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Ciara is catchin’ hell for twerking at gas station

Ciara probably too wild for Russell/Clutchpoints

Ciara loves to twerk. 

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DENVER — Gas and food prices are so exorbitant, Ciara was relegated to twerking on a Ford Bronco to afford ’em. Decorum be damned, the “1, 2 Step” singer set the Internet ablaze when she disseminated a music video that shows her thottin’ it up… with her single friends… at a gas station… outside a Wendy’s restaurant. Lord have mercy. Ciara, ex-girlfriend of Future and wife of Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, told fans she was merely promoting her new single “Jump.” But, at age 36, is twerking really necessary? Besides, Ciara is married to an NFL star and she’s a proud mother of three. Propriety should take precedence, right? Social media reaction was sweet-and-sour. One viewer wrote. “You know the old saying: Can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Many have tried and they all end up fried… Ciara wanted to be Aaliyah but she always had low class characteristics.”

Another fan chimed in with, “She’s twerking because she got a great husband and he’s a great father. Twerking is not cheating. Get a life. 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” A third observer added, “Did Wendy’s pay her? Anyway, it looks like she cares more about herself and her career than Russell Wilson’s name and image. Not surprising with today’s modern women.” Rumor has it Russell is mortified. But he’s too much of a simp to censure Ciara’s deportment.

Russell, 33, and Ciara are supposed to be devout Christians.

Does the video warrant approbation?

Is Ciara experiencing a midlife crisis?

Watch the twerkfest.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. As a black married/ mother woman with children she needs to sit her naked buttom down.. She is supposed to be representing her God , Marriage and Husband!!!

  2. She don’t look happy. She done secured the bag. I predict a divorce soon.

  3. It’s also sad that people would think or feel that just cuz somebody has gotten married and had kids they should not keep moving forward in their career.

  4. I’m sick of her twerking every dang second
    Your a mother and wife…act like it…

  5. She is too old to behave this way and setting a bad example for her children.

  6. She is married to one of the most respectful men in the world, twerking is something I would expect her to do if she had married Future or 50 but not Russell he doesn’t deserve that. I know dancing is her passion but she has to keep her head and think before she does things. Her mother should be sitting her down and reminding her how blessed she is.

  7. OMG look at the price of gas there? 6.69$. Funny thing is the 69 cents ..69 get it ?

  8. She is annoying, she wants to be relevant so bad when in reality her style and lack of voice was never going to carry her career anyway. If it wasn’t for the husband know one would speak her name. Her career was finished so many years ago so she needs to just fall back and be a wife and enjoy the fruits of her husbands labor smh. She stay embarrassing her husband and herself. She is almost 40 and she is a mother and a wife. When will this stop.

  9. To all of you uneducated people. Twerking came from West Africa, it’s a dance you do to show joy. It’s sad how our own people are so negative against us but soon as someone else twerks they praise them. Ciara is happily married and her husband approves of her dancing so get a life. This is why yall look so old, u miserable and can’t be yourself. Do whatever yall want as long as its not hurting nobody. Don’t let these miserable people judge yall.

  10. Why does it matter, if she was shaken her ass before Russell why would she change after they get together. If he didnt like her being her, he wouldnt have married her. People be killing me minding others relationships but ain’t focused on the real problems in the world

  11. The only thing she needs to complete it is a pole. She has no respect for her husband or herself. Don’t care what modern society says. It’s straight embarrassing to be showing yourself off like your some h$&.

  12. black women need to start calling this out. Unfortunately most of them say “yas queen” to this stuff. really damaging to black women everywhere.

  13. But Y’all gave Kim K a pass for her sex video! Equal energy please

  14. If her husband ain’t worried about it why are you? It always be them broke lonely motherfukers that Always got something to say

  15. Damn russel, is that your wife out there shaking her ass again😂😂😂😂😂

  16. I think she should just do all her videos naked. Why should we care right? I mean we’ll give her all the excuses in the world to do it. Plus she’s not hurting anybody right? Who cares about her children and husband. Hey it’s not are business anyway. She should have Russell twerkin too. We’d love that cause this is America and anything goes! Here in America marriage is taken seriously anymore anyway. I’m guessing an onlyfans is next. We’ll make an excuse for that too.

  17. Ciara is a twerker and a break dancer always have been everyone just pressed about this grown ass happy woman twerking with her friends enjoying herself like wtf get out the house and live a little dam better than women on social media dissing each other or fighting at met galas 😏 now go talk about that let this woman enjoy her life

  18. So if you’re a changed christian woman why do you feel the need to go twerk?
    I’m pretty sure God doesn’t approves that type of behavior, what if he was out here flexing his body for attention would she be ok with it?

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