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Tyreek Hill rips Mahomes

Tyreek got some stuff off his chest/Clutchpoints

Tyreek trashed Mahomes. 

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MIAMI — Quondam Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill ruffled feathers this weekend when he said Miami Dolphins signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa is a more accurate passer than Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. That’s not a misprint. The Cheetah spewed such blasphemy on the first episode of his “It Needed To Be Said” podcast. “Obviously, like I’m gonna go with [Mahomes] as the strongest arm but as far as accuracy-wise, I’m going with Tua all day,” Tyreek said. “I want it to hit me right in the breadbasket, just like I did in the Buffalo Bills game and take it 70.” Tyreek, traded to the Dolphins in March, also claimed he preferred to stay with the Chiefs but head coach Andy Reid is too damn cheap.

Miami gave Tyreek a lucrative contract extension worth $120 million. “I’m like, ‘Hey coach (Reid)… like, I ain’t even gotta be the highest-paid, for real. I just want to be put in like a realistic position that’s like realistic for me and my family,’” Tyreek recounted. “I don’t gotta get $30 million. At least get me 25, 26… [his] numbers wasn’t even close to that.”

Chiefs fans are pissed.

One viewer wrote, “It’s a shame Tyreek forgot that no one else took a chance on him but Andy Reid. If not for the Chiefs, would Hill even be playing in the NFL? His arrogance truly knows no bounds.”

Another chimed in with, “Tyreek is starting to get on my last nerve with this ‘look at me’ attitude. Is he afraid that he will no longer be in the limelight? That’s what happens when you end up on a mediocre team and have mediocre numbers. He made his bed!”

A third observer added, “Tyreek is on a mission to go from one of the most liked players here to one of the most hated. I say, he is halfway there. He just has to open his mouth one more time.”

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith told Tyreek to stay off the weed.

Has the Cheetah gone too far?

Do you plan to burn his #10 jersey?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Hill dropped a lot of balls last season! Sadly enough a lot of them were picked after they bounced off his chest!

  2. 1 thing for sure Hill will have less drops and balls bouncing off his facemask and hands. Tua is perfect fit for Hill. A QB that his throws are so slow that Hill can actually catch them. They will not need to re-show the play in slo mo because that is what it will look like in real time.

  3. Mahomes is accurate, it’s hill that can’t catch. How many balls bounced off hill last year and was was intercepted? 3 or 4? Lol

  4. That’s funny because nobody even knew who Tyreek Hill was when Alex Smith was the quarterback except for Chiefs fans! Mahomes made you look good!🤣

  5. Regardless Mahomes is a league MVP and a Superbowl MVP🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. He literally has to say things like that you can’t say bad things about your QB and expect to have good chemistry on the field.

  7. I can 100% guarantee you Mahomes is far superior in every way to Tua. Tyreek is just salty. Let’s see how good he is with Tua. I’m absolutely expecting a drop off.

  8. Some fans are absolutely delusional. Seriously. It’s an insult to the game of football to mention Tua in the same sentence as Mahomes.

  9. Sounds like Tyreek was told how high the Chiefs were willing to go, he said no, they parted ways and now he can’t live with his decision. Sometimes people don’t realize what they have until they lose it. Maybe the Chiefs will miss him, maybe they won’t. It’s just business.

  10. Reek is stupid. Instead of running your mouth, let your play do the talking. This dude is talking Tua into the HOF and they haven’t even played one fuckin game yet. You don’t have to build your QB up when he is good.

  11. Ok so Tyreek prefers Tua’s balls. MaHomes throws better footballs though.

  12. So the chiefs wasn’t showing him the love that he deserves. He wanted to stay in Kansas city but they didn’t want to pay the man so i would’ve left as well. He didn’t wanted a lot of bread he just wanted to be up there with the best of the best but i guess they said no and they traded so i hope he wins a superbowl in miami

  13. tyreek has to say good things about tua he is on his team lol. we all know tua is not all that

  14. How dumb are people? Arm talent isn’t all about throwing deep. Sometimes it’s about sticking a 20 plus dig route, throwing off your back foot and with a rush in your face. Tua is trash and can’t do that

  15. tom brady doesn’t throw as far as mahomes but is very succesful…it depends on style of play really…its not always about arm strength

  16. Tyreek Hill can say whatever he wants to. It doesn’t change the reality that the stats show that not only does Mahomes have a stronger arm, he’s also more accurate too. In fact, Tua is at league average or below average when it comes to accuracy and arm strength. That doesn’t mean he can’t win as a QB, but his natural abilities at throwing a football are not as good as Mahomes.

  17. Pat mahommes be no look passing. And missing wide open targets in the end zone.

  18. I can’t wait til he has 3 touchdowns and 500 yards at the end of the season 😂. He’s gonna be sick missing the playoffs. Mahomes is arguably the best QB in the league. Great players elevate one another . He’s going to miss Kansas City

  19. 🤣 Tyreek is full of dookie man! Are you kidding me man! What goes on in “PRACTICE” Camp don’t mean “💩” Tyreek’s replacements only made team Chief more better, stronger and faster.
    Tyreek should’ve NEVER taken the money bcz “LEGACY” is worth more than ANY amout of money, now he’s stuck in a shtty team that’s only gonna give him Frustrations and Disappointments. Too bad for Tyreek Team Chief will be rated #1 beginning 2022 season

  20. Even if you hate KC and Mahomes, who took a chance and drafted Tyreek when nobody wanted anything to do with him? Who stood by him when more accusations of domestic abuse got levied against him? And THEN to top it off the Chiefs didn’t have to trade him, they LET him shop for a better deal and gave him the best offer they could. For him to say anything about KC right now is crazy. Just shut up. You got your money. And I wouldn’t sleep on KC’s receivers. They stacked up in the off season. Mahomes will be just fine. And oh yeah btw, the dolphins ain’t touching Buffalo in that division and probably aren’t going to beat out the Patriots for a wild card. So it’s not like he’s gonna be playing for a SB anytime soon.

  21. What do you expect him to say?
    That his ex-girlfriend is better than current girlfriend?

  22. Tyreek is doubting his team and QB now as well as himself … you went from a great QB to someone who’s mediocre at best! Lol. Have fun watching your productivity go downhill and wishing for the best.

  23. Tyreek is writing checks that Tua would have to cash (which I don’t think he can) and my god if he fails this upcoming season, the vitriol towards Tua and especially Tyreek is going to be intense.

  24. STEPHEN A. That is HILARIOUS 😂 Tyreek is going to find out what is like to go from a GREAT QB LIKE MAHOMES to a NOBODY LIKE TUA. Will see if tyreek can catch the football from tua like he did mahomes and build a TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP 🤔

  25. I don’t agree on everything Stephen A Smith says but I’m in total agreement with this

  26. Tyreek acting like an immature diva. Can’t wait for karma to bite his ass back sometime during the season

  27. The thing is as Chiefs fans he seems to think that we’re bitter with him for leaving but bruh you’re not the first or the last we seen walk away. We actually wish you well bruh so enjoy yourself and best of luck to you were gonna be just fine

  28. I loved Tyreek on the Chiefs. Mahomes/Hill/Kelce was one of the best trios in the NFL. I was furious when we 1st traded him, but now, I’m cool with it. Hill is turning into a diva of sorts. I don’t know what the heck happened to him. 🤦‍♂️

  29. OK TYREEK, we get it, you grabbed the money and ran, But cut the BS. People are wising up since the rigged presidential election and only mentally deficient people are buying crap like this anymore….

  30. Comparing Mahomes to Tua is like driving a Ferrari for a couple years and trading it in on a ford fusion and saying the fusion handles better 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 good luck cheetah, at least you have all that loot to make up for all the losing that’s coming….

  31. Hill is full of sh*t. Tua isn’t a bad qb (not in the top 10). But he ain’t no mahomes, BY FAR

  32. Tyreek hill abuses women and children. The NFL looked the other way. That needs to be said as well.

  33. a lot of Mahomes fans in here real upset, all he said was Tua was extremely accurate (which he is) but Mahomes is the better all around QB, what’s to be upset about? Mahomes is great, that doesn’t mean other QBs can’t also be talented or more talented in some aspects.

  34. Here’s the truth. As a KC fan I have seen this team make the playoffs with a 13-3 record without a WR who had 1000 yard season or without our so called number 1 WR not even have a TD that year so we gonna be just fine. I’ve said it a few times now, we have a better WR core now, then we did with Tyreek last year.

  35. Two words: Andy Reid. Historically, he has schemed to his players’ strengths and had great success (fifth winningest coach of all time) without a Mahomes or a Hill. Will KC’s offense look different? Of course. But let’s not forget they are not devoid of talent, have a transcendant QB and an all-time great HC. Kansas City will be just fine without Hill.

  36. Don’t mess with the Mahomes factor. Stop trying to talk shit. Tua has a way to go but the Mahomes factor has already been proven. 💐

  37. Those are some big words coming from Hill considering that 60-70% of Mahomes’ INT’s last season were because of Hill bouncing off his hands and such, smh. Mahomes is a heck of an accurate passer so I dont know what led Tyreek to say all this

  38. Tua, compared to SUPER BOWL CHAMP Patrick Mahomes!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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