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Jackson State student was ambushed, killed by Pookie

Pheonecia killed in murder-suicide/Viral Crimes

Pookie kills college student. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

CANTON — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Residents of Canton, Mississippi are in mourning after Jamarquis Black, 24, murdered his baby mama, 23-year-old Pheonecia Ratliff, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired around 6 a.m. on May 15, 2020. According to police reports, Pheonecia gave parturition to Jamarquis’ child in November 2019. Even though the high school sweethearts had been together 8 years, Jamarquis didn’t want kids and he accused Pheonecia of trying to trap him with a baby. Then he stalked her daily to ensure she wasn’t foolin’ around. Not sure why. Pheonecia was way too busy for hanky-panky. Babygirl worked two jobs at Subway and Walmart while studying early childhood education at Jackson State University. She was about to become a teacher. Nevertheless, Jamarquis’ insecurities became too much to bear so Pheonecia dumped his ass in Spring 2020.

Fearing he would be obligated to pay child support, Jamarquis showed up at Subway on April 20, 2020, while Pheonecia was working. Then he pulled out a gun and threatened to kill her if she didn’t relinquish custody of their young daughter, Jordan. Instead of caving in, Pheonecia flagged down a police officer and had Jamarquis arrested. She also filed a restraining order. Jamarquis only served a few weeks behind bars because he convinced the judge he would never bother Pheonecia again.

But — when he got out on May 11, 2020 — Jamarquis violated the court order.

On May 14, 2020, around 10 p.m., Jamarquis drove to Pheonecia’s house and hid behind some bushes until she got off her late shift at Walmart. As soon as Pheonecia and her 21-year-old sister pulled into the driveway, Jamarquis waited until they got out of the car and tackled Pheonecia. As they wrestled, Pheonecia’s sibling jumped in to intervene. But Jamarquis shot her in the thigh.

Then he forced Pheonecia into his Camaro at gunpoint, and sped off.

Pheonecia’s mom, who was babysitting, was on the porch and witnessed the entire ordeal.

Jamarquis called her and asked her to take Jordan to his mother’s house.

As soon as she dropped the child off, Pheonecia’s mom went to work like nothin’ happened — claiming she had to take care of her responsibilities.

The ensuing morning, law enforcement officials traced Jamarquis’ cell phone and pinged him in the Philadelphia area. A state trooper with the Mississippi Highway Patrol tracked him down — resulting in a high-speed chase. Jamarquis ended up crashing near the 30-mile marker of I-55 in Bogue Chitto. Several police cars and a helicopter converged at the scene.

Realizing he was busted, Jamarquis shot Pheonecia in the head before taking his own life.

His mother gained custody of Jordan, which makes no sense.

Bottom line is Pheonecia was a winner and Jamarquis was a loser.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Who is raising these men…they are fragile has a egg…like really 😢😢

  2. Never a good sign when a man expresses dismay at a “surprise” pregnancy. Awful.

  3. Bw choose the worst bm to get them pregnant. Have yall momas taught yall anything?🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Evil has taken over this world. The devil got his foot soldiers working overtime. Just horrible!

  5. it doesnt surprise me to hear that canton missisippi would do so very little to protect a woman

  6. Im sorry but my mom and sister wouldve never let this happen. My momma gon 💀tryna protect me, gun or not.

  7. No more memorial balloons 🎈for funerals that kill wildlife. And no releasing doves 🕊 for hawk food.

  8. I just want to clear something up. Almost everytime someone dies their love ones assumes that they went to heaven. Unfortunately this is not true. If a person dies without Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior (which unfortunately most people do) the person does not go to heaven but to hell instead. “You must be born again”. Jesus is the ONLY way heaven. Heaven is not the automatic destination for humans hell is. A person MUST be saved to make heaven or unfortunately they went to hell.

  9. How Did HIS Mother Get The Child? If The Courts KNOW He Is A Muderer? 😮

  10. Oh perfect father figure…he wanted tht baby for benefits sickening 😢

  11. These guys are monsters after they delete their baby mamas, and sometimes the kids too. But they were monsters before the killings. There were always signs along the way, often from day one.

    The question becomes this. Why do these women continue to lay down with these Pookies, and make make babies with them??? The outcome is so predictable.

  12. Why y’all women keep having kids by men that dont want the baby. GET RID OF IT. Have a baby with a man that wants a baby with you. A PREGNANCY CAN BE REPLACED WITH ANOTHER. YOU CAN NOT BE. Stop being selfish yes it’s your body but you can’t make a baby by yourself so you can’t make that decision by yourself. ITS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE.

  13. SPOILED!!!!! ENTITLED!!! And this is why my son doesn’t have my address. MOVE and don’t look back.

  14. These men getting crazier by the day. Baby or not these men will still kill you, there’s no way out. We just have to make better choices/decisions abt the men we choose to date or lay with. As I got older I seen the mistakes I made & I make sure my daughters know do not make the same bad choices. R.I.P to this young lady🤎

  15. There is NO WAY my child would return to that job after that smh

  16. What would this promising, blessed, educated young lady want with trapping this broke, janky, uneducated dusty?? 😂 Manboys are hilarious! She didn’t want to trap your broke azz! What you got worth trapping? Community d*ck? 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Dang. It would be funnier if it wasn’t so tragic. Ladies. Run. Run far as soon as you see who these Manboys are!! 💔

  17. I don’t understand how they were tracking his phone but took this long to find her. They should have tracked and found them immediately..

  18. But the momma went to work after her daughter was shot in the thigh and the other kidnapped. All because she said she still had “responsibilities “!!!! Why not call the police and they could’ve tracked his phone number earlier

  19. Following her this place & that place. He must be broke. No man getting money or working got time for all that. Then for him to want full custody. He’s trying to get child support & benefits.

  20. Black women aren’t protected. She contacted police and got him arrested yet he was still able to murder her. This is what happens often. My advice is don’t call police. Get a weapon to protect yourself because if not, your abuser will most likely murder you.

  21. I’m sorry but her mom is STUPID AS HELL!!! How TF do you drop the baby off per his request , not call the police & then take your Ass to work?!?! You have to be Kidding me🤬🤬 Everything should’ve STOPPED for your Daughter😡😡😢😢😢

  22. I would have never handed my grandchild over to his mother she was the one who raised that delusional lunatic because they knew exactly what he was doing and where he was at

  23. What a pathetic punk ass coward. I will never understand why folks can’t accept a relationship is over. Getting out of a relationship is better than being dead or in prison because you couldn’t let go. The 1st time he hits you LEAVE!!! If he does it once he will do it again. I was always told you teach people how to treat you and they can’t do to you what you don’t allow. With that belief I have never been in an abusive relationship. You don’t have to be in anything you don’t want to be, have boundaries, pay attention to your gut, red flags and observe. A person can only pretend to be a good person for so long until the real person shows itself.

  24. I’m confused. He shoots the younger sister, kidnaps her at gunpoint, and her mom drops the granddaughter off to his family, then goes to work!! I’m so confused🤷🏾‍♀️

  25. WTH did I just watch. She was failed in every way possible. The courts set his bond so low like he didn’t pull a gun on her, he literally took her in front of her mother who watched him shoot one daughter and take off with the other. This lady then drop her granddaughter off to this lunatic family and go to work. There needs to be legislation to hold these judges accountable as well. Domestic violence STlLL isn’t taken serious. Ladies please if you are able to own a gun, I urge you get one and damn near live at the gun range perfecting your shot. And please don’t let your abuser know you have it and for damn sure don’t hesitate when the time comes. Your life literally depends on it❗️

  26. This is such an incredibly sad story! He didn’t want the baby ro begin with, yet wanted full custody of her later! As a survivor of DV, I know how hard it is to leave, and how much walking on eggshells you have to do at every waking moment. I have insomnia because I would force myself to stay awake so i wouldn’t be ambushed by my abuser!

  27. May he BURN and his soul NEVER find peace. RIPiss to him.

    Rest peacefully Phonecia.

    Please take stalking VERY serious ladies. Get yourself a protection order, legally arm yourself, and take the stalker out at your FIRST chance.

  28. lol yooo these women be going to school and working, why they never pick men in the atmosphere that they frequent?? Like how do you gravitate towards degenerates while in a place of higher vibrations?? I don’t get it

  29. His mom raised a monster, she doesn’t deserve to raise such an innocent angel who no longer have a loving Mother bc of his cowardice acts.

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