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Ciara is catchin’ hell for twerking at gas station

Ciara probably too wild for Russell/Clutchpoints

Ciara loves to twerk. 

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DENVER — Gas and food prices are so exorbitant, Ciara was relegated to twerking on a Ford Bronco to afford ’em. Decorum be damned, the “1, 2 Step” singer set the Internet ablaze when she disseminated a music video that shows her thottin’ it up… with her single friends… at a gas station… outside a Wendy’s restaurant. Lord have mercy. Ciara, ex-girlfriend of Future and wife of Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, told fans she was merely promoting her new single “Jump.” But, at age 36, is twerking really necessary? Besides, Ciara is married to an NFL star and she’s a proud mother of three. Propriety should take precedence, right? Social media reaction was sweet-and-sour. One viewer wrote. “You know the old saying: Can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Many have tried and they all end up fried… Ciara wanted to be Aaliyah but she always had low class characteristics.”

Another fan chimed in with, “She’s twerking because she got a great husband and he’s a great father. Twerking is not cheating. Get a life. 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” A third observer added, “Did Wendy’s pay her? Anyway, it looks like she cares more about herself and her career than Russell Wilson’s name and image. Not surprising with today’s modern women.” Rumor has it Russell is mortified. But he’s too much of a simp to censure Ciara’s deportment.

Russell, 33, and Ciara are supposed to be devout Christians.

Does the video warrant approbation?

Is Ciara experiencing a midlife crisis?

Watch the twerkfest.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Ciara reminds me of a closet freak gone wild. Ery time U look up dem dayum cheeks are exposed while her husband is on the sidelines as a witness. Nike going have to put her up on a poster like LeBron. We are now all witnesses.

  2. Shouldn’t no woman especially someone’s wife be twerking anywhere unless it’s in the bedroom.

  3. You can take the girl out the streets; but you can’t take the streets out the girl.🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Ciara marriage is great 👍 she’s with friends dancing lol big freakin deal ! this is not important ! fake newz!! people jealous focus on yr own lives

  5. Russell Wilson knows exactly who He’s married he doesn’t need jealous BM slinging shit Ciara is not Jada ! Ciara appreciates her husband Jada uses hers ! Russell is doin better than 99% of BM so don’t JEALOUS

  6. Act married! Not like a 304! Bad boys like future always get the fresh cut 🔪 of the cake 🎂! You ever ate leftover cake 🍰! 😤

  7. What about her kids?? Where’s the example🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Ciara disappointed me with that vulgar twerking video at the gas station like a desperate little girl seeking attention. Unfortunately, she is stooping herself down to that level, which is unclassy and pathetic.

  9. All of these demons tryna break up marriages… a woman can have fun twerkin with her friends it doesn’t mean she want to disrespect her husband.. smh y’all be reaching…people got all these rules on marriages when everybody marriage is different 🙄 you bitter insecure men should sit down

  10. Come on ladies WTF ARE YOU DOING! These are good men and the clock is ticking we have a shortage of good men and you ladies are letting them get away……shame on you

  11. I really wish her and RW would stop it with the Christianity ish. When you really follow Christ there are certain things that you actually don’t have a desire to do. Her secular walk is very crazy looking. She is NO LONGER an entertainer no one cares about her no singing talent self. She so washed up🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  12. Damn the twerking, did you see the gases prices! That’s what JUMPED!! LOL

  13. Think about it..
    A man wants a woman that pulls up and shakes her a** in front of other men.. now does that sound like the type of wife a man wants? Hell no but u got these slow minded women thinking it doesn’t matter what they do, long as they look good they’re wifey material.. no u are not… If u look good but got all this other bs going on then you’re not wifey material you’re just sex material that’s it.. f*** your feelings, that’s the reality of it

  14. Russell will not divorce her Because she will get half. Although he may come out cheaper getting a divorce

  15. Dealing with BW is like playing Russian roulette with a shotgun… Guaranteed to lose👎

  16. You can take the ho out of the streets but you can’t take the streets out the ho. That’s why you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

  17. Ain’t nothing wrong with her dancing. That’s who she is lol. She’s obviously a GREAT wife and mother. From the outside it looks like they have a strong relationship, it’s ok 😂

  18. I swear I thought it was going to be a bunch of dudes just standing right up on her watching her twerk and shit she was literally with three other girls doing a shoot obviously and here we go again taking shots at her even though she still ain’t been seen with no other guys or had and scandle besides y’all nosy ass dudes DICK JOCKING. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY A SHOOT. ONE GIRL ON EACH DOOR ONE IN THE FRONT AND CIARA HANGING OUT THE TOP SHIT WAS CHOREOGRAPHED LIKE A MF. GET OFF IT ALREADY

  19. ANYTHING & EVERYTHING can be LAID at a woman’s feet compared to men who DESPERATELY NEED to comb the earth on the PROWL/HUNT, looking for female (bodies/hosts) because he NEEDS to BUST A NUT!! No matter what STATUS (married or single), men are approaching women, BEGGING them for sex because he NEEDS to USE her for the friction that he needs so that he can accomplish his task, and that’s to BUST A NUT!!!

    When it comes to sex and men, they are no DIFFERENT than a JUNKIE strung out on HEROIN, etc. Men too, are trying to recapture a PAST FEELING as a junkie is trying DESPERATELY to recapture that FIRST HIGH!!! There’s ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE!!!!

    Women DON’T prowl the earth in search of men trying DESPERATELY to recapture a PAST FEELING (BUSTING A NUT) like men!! It sure MUST BE A BURDEN to be a man and NEEDING TO BUST A NUT!!! And men behave and act like this NO MATTER their status (married or single), THEIR ENTIRE LIVES!!!

    From the age of 16 to a man no longer being SEXUAL, he is on the PROWL/HUNT for female (bodies/hosts) so that he can use her to provide him the friction that he NEEDS SO THAT HE CAN ACCOMPLISH HIS TASK, and that’s to BUST A NUT!!!!!!!!!! This happens when a man is TIRED of using his hand to accomplish his TASK!!!!!!

  20. Every black woman is a devout Christian. That isn’t saying much calling her that.

  21. Why do people think women like this will ever change? 🤣🤣 she is for the streets and will also be for the streets!! He tried to make a ho a house wife! 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  22. “She ain’t just for the street, these hoes for the Earth
    I knew she was a freak, she grew up in a church” – Future

    Enough said. Y’all really don’t pay attention to Future’s lyrics and realize the gems he be dropping in his music. Wisen up fellas.

  23. This is the “RAUNCHY” ELEMENT “many” BLACK Women portray now in Society, WE BLACK MEN OF QUALITY DON’T WANT ” NO PART” OF THEM !!! That’s why most of us ” Choose” other Women to have a ” SENSIBLE RELATIONSHIP and not have “SLUT-TRASH” on our arms and tell people this is “my woman” NA NA NA NA NA!!!!!

  24. Why in the hell would she shake her ass in front of strange men yet she claims to be a Christian ? None of that goes together

  25. She’s an entertainer, not a preachers wife…so she gets a pass!!! 😆🤣😂

  26. Ciara is doing too much she needs to sit her azz down this is the reason his Mom don’t like her!

  27. CHRISTIAN????? I cannot imagine how disappointed God is of her!!!!!!! Shameful on her children, and disrespect to her marriage. Women like that need to be walking the streets with a brown paper bag over their heads to cover their shame. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  28. Y’all killing me with this Christian holier-than-thou bullshit, why y’all choose to put on a pedestal a religion that was forced upon you rooted in deep hatred, you know ushers in the Baptist Church had to wear white gloves because when the slaves were opening up doors for slave owners they didn’t want them to touch anyting, and they had to wait in the lobby which is something they say is still done today, speaking in tongues stems from the fact that blacks weren’t allowed to learn to read, yet they had the Bible in their hands they had to do something. And as a black man you go to church find a woman get married, you go out everyday working hard to provide for your family just for your wife to sit at the dinner table bow her head and thank Jesus… another man for your hard work.

  29. I think where the confusion comes in when we are Christians there’s a belief that we can be a Christian when we feel like it or we make excuses this is my job so I have to do this. He said take up the cross and follow me ( not your flesh, not doing what the world 🌎 is doing) He says if you love me keep my commandments. The christian life and worldly life look so much alike, people are confused. This is not judgment, this is intercepting the lies of the enemy. ❤️🫂🙏👊🏾

  30. Ciara is too old for this. Everytime I see her she’s humping!! You’re beautiful, smart, and talented. Find a creative way to remain relevant and dignified. Try a Ciara Clothing line and Handbag line; open Ciara dance schools around the country. Open Ciara’s African American Beauty Supply Chain Stores giving black folks the opportunity to own franchises. Start Ciara’s Education Hub “Trade Schools” in African American communities.

  31. All this twerking is nonsense we as black women are more than that but yet this is the stereotype they push! I’m so sick of hearing all this “Why do you care?” “She’s having Fun” “Y’all weird” that’s not the point! The point is when you become a mother certain things have to change and these women don’t get it! There’s no shame or accountability anymore and I’m so sick of seeing it!

    How low down and dirty do you have to be to twerk at gas station? It’s Like class just flew out the window years ago! She can twerk but can she make a home cooked meal? Does she help her kids with early childhood development of reading to her children, teaching them right from wrong? Or teaching them math at an early age? NO of course not I gotta go shake it at a gas station! Such a joke!

    And I don’t want to hear that bull excuse of “Well other races do it” Um sweetheart no they don’t! Now maybe you may see a small majority of other races twerking but guess what That stigma of being sexed up all the time is stuck to them! Even though I’ve never acted like this it doesn’t stop people from grouping me in just because I’m black and it can be the most irritating thing in the world!

  32. Russ is not worried about that video he know that ass is coming home to him nothing personal it’s business 👌🏽

  33. No wonder she took Future as her babydaddy😆 knowing he had more children than babymomma’s

  34. Ciara is bored with Russell Wilson and the real her is ready to get back out there.
    She calls Future’s name everyday.
    Any man who is born of the Spirit would not tolerate Ciara’s behavior.
    Russell Wilson is on borrowed time, he is about to lose half of his cash and all of his two children.

  35. Yeah she’s for streets, they’re calling her. Women want that stability and will play the wifey role, then get bored. They think they’ve missed something during those nine months of pregnancy and be trying to catch up. Outside influences i.e her single home girl don’t help.

  36. The question is why is she doing this? Her behavior is totally inexcusable! She should respect first herself, her husband, n children! She has sons now, u can’t do this? She is blessed 🥲 n so many ways!! A truly decent woman will gladly to take Russ, off her hands! She has nothing to prove to anyone! She has been doing to much disgraceful things, that is not becoming of a wife n mother! Ciara mom, sit ur daughter down n have a talk with her! It’s so many of us disappointed 😔 n her! It’s embarrassing 🙈!! She’s not gonna keep him this way!


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