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Kayla Nicole is ready for marriage, but Kelce ain’t

Kelce should marry Kayla Nicole/Twitter

Travis won’t pop the question. 

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KANSAS CITY — Kayla Nicole, the black girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, damn near broke the Internet the other day when she shared a series of seductive photos she took inside a carless parking garage with the caption: “a lot to handle.” Not sure why she did it. But God bless her. The curvaceous popsy is decked out in a tight stygian ensemble that showcases her plump derrière and juicy embonpoint. She’s definitely a lot to handle. After descrying the photos, a horny Travis (who’s white) posted a line of drooling emojis. So if he likes it, shouldn’t he put a ring on it? Hell, even Stevie Wonder can see Kayla aspires to be barefoot and gravid. But, for some reason, Travis hasn’t popped the question.

The swirling lovebirds have been together (off and on) for five years. Social media reaction was fierce. One fan wrote, “She submitted to him and, still being fine, he didn’t marry her. Maybe he unconsciously doesn’t want black kids. But she is fun and submits. I am sure he made her have abortions too. But yes, it is better to be Travis’ girl than a dusty girl and have the same problems. I bet she doesn’t have to work.”

Another fan added, “I don’t blame him because once he marries her it’s game over. The ratchet comes out even more than just showing half naked pictures on the Internet for the whole world to see. She’s going to start giving him that dirty attitude, entitlement to his money and when she can’t have her way she’ll just divorce him and take everything he worked hard for. He made the right choice not to marry her. If he’s smart he’ll leave it that way.” 

Do you agree with the fans?

Should Travis avoid marrying Kayla?

Would he be better off waiting on Becky?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Risk losing what I have to be with you. That’s a good line for all men to ask their self before taking that knee

  2. When he does get married it will be to a white chick with a black girl booty. Heard it here first.

  3. I do believe he should wait until he’s truly ready for marriage before asking. However it’s interesting why men like Brady/Wilson marry their gfs within 1-2 years and other men do not.

  4. Any pro athlete who has basic common sense; it is beyond STUPID to get married when you are in the zest of your career. Even more so; being in this country, when you already know that the cards are stacked against you.

    If you choose to decide on marriage; at least wait until your CAREER is on the back nine or when it’s over. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend this concept.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to move further in their relationship. Marriage means something to some people and I don’t think she should be shamed for wanting that.

  6. Why? So he can be like Kanye???who’s never cheated on or beaten his wife and he’s sitting around waiting to hear from her lawyer??

  7. @Dailydose.Bri: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the white boy doesn’t want to marry her that’s not a Black man’s fault so stop blaming everything that goes wrong in the universe on a Black man. A news flash black women have been laying up with white boys for decades even centuries. The Supreme Court case that made interracial marriage constitutional was the Loves versus the state of Virginia

  8. Marriage is a business decision. You gotta have land. You and your wife or wives got to work together to maintain that land. Everybody ain’t marriage material. There isn’t capital being invested in people to be married.

  9. She wants the wedding ring, but don’t want to be the wife. She don’t even want to give the man kids. She wants the bag. Simple.

  10. @KC Freak: he doesn’t like white chicks. before Kayla he dated another sister Maya Benberry.

  11. @Dailydose.Bri: Question is and SHOULD be Sista. Daily dose ….. Why do Black women hate us. Black. Men????? What have we done to you’ll ????? Black men do MARRY. Black women at a 87 percent clipse. Is this prove enough that. WE. Love and value. You’ll. Sistas. You’ll bash us on social media. Etc. But why?????

  12. As the great Nino Brown once said: “Cancel that bitch, I’ll buy another one.”

  13. I live in KC and word is that they were already engaged and she caught him cheating and she broke it off with him..he begged her back.. get it right 💅🏽

  14. To be fair, there’s nothing she can do.
    If she doesn’t give him sex, she’s delusional and no high value man will want to deal with a woman without sex being on the table.
    If she does give him sex, now it’s why buy the cow when he can get the milk for free.

    This is where some women would be selfish and be like, “fuck it I’mma get pregnant and get something out of this”.

  15. Curious about this too. 5 years, living together, what’s the hold up? If he loves her like he says, marry or get someone better.

  16. @Jungle Fever: So because a successful white man is dating a successful Black woman that makes her a gold digger?! Grow tf up! If y’all are against interracial dating and interracial marriage then just tell us you’re racist so that we can curse y’all asses tf out for being so ignorant!

  17. Travis Kelce dad is in his ear. Son get you white girl. Stay with your own kind…

  18. Let Kelce be who he wants to be with. He’s not married so let him do his thing. Color shouldn’t even be in this story.

  19. White dudes love black women. But don’t want black kids. So when they ready to settle down they always run back to Becky.

  20. Where are the classy WAGs at? Because this isn’t it. And after five years she’s still waiting on a ring. She’s the placeholder and too foolish to realize it.

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