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Pookie kills cosmetology student then kills himself

Kelvi murdered by simpin’ beta male/Twisted Crimes

Pookie deletes cosmetology student. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

WEST PALM BEACH — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Florida residents are in mourning after 19-year-old Keisean Shaw murdered his ex-girlfriend, 18-year-old Kelvi Latrice McCray, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired around 9:40 p.m. on March 6, 2024 in West Palm Beach. According to police reports, Kelvi — a victim of domestic violence — broke up with Keisean in January, but she continued to let him live with her and her mom because he was penurious and had nowhere to go. His family disowned him. As time went by, Kelvi eventually told Keisean to pack his bags and go. He begged to stay. She said “no.” He cried like a lil bitch. She said “no.” He even proposed marriage. She still said “no.” At that point, Keisean decided if he couldn’t have her, no one can. On the night of the crime, Kelvi was on a FaceTime call with three other people when Keisean barged in with a handgun and opened fire — striking Kelvi in the head and body before turning the gun on himself.

The FaceTime gang witnessed the shooting.

Kelvin and Keisean were transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center, where the former died that night. The latter passed away the next day after being charged with first-degree murder. Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “He was looking for a mama to take care of him and found one. She lost her life because she ignored the biggest red flag. RIP Babygirl.😢”

Another chimed in with, “Leave these broke, dusty, bums alone. A broke man is not a man.”

A third viewer added, “No job. No money. No car. No place to live. But he’s proposing to a young woman? Huge red flag! He had nothing to offer her.”

As customary with Pookie & Ray Ray, there were red flags galore.

The day before the murder-suicide, Keisean pulled a gun on Kelvi and threatened to shoot if she didn’t take him back.

Kelvi called police and Keisean led officers on a high-speed chase.

But they terminated the pursuit because it became too unsafe.

Prior to that, Keisean busted Kelvi’s windshield after jumping on the hood of her car as she drove away.

She should’ve ran his ass over.

Kelvi was a cosmetology student with her own hairstyling business.

Keisean was a feminine, simpin’ beta male with no goals or ambition.

Ladies choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary, which includes acts of domestic violence and the most dramatic 911 call ever.

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  1. When a person doesn’t have anything to lose…they will make you lose EVERYTHING!!! Smh😢

  2. He was switching with those hips in the video. He was angry, hateful, and a leach. His own family didn’t care for him. He was jealous of the love she received from her family.

  3. This is crazy cause I literally saw his walk and the first thing I said was he was a goofy…interesting how you can tell certain things about a person by paying attention to nuances like how they walk

  4. Ladies, stop picking up stray dogs..there’s no one more dangerous than people with nothing to lose. RIP Princess

  5. I hate that “if I cant have you, nobody else can” mindset that some people have. smh

  6. The cries,of her mom on that 911 call🥺😭straight chills. Rip Kelvi Mccray🕊️❤️.

  7. As a father, with a 10 year old daughter😢, this is one of my worst fears

  8. When you are 19 yrs old and your family has disowned you, MASSIVE RED FLAG.

  9. He was the true definition of A DUSTY‼️ He had nothing to offer her but unfortunately she didn’t figure that out until it was too late🥀

  10. @MsE: She knew from the beginning. If his own family wouldn’t take him in…he’s obviously a menace

  11. He was 19 , damn yall calling boys fresh out of high school dusties lol… he was a very troubled kid . Rip to the young lady.

  12. They were both kids straight out of high school, 18 and 19. We need to mentor these young people and teach them about relationships rather than let them figure it out. Getting their blueprint from reality TV, social media and music videos is not working. They are the future.

  13. He shot her in the head and multiple times in the body damn. She was just 18yrs old.😢 he was jealous as hell young lady please becareful who you date.🤬they broke up she let him stay there with her because he didn’t have nowhere to go BIG RED FLAG 😢

  14. I tell my daughter all the time 18 just have fun, no settling down. Too young for relationships, definitely don’t move in with a boy. And never ever date a guy who ain’t got shit. No job, no car, no education, no place to stay- no attention from you. Because he can’t even take care of himself.

  15. The Dad seemed more concerned with showing off on Social Media than protecting his Baby Girl from Toxic dudes like that one.

  16. A whole teenager “18 years” dressing and acting like a 28 year old.. American parents are lame in being parents. And soon as calamity hit they start shouting like they were the best at being a parent. They knew their teenage child was involved with a stray animal but they let her act as if she wasnt just a teen

  17. same thing happened to my sister when she was 19. After he shot her her put the gun in his mouth and blew his brains out..My sister survived but she is blind becaus he shot her in the head. She is doing so good though. This saddens me to watch….May God have Mercy on their souls.

  18. I’m pretty sure the “cousin” in the proposal video knew he wasn’t ish but a useless bum. Yet she hyping up the dusty proposal 😒. Gotta stay away from both DUSTIES AND MAMMIES. They add nothing but liabilities and in this case death 😢. Rest in paradise ❤🕊️

  19. Sometimes I wish that there were not cell phones. Too much silliness & primping going on. This younger generation should spend more time reading than acting a fool on these phones.. & these young people should prove one another for at least a year or two!! I mean REALLY get to know a person before getting engaged, moving in, having sex & getting pregnant. Make the best of your young lives, & stop hooking up with these lazy bums!!!

  20. This kat didn’t have anything, Not even a place to lay his head , How do you except a ring from him? And where the hell was dad when this coward kept threatening his daughter?

  21. This is what it looks like when someone thinks of you as their PROPERTY, rather than their PARTNER. Possessive boyfriends and girlfriends ARE. NOT. CUTE! Also, grown azz adults with nothing going for themselves, even if they’re working TOWARDS betterment, is a HUGE red flag. The man was a bum and content with coasting through life and leeching off of her most likely.

  22. This is why I want to meet every man my daughter dates. Only for her safety. Now I see why parent sabotage their kid’s relationships. I will be that parent if it means saving my daughter life. ‘Sir you don’t want my daughter she’s wild’ #lying gtf away from her.

  23. What’s weird is that after someone gets killed, everyone wants to point out all these “red flags”. Most of the bs yall be saying are not red flags at all! Although some people do show red flags, keep in mind that EVERYBODY DOES NOT SHOW RED FLAGS! This can happen to anybody at anytime and the most perfect person can snap at some point. Its not just the “red flag” people.

  24. As a single mother this is why it is hard to date i am so scared to have anybody around my baby i feel like you can never know someone enough

  25. It goes to show you. No matter how good you are to someone. They will end you at a moments notice, sadly.

  26. This is tragic but ladies stop picking these types of guys. There are still many good men out there that will treat you right. For some reason if they dude is violent or has a criminal record he becomes more appealing.

  27. If you are a female and your significant other is a Pookie, that makes you a Pookeesha. Nuff said.

  28. Women need to stop wanting a man they are no good half of them don’t have a job half of them are too damn possessive and controlling what the hell ladies this woman this beautiful young woman lost her life all because of some ignorant no good insecure man women need to leave the men alone especially in today’s world people aren’t in their right minds there’s too many people that are psychos I’m almost 63 never been married and that’s the last thing that I ever want anymore is a man I wanted one for a long time and I had quite a few of them but never the ones that were supposed to be for me so I’m done I don’t want anymore and if women were smart they still stay the hell away from them they’re nothing but trouble

  29. A desperate man is just as bad as a desperate woman. Read between the lines of desperation and love because people get this shit confused! If someone threaten to kill you don’t take that shit lightly at all!! I hate he couldn’t control his emotions enough to walk away. Also if he has nothing going for hisself don’t waste your time. You can’t help people that don’t won’t to help themselves. Never pity a person cause you feel sorry for them! My momma would have never let me shack wit a boy in her house!


  31. I was only 14years old teen girl in love with a 19 year old teen boy my very first boyfriend EVER 😢 but once my mother got wind of us secretly dating our relationship came to an abrupt ending 😢two years later he joined the military and was brutally murdered by one of the sergeants in the military because he was caught in compromising position with the sergeants wife its painfully excruciating its been well over 45 years since the incident occured but anyway this is honestly disturbing😢😢😢

  32. My gawd why don’t these people get it when its over to just let go move on stop taking peoples life away from them it’s not yours to take weakass fools.

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