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Tyreek Hill rips Mahomes

Tyreek got some stuff off his chest/Clutchpoints

Tyreek trashed Mahomes. 

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MIAMI — Quondam Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill ruffled feathers this weekend when he said Miami Dolphins signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa is a more accurate passer than Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. That’s not a misprint. The Cheetah spewed such blasphemy on the first episode of his “It Needed To Be Said” podcast. “Obviously, like I’m gonna go with [Mahomes] as the strongest arm but as far as accuracy-wise, I’m going with Tua all day,” Tyreek said. “I want it to hit me right in the breadbasket, just like I did in the Buffalo Bills game and take it 70.” Tyreek, traded to the Dolphins in March, also claimed he preferred to stay with the Chiefs but head coach Andy Reid is too damn cheap. Miami gave Tyreek a lucrative contract extension worth $120 million. “I’m like, ‘Hey coach (Reid)… like, I ain’t even gotta be the highest-paid, for real. I just want to be put in like a realistic position that’s like realistic for me and my family,’” Tyreek recounted.

“I don’t gotta get $30 million. At least get me 25, 26… [his] numbers wasn’t even close to that.”

Chiefs fans are pissed. One viewer wrote, “It’s a shame Tyreek forgot that no one else took a chance on him but Andy Reid. If not for the Chiefs, would Hill even be playing in the NFL? His arrogance truly knows no bounds.”

Another chimed in with, “Tyreek is starting to get on my last nerve with this ‘look at me’ attitude. Is he afraid that he will no longer be in the limelight? That’s what happens when you end up on a mediocre team and have mediocre numbers. He made his bed!”

A third observer added, “Tyreek is on a mission to go from one of the most liked players here to one of the most hated. I say, he is halfway there. He just has to open his mouth one more time.”

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith told Tyreek to stay off the weed.

Has the Cheetah gone too far?

Do you plan to burn his #10 jersey?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Tua is not more accurate tho lmfao he finished last year with 67.8 completion percentage on only 388 attempts only 1.4 % higher in accuracy than Mahomes on 270 less pass attempts than Mahomes all i’m saying if Tua threw the ball as much as Mahomes his percentage would be lower

  2. I think Tyreek’s comment is about the tipped balls that Pat Threw to him in critical moments that lost games. Tyreek is trying to clear himself from the tipped ball narrative. He would much rather catch the ball and just keep running instead of jumping and getting a completion to move the chains.

  3. Mahomes is a class act, doesn’t let the fame or money get to his head despite being a generational talent. That is why he will continue long after hill starts going down, his attitude is why he’s gotten where he has and will continue to ascend. Unlike hill who showed his true colors and is a fake person, he quickly flipped and turned his back on friends with those foul words. I hope god puts more love in his heart and fills his ego with humility and compassion.

  4. Still think its a shot at the chiefs, as a chiefs fan. It’s unfortunate because obviously everyone knows mahomes is the better qb, and to be honest I bet that Hill won’t even get 1,000 yards this season – takes both a good qb and a good receiver to get high numbers like that.

  5. Bottom line is Hill is a damnnnn liaaar!!! Lmao 🤣 he definitely is clout chasing bc Tua ain’t even half of Mahomes level 🤣 foh hill

  6. Tyreek is overrated as hell anyway..I’m not a Chiefs fan but I’m sure they’ll be fine without him.

  7. I think Tyreek is blowing smoke up Tua’s ass trying to build his confidence. I know he’s young but Tua’s numbers speak for themselves and so do Mahomes’.

  8. Hill knows he messed up. He also knows mahomes will do better than he will

  9. It’s just Tyreek being Tyreek, he likes to talk a little competitive smack. Not really a big deal.

  10. If you are a Broncos, Raiders or Chargers fan, I get why you wouldn’t like Mahomes.. Cuz he kicks your ass on Sundays… But if you don’t follow one of those three teams, how can you NOT like this guy? And enjoy watching him play? Hes got all world talent, he he’s a humble dude and does everything with class. That’s a combo that’s becoming harder and harder to find. He is a breath of fresh air as far as superstar athletes are concerned.

  11. Mahomes accuracy is pathetic. The first time I saw Mahomes throw a TD pass to Hill, Hill was WIDE OPEN. Nothing has changed. Also , he has Kelcie and great play calling and a pretty good OL. If you don’t believe me, WATCH THE GAMES!!!

  12. Mahomes is (5-1) w/o Tyreek Hill.

    Some his best overall numbers in those 6gms.

  13. Tyreek just showed his true colors… in his first interview after the trade he tells the world why he chose Miami. $$$$$ money. “When someone comes at you with alot of money things change” now he wants to throw shade at Mahomes and the chiefs. I’m not kc fan but tyreek needs to shut his mouth and move on like a man. He’s acting like the girl who got her heart broke.

  14. Hill is MADD HE IS GONE!! Hill will never B like he was in KC!!!!💯💯🤐

  15. Patrick Mahomes is already one of the 10 best QB’S of all time and T.Hill will miss Patrick badly b4 the end of the season. When I heard Tom Brady went to talk to Pat after that AFC Championship game I knew just as Tom did that this guy is going be special. Tua will never have the goat talk to him after an AFC Championship game, bet it up❗

  16. As a Chiefs fan, I think Hill is doing Tua a disservice. He’s putting too much pressure on his QB

  17. I don’t understand why people get mad. Tua is obviously not better than Mahomes. Is he more accurate? Maybe and that wouldn’t be that surprising. Let Tua speak for himself this season and stop analyzing unrealistic comparisons

  18. Tyreke is going to get hurt in Miami , I’m a 30 year chiefs fan and love tyreke but he’s trippin tua is nowhere even close to mahomes level and not good throwing deep so reke gonna have to run alot of shorter routes over the middle field not good for him.

  19. Tyreek has to hype up Tua. Tua’s his quarterback now. Also, he’s got a lot of money from the Dolphins, so he’s going to ride or die with that organization.

  20. Tyreek hill just keeps saying stupid shit sticking his foot in his mouth

  21. Patrick has to realize that Hill is the enemy now. Don’t take it personally Patrick. 💯👍👍👍

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