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Girlfriend shoots rap artist, before choppin’ up his body

Cierra butchered Steven/Twisted Crimes

Rapper chopped into pieces. 

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BAYTOWN — The adventures of Pookiesha & Ray Ray continue. Cierra Sutton, 30, was thrown in the slammer after she butchered her boyfriend, 32-year-old Steven Coleman, following an argument. The dismemberment transpired on August 16, 2017 in Baytown, Texas. According to police reports, Steven — an aspiring rapper — told Cierra he was sick and tired of her vulva and he wanted out of the relationship. As soon as Steven fell asleep, Cierra shot him in the head then hacked him to pieces with a machete. Then, she dropped his body parts into different garbage dumpsters throughout her apartment complex. “Uncaring. No remorse. That’s the best way I can describe [her],” Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris said at a press conference. To add insult to murder, Cierra called police and reported Steven missing. Then, she stayed with his family during the search.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Steven’s headless torso was eventually found in a landfill that receives trash from Baytown. Yep, he was decapitated. There’s also surveillance footage of Cierra at Walmart using Steven’s credit card to purchase duct tape and a mattress. “She played the role of an innocent person,” close friend Dominique Clark told reporters. “She played the role of an innocent person, and she played it to the fullest.” Cierra was arrested, charged and convicted of murder. She’s serving 45 years in prison. Cierra told investigators she chopped up Steven’s body because it was too heavy to carry.

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Staying with his mother is some kind of EVIL.😢”

Another person added, “It takes a sick individual to take someone’s life in cold blood. But to chop them up is a whole different level.”

Steven leaves behind a young daughter who was home during the murder.

He told family and friends if he ever came up missing, have police look into Cierra.

Steven saw this coming but nobody else did.

He and Cierra appeared to be the perfect couple on social media.

But it was a big lie.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  2. Wow, this is such a sad story I say to myself what is this world coming to? We are living in our last days sending my condolences to a family and friends. 🙏🏼🙁

  3. That’s trifling and a cowardly act! This little girl will never have her Dad again. The murderer will have to answer to JEHOVAH GOD! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  4. His Daughter was his number 1 supporter. 💔praying for her strength and understanding 😢

  5. The happier they are on social media the more hell they go through behind closed doors

  6. Damn…Sounds like she got tired of being abused … She got tired n snapped…Its not worth it … Just leave..Plenty of fish n da sea

  7. He abused her and cheated. Never wanted her. Unfortunately, women these days werent taught how to leave a man. No excuse for her sick actions.That’s enough to drive anyone though. Hope she get the right mental health treatment.

  8. Another person named cierra like cierra harp who killed her bf in front of her child 😒 got 125 yrs in prison.

  9. Looks are so deceiving. She’s a pretty lady, but sick and deranged.

  10. It’s always the fine women that act the craziest…guys get u an ugly girl. They don’t act crazy.

  11. I saw this on Fatal attraction and the whole thing was recorded on his phone she was cursing him out shooting him while he laid on the ground asking to see his daughter asking could he hold her one more time of course she ignored him the video was too Heart breaking to watch She’s very Evil and shouldn’t get out of prison she killed him cause he no longer wanted to be with her but she claimed he was always beating on her but the night she killed him he didn’t touch her and if I’m not mistaken he was his mom only child and they were very close and he told his Mom if something ever happen to him she did it the Mom remembered he record everything and told the police to check his phone that’s how they found the video and saw what happened she even cut herself lied and told the police he did it Smh


  13. Stories like this always make me nervous of being with anyone. You just never know how crazy or far they’ll go until sometimes it’s too late. Some ppl show red flags and sometimes it’s the first time the person goes this crazy. Yes, I’m aware that he knew she could potentially take him out in this case but it’s still sad

  14. I’m glad Steven was smart he told his family if something was to ever happen to him Cierra did it smh she sad asf..

  15. He should have left her if he had a bad feeling she was gonna do something to him.

  16. Her eyes look so dark. Whew, Lord! This is insane and creepy. RIP to this man and be careful who you lay with. I’m preaching to myself.

  17. If he felt like he needed to tell someone he didn’t feel safe with her, why stay with her?!?!? People always give warnings, need to take it seriously

  18. Damn! He already knew. It was only a matter of time before she got caught. He should’ve got far away from her but he told somebody if something happens to me it’s Cierra. Wow.

  19. If a person feels that someone is capable of killing them why do they stay? How could you sleep comfortably around a person you have told others , “ if something happens to me, this person did it.”

  20. Yal better stop going for who beautiful on the outside and find who beautiful on the inside

  21. My best friends girl did him just like that while he was sleeping. Shot to the head with a 45 cal. Tragic. Reason. He was breaking up with her for being crazy. Men. Don’t under estimate the power of crazy.

  22. Never underestimate anyone.. big or small, girl or man, young or old.. they are capable of evil. Shit is crazy 😖

  23. It’s never that serious to dismember someone’s body but R.I.P 💯💔.

  24. I can’t fathom how anyone can kill another human being so easily, and then chop them up like a Thanksgiving Turkey then throw them in the trash like waste, and think they can get away with it. A person has to be mentally ill, psychotic, narcissistic with no conscience to be able to think that way and do this, my God. Rip S🕊️

  25. She didn’t do it by herself. She had help. Someone’s missing in this crime

  26. Crazy because she probably would’ve gotten away with it if she never reported him missing from the start.

  27. See If A Man Hit His Wife Every One Be Like Wife Beater But If He Was Protectin Himself Everyone Would Still Call Him Wife Beater God Damn Make Up Your Minds People

  28. My friend’s wife beats and cuts him and he never leaves. I used to laugh at men like him, but I’m realizing that abuse really messes up the mind, regardless of gender. Hoping my guy gets away before it’s too late.

  29. I don’t understand when people say If anything ever happens to me look at so in so. If you have that fear, or gut instinct about a person get far away from that person. May he R.I.P. and I hope she gets what she deserves.

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