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No Voting, No Vucking

Saucy & Trina on campaign trail/YouTube

Saucy & Trina crossed the line.

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LOS ANGELES — First, Juvenile released “Vax That Thang Up.” Now this. Homosexual lyricist Saucy Santana and raunchy rapstress Trina raised eyebrows on Tuesday when they released a midterm election video called “No Voting No Vucking.” Meaning? If you don’t vote Democrat, women and homos will keep their legs closed and you won’t copulate. Saucy and Trina collaborated with BLK Dating to hoodwink promiscuous individuals into rushing to the polls on election day. The Satanic video shows Saucy addressing voters on the campaign trail while Trina kicks back in her presidential headquarters. The lyrics go: “BLK app, lookin’ for some action. Swipe the homie Scott, what’s happenin.’ Face is a nine, abs is a ten. D is a mmm, to be determined. He got mad jokes, he don’t seem broke. The only read flag, he said he don’t vote. T-T-T-This midterm is for all the single cuties. Wanna hit this booty? Gotta do yo’ civic duty. No votin’, no f*ckin.'”



This PSA is the cringiest, greasiest, most ghetto-est sh*t I’ve ever seen.

Saucy, 28, and Trina, 47, shared a link for voter registration during the video’s cessation. Social media reaction was sarcastic. One viewer wrote, “This literally just made me excited to vote! Period! Can’t fall into bed if he ain’t standing at the polls. 🤣😜” Another chimed in with, “Going to be singing this all the way to the polls.” A third observer added, “I’m voting for whoever offers reparations.” 

Two years ago, Democrats released a lewd “Get Your Booty to the Poll” ad featuring exotic dancers. That campaign targeted black men who patronize strip clubs. Can’t lie, that ad was effective. As soon as I descried those sexy derrières, I licked the screen then rushed to the election booth.

Nevertheless, should negroes continue to vote Democrat?

Should your political affiliation determine whether or not you bust a nut?

Watch Saucy and Trina make damn fools of themselves.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. That shit made me sick to my stomach hearing the twisted mindset of fascist Communist minded black Women TF You can’t make this shit up 💯 O.G.

  2. I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a black woman in my Life! ! 🤢🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. I vote Democrat and always will, none of this trash portrayed in that video will make me stop. If that video is what is influencing you to vote, then you’re not paying attention to bigger issues. Black people have no business being in the same party with KKK, oath keepers, proud boys, etc. Like I said, you voting because of Trina and them fools in that video, then you’re not seeing the bigger picture.

  4. I’m beginning to wish i was white because this was so embarrassing,i could cry,wtf is this foolery????

  5. As a black woman, I do not co-sign on this trash video or song. All of this is to keep us divided. And when you divide you can conquer.

  6. You dont see no other race of people nor ethnic group pushing homosexuality on their ppl like we do….. I dont have anything against homosexuals….. but it’s now being forced onto our community and culture!! Everywhere we go/look we see a “Sassy” grown ass adult MALE!!!!And it’s more of our women who promote and condone this fuckery🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. I wish I would tell my husband that 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No thank you Trina. I’m good. Last time I checked she didn’t even have a Man 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Girl Bye…

  8. My bitch would be single before she can finish the sentence 😂 dick run this household 😂😂😂

  9. It’s going to be A LOT of lonely bitter and angry ass women out there. Lol. For every one of these females withholding sex over not voting democrat it’s another woman out there stealing their man.

  10. For TOO LONG, there’s been a WEIRD alliance between our Black Women, & GAY Black Men🏳️‍🌈 ! Our people are too much into SPORT & PLAY ! If only Kevin Samuels was here to ROAST🔥this BUFFOONERY ! And to think that our people are disciplined enough to pull off a SEX STRIKE is LAUGHABLE !🤣😂

  11. Get as far away from niggas as possible. That’s all you we do at this point. Black flight! Move away from these heavily nigga populated areas. Move to the suburbs in a nice and quiet area. Being near or around hood culture is beyond toxic for you and your children.

  12. These are demons running rampart. People have already married animals. White girl married her dog.

  13. They really said if “ If you wanna hit this booty you better do your civic duty” 😭

  14. Lord, Just take me now. I can’t do this shit no more… Hurry Lord😳😳

  15. As a white man this type of perversion is not just found in the black community but has permiated every facet of our society. We all need to stand against this evil. I have a baby girl and I will always worry about worldly influences but have faith that God will watch over his faithful. God Bless. Stay safe out there.

    As a sick side note they already have animal brothels in Germany where people have sex with animals.

  16. I’m embarrassed for us. Father start the rapture please some of us hate it here🤌🏽😩

  17. Typical woman controlling move, use sex as a weapon and then wonder why your man cheats. Women do this on a regular in a relationship. When intimacy is used as a weapon and a tool in a relationship, the man will find it from a woman who is doing it because she desires him.

    Maybe a man should use his resources and affection as a tool in a relationship also? Should he say no loving, no food? How about if he is paying all the bills and says he isn’t going to pay the bills if he doesn’t get what he wants? How long would it be before the woman started looking for another man?

  18. Solely concerned with sexual favor, i.e., “You vote, we have sex? Really? How about “You vote, we win?” How about “You vote, we kick out the corrupt, the unqualified and the white supremacist politicians”? How about “You vote, we change biased laws and statutes”. How about you vote, we actually make a change, and our country turns out even better? There has to be a better way to reach and convince young people to vote.

  19. AGAIN I will say this: we are now no longer slaves to whites and in chains. But yet slaves to money still controlled by whites.

  20. Stop being so sensitive everyone. Black people are not a single culture. The ad was meant to target a specific group of blacks that they would like to come out to the polls, it is not meant for everyone. I’m black but having a ad that features athlete or entertainers would not influence me…but that is because I am not the target for that ad.

  21. So they want black voters to vote, and they use those classless idiots to promote that? As a black man, it’s disgusting that these pieces of trash are view in the same category as myself.

  22. I’m proud to be voting Republican. These people are sick and mentally unwell.

  23. I LOVE THIS. I’m 70. What’s the controversy? Some people just dried out prunes. Whatever gets people out to vote is righteous. Too much in jeopardy. Congrats to Trina and Saucy Santana! Brilliant!

  24. This shit is long are black ppl are you to be a mockery? Trina and old boy too old for dis silly garbage 🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️ straight trash

  25. I AM PISSED ALL THE WAY OFF ABOUT THIS MESSAGE! These fools are really stopping the movement. To be honest I thought this was a parody. And to be honest this shyt is racist as hell! This is why as a race We are not taken seriously! When will this so called black culture get censored!? Y’all I cannot 🤦🏾‍♀️

  26. The ignorance is real! This is completely and utterly disrespectful to blacks. No other race has ever been disrespected to this extent and continued bending over to keep taking this bullshit. Ridiculous!

  27. This is modern Liberalism. This is all they have to offer. Mindless people having mindless sex, getting the resulting progeny executed, and having everything paid for by the state. It suits the rich and the Governments who work for them to have people like this, who are no better than cattle. Who wants educated people with integrity getting in your way when you can have mindless morons just doing what they are told? This is the western culture, now, and blk people are used by the whte liberals as the frontline troops in the war on humanity. Makes you sick..

  28. So as I see it most of these women are contradictory huh woman say all these things to men about respect my body but then turns right round and do it themselves yea. Dear women that have no protection Mr Samuels said it best winter is coming and it’s already getting cold.

  29. This is pure doo-doo 💩! I’m sooo disappointed in black people, specifically black women

  30. This is ONE of the most shameless works of debauchery I have ever seen. I can’t expect much from a woman that thinks she elevated herself by claiming she’s a silver dollar but not realizing it’s STILL pocket change and a MAN that presents himself like a $2 whorah. 2/3s ain’t going to make it to the kingdom.

  31. So you straight balck men K1lling each othr ! SELLING dr*gs!! COMMITTING CRIMES . IN JAIL ! NOT TAKING OF YOUR KID FINE but a young black man telling people to vote is an issue? STYA BROKE . BITTER AND ALWAYS UNDER THE YTE MANS FOOT. CLOWNS

  32. This is soooooo EMBARRASSING to our black community, look at who they chose as our voice!!!!

  33. I wish my woman would! She’s the one to tell everyone that I’m cold-hearted. But the moment she think to fix her lips to tell me. She going to withhold sex from me, if I don’t go vote. I would literally fallout laughing in her face, doing the late Charlie Murphy laugh. This crap would absolutely make my day. MAN, that would make my day for real.

  34. Ain’t nobody taking advice from bottom feeders but bums! Don’t worry. This video is comedy to most.

  35. I find it hard to take the democrats seriously especially when doing and promoting this crap. Aoc was promoting this video. For too long now most of us took the Attitude well it doesn’t effect my life. Let people do what they are going to do. Well that caused this filth to take over. We need to get positive men back into the homes or mentoring our youth. We need to stop the filth in our schools and colleges. We need to get God back into our homes.

  36. Democrat 1: “How do we get the blacks to vote?”

    Democrat 2: “It’s easy, make a rap video with a female they all look up to and an overtly gay guy…oh, and threaten to cut off sex if they don’t vote”

    Democrat 1: “Perfect”

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