuals who lifestyle is drug dealing, And you look pass that because well for whatever reasons. And you find yourself putting that junk in your systems then sooner are later this what happens. Crazy how all of these storyline have the same things in common a young are older ladies life journey ends at the hands of some man, especially black men.

  5. ❤❤❤ she’s so awesome that enemy knew she was on her way young lady’s please stay single with family Peo’s are jealous

  6. What a CREEPY old man!!! He had to give her a drug in order for her to sleep with him. Not realizing that it would kill her!!! May beautiful Charity rest in heaven 🌹🌹

  7. You can’t be that “smart” if you keep choosing them! 🤦🏾‍♀️Different day! same dust bucket! They should choose better!! We have all these social media news outlets reporting the same thing but black women continue so…🤷🏿‍♀️

  8. Blk men are unhinged at this point so called good men are doing it too.

  9. Chasing the wrong Dick can have this kind of outcome, I’m not surprised this happened.😎

  10. Whyyyy are these young pretty successful girls always with some dusty old criminal? I’m going to assume they may be n need of a father figure…but it’s just hard for me to understand. As a 20-something I had no interest in a 40+ plan let alone a dusty one.

  11. It’s always the men that look like something from aliens vs predators that do this shit to the women who got everything going for them, those men wouldn’t get the time of day from me but I guess if a dude have drugs or money then a lot of girls be with it smh (not saying her tho)

  12. as long as black females love dusty men this blog will keep gettin all the content it needs to thrive

  13. He drug her 😢. F that he gets off by making her get drug up disgusting fucking piece of shit.. he saw her life was happy it always someone soulless evil mf ready to kill or suck your energy up

  14. She is a drug addict. People should stop blaming anyone else. She killed herself. The man has ZERO BLAME

  15. This tore me apart…I can’t imagine what Charity’s mom is going through…my heart is with her

  16. I hate men like this always wanna grab a good woman & the women fall for it thinking that man changed or will change for the better just to bring you down with them or kill you cause they jealous or don’t wanna see you be great .. that lady don’t even look like she do drugs at all I knew he made her take that stuff ! That’s sad af ! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 prayers for her family ! So beautiful 🥺

  17. When reaching higher destinations, keep your circle small as hell. You never know who is out to get you smh

  18. That girl wasn’t on no drugs.. y’all are believing what that man is saying then you are just as guilty as the predator.. that lady was drugged…

  19. I’ll never understand how folks who are set for greatness involve themselves with certified bums.

  20. Ladies, please stay away from these men that don’t want anything out of life, and don’t want to see you go forward. They might change, but wait until they do. RIP beautiful Charity Linique. You did not deserve this.

  21. Why do some women want the thugs but the hard-working guys can’t get the time of day that’s crazy

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