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Satanic rapper brags about aborting babies in her song

TNFW Nique has murder on her mind/YouTube

Rapper promotes killing babies.

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LOS ANGELES — Uh-oh! A viral music video shows Roe v. Wade rapstress TNFW Nique and her twerking accomplices braggin’ about aborting babies at Planned Parenthood as an alternative to levonorgestrel. The 25-year-old redbone even admits abortion is murder. The filicidal track, titled “Baby Daddy Free (BDF),” is a remix of Hitkidd & GloRilla’s “F*ck N*gga Free (FNF).” Many are calling it the most nefarious composition of all-time. The satanic lyrics go: “I’m B-D-F n*gga, Baby Daddy Free. That means I ain’t got a n*gga’s baby coming outta me. So I’m A-B-O-R-T-I-N-G. On my way to the clinic, I forgot the Plan B. Let’s goooooo! Bitch, I got murder on my mind.” Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “You need Jesus and I’m not even religious.” Another chimed in with, “This is the KKK’s favorite song.” A third observer added, “This is pure EVIL. Don’t have sex if you don’t want to get pregnant. Don’t be with a man if he’s trash and don’t respect you. Females are better than this. Why are y’all praising murder?”

TNFW Nique also endorsed fellatios, saying she “ain’t trying to be a MILF so I swallow all his children.”

Are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Thank you – this is fucking excellent in every way.
    “he’ll be cheaper by the dozen if his ass has any more” just about took me out.

  2. All the men w/ no kids gonna be watching for the women rapping this….ain’t nobody tryna be step nothing!! Take ya picks fellas!! 😂

  3. Margaret Sanger hated black people so much that she founded planned Parenthood to exterminate them. If she hadn’t, there would be twice as many black folks in America… but you do you boo.

  4. But wait, i thought it wasnt “murder” ….you just proved the pro lifer’s correct, it is murder, keep killing those black babies. Sick s’kcuf.

  5. If she don’t want to have a baby by him then don’t sleep with him, is that not an a option? Asking for a friend😢

  6. Imma need her to partner up w planned parenthood asap !!! I love this

  7. This is disgusting on multiple levels….this is what’s out here in the streets. We as blacks have fallen so far and to think there is a senior citizen dancing to this with her ….complete trash 🗑️.


  9. Planned Parenthood should make it their anthem ,and anti -choicers can kick rocks, they have all the energy for what a woman does with her body, but don’t give a damn about what happens once the forced birth has produced a child, they’ll be the first to yell about ‘welfare queens’

  10. Don’t nobody want a baby with a woman ran through.. it don’t come out right. Men look for a virgin to have a child with. You’re welcome. ✔️ The womb is sacred and the DNA of every penis is a permanent part of your vagina. A micro premmie is very common place today.

  11. This is straight-ass trash!!! We’ve gone from fighting for freedom and fighting to live to fighting to kill ourselves and our children!!!! SMFH!!!

  12. Wow!!!!😕
    i guess this an anthem to all the black women who Choose to Have Abortions More than Anyother Women in the world.
    Who also have the Highest STD Rates of all women in the US…
    Who also are the least CHOSEN FOR Marriage… but have the Highest Divorce Rates of all women in the US.
    *And for all “Females” NOTICE I DIDNT SAY LADIES… who like this song, Who Praise Her & think its 🔥🔥🔥
    Youre the same ones who are most likely single or single mothers with multiple kids by different men, Have had many many sex partners… Have had abortions yourselves as a alternative to birth controll…
    Youre emotionally dammaged, & think most men are shit… But yall still fckn the ones u like or the ones who is willing to pay to play with u.

    *SAVE THIS VIDEO & LOOK AT IT WHEN YOURE 40+yrs old & STILL SINGLE but youre sayin yur waitin for God TO SEND U A GOOD MAN!!!

  13. This is the most disgusting evil demonic song I’ve heard in my life. I’ll pray for this young lady. She needs prayer and more. Absolutely wicked

  14. So wait. Men are mad she doesn’t want to become a baby mama? 🤔
    Does she look ready to settle down and raise kids to you?
    Think about it. 😅
    You guys make no damn sense wanting women like this to have babies. Then you call them welfare queens who should have never had kids they couldn’t afford. Make up your damn minds.

  15. it’s her body, if she wants to abort 500 times, that’s her decision. Sorry but women aren’t broodmares that have to birth no matter what.

    Pretty sure if males could give birth, you guys would have abortion centers on every corner of the street. Only thing males hate is that the power of life and death has divinely been given to women.

    Males kill others via paid jobs like police/doctors/soldiers etc and no one bats an eye. But a woman getting rid of a fetus that she doesn’t want (because of certain factors like, r*pe/incest/abuse/miscarriages/the fetus having abnormalities/a child being r*ped and needing abortion) is all of a sudden murder? Lol F*ck off. Fake concern trolls, Forced birthers are hilarious.

    If she were to have a child and become a single struggling mother, y’all would call her a welfare queen and blame her for ruining her community by being a poor single mother 🙄

  16. This is insane. Planned parenthood was created by a racist white woman who wanted to cull the black population. Imagine a bunch of Jews twerking in a gas chamber…yall need to wake up

  17. Wow yessss let’s celebrate murder whooooo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 ya’ll have zero cares and zero clues that Jesus is coming soon. R E P E N T ❤

  18. It’s funny that people of no color are in the comments enraged but what do you think is contributing to your dwindling population numbers globally… You think ur women just aren’t having sex or are only having protected sex? Nah bro, all women are using this method as a final resort to avoid being stuck with unworthy bums 😅😅

  19. A song about murdering your unborn son or daughter in your womb 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  20. Yes queen!!! Nothing better than glorifying literal murder. I’m so happy young people have you to look up to. I can’ t wait to see how messed up the next generation is going to be.

  21. The same people who shame and mock single mothers and baby mamas also want women to carry and birth unwanted offspring in poverty situations where the guy is likely to abandon her and the offspring after birth. Abortion is a valid option even if it’s a last resort. I am a childfree black woman and refuse to be a baby mama/single mother statistic and will always support legal, accessible abortion. Fetuses don’t have a personality, aren’t consciously aware of what’s going on (the capacity to form and retain memories doesn’t start in the womb), and fetuses aren’t owed existence since they are within somebody else’s body who has the ultimate final say. Fetus feelings don’t matter 🤷🏽‍♀️ pro forced birthers can stay mad about rap music supporting abortion access as a valid reproductive choice (and yes, still use birth control but understand birth control fails, condoms break, some birth control pills have weight limits, not every woman’s body responds well to IUDs or the Depo birth control shot or arm implants, and reproductive abuse/coercion where women get baby-trapped by controlling abusive men is Absolutely a thing and abortion should be accessible in all cases as an option!). Also, let’s not forget that women still die in childbirth, especially Black Women who have higher maternal mortality rates. Abortion is a lot safer statistically especially when done right in a proper clinic or hospital (so keep it legal). Telling a woman to give up an unwanted child for adoption or into the foster care system doesn’t solve the problem of her still being forcibly subjected to pregnancy and birth risks and complications. And frankly, every reason not to have a child is a valid reason: you don’t want to pass on hereditary health conditions, you can’t afford raising a child from birth to 18 (realistically, supporting your offspring goes beyond 18 for many parents), you don’t want to have kids for environmental or philosophical reasons, you think society is too messed up to bring a child into, you think pregnancy and birthing will “ruin” your body (not wanting to have a postpartum body is still a valid reason), you don’t want to risk postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis, you don’t want to bring a child into an abusive or toxic situation, you want to break cycles of multigenerational trauma and multigenerational poverty, even seemingly shallow reasons like still wanting to have “fun” and not slow your roll with a baby attached to your hip is perfectly valid! Having and raising a child is a major responsibility that completely changes the trajectory of most people’s lives (their health, looks, career and educational trajectory and adds another layer of stress!), some people refuse to have kids for other reasons as well. All reasons are valid. Some folks just want to live a childfree by choice lifestyle permanently or long-term. Stop hating. This IS “conscious rap” but with a ratchet spin. Maybe she is trolling, so what if she is? Normalizing abortion isn’t wrong. Stay mad pro forced pregnancy natalists!

  22. Repulsive. A society that produces art like this is in deep trouble and has no long term future. No wonder people’s mental health is deteriorating. They defend her by saying she’s being responsible by not bringing life into this degraded world. She is a symptom of a society slipping further into barbarism and her artistic message is to simply accelerate that trend; what’s really ‘new’ here? This isn’t punk, this is hedonist corporate conformism, slave music, spewed by someone not yet old enough to understand the long term consequences of their decisions. Damn western governments have done my people dirty, dangling the carrot of hedonism back into a self induced slave state. They got women sacrificing babies for Birkin bags. Be under no illusion, this is government sponsored music

  23. It’s legit. She is making these points stating that she is not getting stuck with all the bills. She said there are men having babies and not talking care of them. She will do what she needs to do to not be his next victim. Mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe. There is no guarantee that he’s going to stick around. She said he is selling her dreams as he has done with other women who kept the baby. That’s not about to be her. Can’t be mad at it. I don’t see a lot of single fathers, but I see a lot of single women taking care of children they did not create alone. Her points are valid.

  24. Can’t wait for her to complain about not finding a husband.
    She will be 50 with no children or a man that loves her truly.

  25. Funny planned parenthood targets the black community lol the system must love your indoctrinated fish market ass pushing exactly what they want… this what happens when you grow up without loving parents. You act like this lol

  26. LOL! I love how she’s mocking them calling it “murder”! 🤣 I think she definitely making the right decision. 👌 you couldn’t convince me this woman is ready to raise a healthy happy child if you tried 100 years and the foster care system is bursting at the seams with homeless kids as is. good for her. 25 IS too young anyway.

  27. You are all adding to the demise or your own race and the saddest part , you are volunteering to the slaughter that leftist KKK RACIST PLANNED! They were scared of the black community superseding in every way and they planned this to extinguish you. WAKE UP!

  28. Praise God that these women do not represent most black women. Most want and deserve better.
    To think the marker of success for them is putting on tons of makeup, putting on a wig (always), putting on the nails, and taking off the clothes and murdering their offspring is self loathing, seeking positive attention in the midst of self depreciation.

  29. This is so embarrassing I swear! I fear for our young girls coming up in and after this generation. No integrity, no class, no morals. We were always taught as women you carry yourself with a certain standard, level of class and integrity. I swear this is just #Sickening‼️

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