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Pookie deletes sex partner because she didn’t commit

Kiara used a dusty for sex/Crime Chapters

Pookie deletes single mom of two. 

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AURORA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Cleveland Grimes IV was thrown in the slammer after he murdered 28-year-old Kiara Shanae Livingston because she wouldn’t become his girlfriend. The femicide transpired around 4:30 a.m. on April 14, 2018 in Aurora, Colorado. Kiara — a single mother of two — was a good friend of Cleveland’s sister, which is how they met. They copulated as part of their situationship. But they were never a couple. She didn’t think the n*gga was good enough, and she was right. On the day of the murder, Cleveland followed Kiara to his sister’s apartment. He confronted her, letting her know he wanted a monogamous relationship — not friends with benefits. Kiara told him “no” and an argument ensued. As the quarrel intensified, Kiara told Cleveland’s sister she was going home. As soon as she got in her car to leave, Cleveland came out with a handgun, walked to the driver’s side, and opened fire — striking Kiara 5 times. Then he fled like a little bitch.

“She and Grimes were in a relationship, and Grimes was jealous and possessive,” the district attorney’s office stated.

“Livingston got in her car to leave, and Grimes came out with a handgun, walked to the driver’s side of her car, and shot her five times.”

Cleveland’s sister called police. When officers arrived, they found Kiara slumped over on the passenger’s side. Her cadaver was riddled with bullets. The car was still in reverse and the taillights were on. Kiara was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Cleveland was arrested a week later and charged with first-degree murder. He’s serving life in prison with no parole.

Cleveland told the court he acted in self-defense, saying Kiara tried to run him over.

He also claimed to be mentally ill.

But the jury didn’t buy it.

“You stole from her family their mother and sister,” Arapahoe County District Court Judge Darren Vahle told Cleveland during sentencing.

“You robbed this woman of her future. It’s child abuse – her little kids will now suffer.”

District Attorney George Brauchler echoed a homogenous sentiment.

“Another selfish, hateful, evil act of domestic violence has left two girls, 9 and 2, to go through life without the love, guidance, and protection of their mother,” he bemoaned.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “Moral of the story: If you don’t want to be with him, don’t lay with him. She knew he wasn’t good enough. RIP. She knew her worth!”

Another person added, “A wise man once told me if you don’t want a man being possessive or controlling over you, then keep your legs closed. It seems like when these men start having sex with these ladies or get them pregnant, they feel like they own them. Soul ties are serious! The worst person to have sex with is a dusty bum you really don’t want to be with. You may not be able to get rid of them.”

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. That girl was never her friend. Why would you hook up your so called friend with your brother, who you knew more than likely was trash! R.I.P to her 😢

  2. The 304s are for everybody. The sooner this is learned, the sooner life instantly becomes less stressful. Why would someone want to be in a committed relationship with someone who has a desire to be accessible to everyone? 🤔 He was a 🤡 for EVERYTHING that he did in this situation 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. This is a continuous story,a young single black mother ends relationship with a mentally unstable individual who can’t handle rejection and winds up being killed….why women always find the most demented men attractive or to get involved with….it never seize to amaze me.

  4. She shouldn’t have been unalived but now is not the time to be sleeping with bums, dusties or men you know you don’t like. Too many emotional unstable men snapping over nothing.

  5. @MrEOM41: They were NOT in a relationship. Can’t you read?

  6. These emotionally unstable men who can not handle rejection or resolve conflicts without violence are raised in fatherless homes. They been coddled their whole life by mothers, sisters, aunts & grandmothers. These fools latch on to women who have cars, homes and want to use them. They’re hobosexuals who live off of women. Wake up ladies & protect your wombs and peace. Rest In Peace Kiera❤

  7. He’d rather do life in jail than to move on let her be free to whom she wants to date & be happy with, what a coward simp he should’ve met the same fate he gave her my condolences

  8. Should’ve stayed home having fun teaching the kids good things read the Bible with them bond with and nurture them nah they don’t waste time on to the next one and the children deserve your all not the next man to go in between your legs spreading yourself like butter be A mother

  9. When you open yo legs to a devil then you can’t b surprised when he does what he did !! These WEAK MEN ARE RAISED by single mamas .. OVER EMOTIONAL

  10. Emotional niggas, NO MEANS NO!!!! Move on, it’s not the end of the world if somebody don’t want you.

  11. She was bored and wanted to slum, and do raunchy things with a man who she could feel superior to. How did that work out?

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