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Kansas City serial killer murdered black women

Timothy Haslett killed black women/YouTube

KC serial killer racist as hell. 

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EXCELSIOR SPRINGS — The Kansas City Police Department is under fire after officers initially refuted reports of a serial killer murdering black women in Excelsior Springs, calling ’em “completely unfounded rumors” until one of the victims escaped. Donning a padlocked metal dog collar with black latex lingerie, the emaciated damsel ran to a neighbor’s residence begging for manumission. The neighbor, 41-year-old Lisa Johnson, was getting ready to leave for work around 7:35 a.m. on October 7th. That’s when the 22-year-old victim told her she was tortured and raped for over a month by Timothy Haslett Jr., a 39-year-old white supremacist who believes “we’re in a race war.” The young woman also said she watched Haslett torment and kill other black women. “She looked straight at me and said ‘help,’” Johnson told reporters.

When Johnson tried to call police, the victim said, “Please don’t. If you call the cops, he’s going to kill us both.”

Johnson dialed 911 anyway and Haslett was taken into police custody.

He’s charged with first-degree rape, aggravated sexual offense, first-degree kidnapping and second-degree assault.

(Listen to KKK death threats issued to Jackson County Prosecutors)

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One reader wrote, “He hates black people so much he chose to f*ck our women. Ok….. He’s an incel who fantasized about black women but couldn’t get one without kidnapping. Just another reason not to swirl.”

Another chimed in with, “Who the f*ck starts a race war against women? Cracker too much of a p*ssy to face a man.”

A third person added, “They should’ve told the police a little white girl was missing. Officers would’ve found her in 5 minutes.”

When investigators searched Haslett’s social media accounts, they discovered several bigoted posts. “The race war started a long time ago, wake up ya dumb b*tch,” Haslett wrote. He also believes Breonna Taylor deserved to die. Bishop Tony Caldwell and fellow community activists filed claims of “numerous murdered and missing Black women” back in mid-September.

But law enforcement officials felt they calumniated the reports.

Here’s what KCPD told Caldwell post-arrest via the Kansas City Defender: “We base our investigations on police incident reports of criminal activity. We do still maintain that there is no indication that what you guys reported was accurate and there was no indication that there was anything that supported that claim. We share what information we can publicly, many times from the scene, of incidents of violent crimes when there is a report or an investigation underway, there had and has not been anything that corresponded to your reports on social media and the web which is why we refuted that report and said that the claims were unfounded.”

As for Haslett being apprehended?

Caldwell said better late than never.

“That was the description of the guy we were talking about and that was the location we said they were being taken from,” Caldwell recounted. “That’s exactly what we were telling people. I’m just sorry that it took so long, but I’m grateful that she found a way out. I’m sorry people didn’t act on it sooner, and it’s absolutely tragic that the other young ladies didn’t make it. It’s horrible.”

The victim escaped while Haslett was dropping his kid off at school.

She was scantily clad and had duct tape wrapped around her neck.

Sick sadistic bastard.

The women were abducted somewhere on Prospect Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri and held captive in Haslett’s basement where he beat ’em with whips and chains. Scuttlebutt also has it, Haslett coerced the ladies to call him “master” during copulation. Ain’t that a b*tch? Even with assistance from cadaver dogs, police couldn’t find the other victims.

Makes you wonder if Haslett had ’em for supper (à la Jeffrey Dahmer).

Watch alarming coverage and interviews.

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  1. He was probably making snuff films and selling them on the dark web?🤷‍♀️

  2. We as black people need to wake up and stop being stuck in materialistic illusions. They want us all dead and we need to spring into action and protect our own. IT”S REAL…

  3. Ok, im from KC, and used to live in the 75th and Prospect area. If youre from the KC area, its WELL KNOWN that there are a lot of sex workers there. Not only that, but there is a VERY populated domestic violence shelter for women close by….and a lot of women and children walk around that area to get groceries (theres a Family Dollar) if they dont have a car. The bus stop right there is known to attract all kinds of creeps, so seriously…..this is disgusting but Im sure that Tim thought it was ‘easy pickins’. What a disgusting human.

  4. And he was doing this with his kids living upstairs. But this really doesn’t surprise me. They are some of the sickest people to ever walk the planet. But always want to point the finger at people of color. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a group of cops in on this. Seeing how they were so quick to dismiss the reports.

  5. Black people kill each other every single day in America. But no black person cares. Why? Cause there is no one to sue. They can’t benefit off black on black crime. Simple fact. Blm made 90 million and didn’t help no one but themselves. Yeah black don’t care about blacks. They care only for themselves. Proven time after time. Look at black run cities. But you hate white people.

  6. I feel like someone from the police department helped the suspect. The police didn’t even bother to investigate and I believe because the missing women were black. And when you are black in this country and murdered or missing the police and the media tend to imply that a black person must’ve done something to end up in that situation. There is no empathy in this country for black people.

  7. I feel like black communities need their own police, because they aren’t getting shit out of the actual police

  8. VERY sad situation! Unfortunately there is a GLOBAL attack on WOMEN! This situation is likely so much more prevalent than law enforcement is willing to admit. This is where the citizens need to amp up their vigilance. 💔

  9. This is why we need more black law enforcement. We complain about racism in law enforcement but one way we could change that is to become the law enforcement that we need.

    We need more black men and women Police/ Sheriffs to serve our communities.

    It’s time for us to wake up!
    Right now we have whites, Latinos, and the Asian people policing us MOST of which are Raised up believing that black people are sub human, savages and animals they believe that all black people are ghetto & useless also lazy.

    We have , Us black people, More professional athletes then we do Doctors – Lawyers- Mental Health Workers .
    We don’t need any more athletes we don’t need any more rappers we do not need any more actors or actresses at present what we need now right now or more law enforcement of our kind otherwise police brutality is going to become worse and worse as the years go by.

  10. Jeffrey Dahmer his bitch ass when he’s in prison.. but worse than how he d!ed..

  11. I wonder if white people are Satan’s fallen Angels?

    I will Never trust, feel safe or like the White Man especially in America period, However I don’t fear them I fear God.

  12. It’s because these “police” department are STRONGLY in this white Supremacist ideology. Those police NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED- ONLY IN AMERICA !

  13. There should be an angry mob right outside the jail and the PD….and the city should BURN until he is turned over to the mob!

  14. Kansas City created the blueprint for racial segregation through housing/real estate for the U.S. It is definitely one of the most racist cities in America. It is no surprise the police turned a blind eye to the heinous crimes of that Monster!

  15. He is gonna meet Jeffery Dahmer soon!! Fuck the K. C Police department

  16. I’m not surprised. Same happened with the black neighbors of Jeffrey Dahmer. Black neighbors in his building kept calling the police, but did nothing. They even brought Jeffrey’s escaped victim who was Asian back to him and Jeffrey eventually killed him.

  17. It’s Dahmer all over again why doesn’t anyone listen to black folks? Again if we are all EQUAL.. then why ain’t we treated EQUAL??

  18. You can say what you want
    But I’m a 68 year old woman who has known that ugly side of a particular race of people with their Hateful Racist ways….
    And I watched it for the most part die down some…..
    But every since Trump became president it was as if he WOKE up every demonic evil spirit that was beneath rocks that came crawling from with under it…..
    All I can say is GOD defeated the devil which is evil and full of hatred a long time ago💪💯❤

  19. Strange how certain people think less of you…. but they can rape & pillage other races of females! These racists men need to admit THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO ALL RACES OF WOMEN!!!! Racism is just the devil incarnate! God is a spirit! John 4:24! God is not white black red or yellow!
    Gonna be a sad day come judgement day! No hate will inherit the kingdom/heaven! GOD IS LOVE & GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE! & we all came from Adam & Eve! Swallow your pride before u take a ride… to hell!

  20. Black Women are the LEAST protected in America. No one gives a damn. There is zero empathy for black women, especially from the police. We are not seen as worthy enough for protection. This is why the black panther party was founded to protect us. We have zero protection in the black community.

  21. well as all States in the USA..better step up…and I’m saying to ALL BLACK MEN & WOMEN ITS TIME TO FLIP THIS SCRIPT…Another psycho ass white man..getting away with murder rape and torture…had this girl not gotten out…we wouldn’t even be talking about the 2 girls missing..
    There are no DAMN rumors..
    Right now… girls are chained up in neighborhood homes..
    Black men & women Police our community..
    If u r a racist ass cop.. don’t police us…We Don’t. Need Officers Like You!!!
    This is a World Wide Issue..this is our History..all around this country..Black men & women r dieing…

  22. I remember seeing in social media there was a serial killer here in KC and young black women were coming up missing every week and they denied it. This is extremely scary and the fact that they didn’t even bother investigating is troubling. Precious Doe (Erica Green) was murdered by her mother / step father. Please look that case up it was one of biggest cases that went unsolved for so long.

  23. Wow I hope our community’s come together to fight off all the evil and bullshit

  24. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨this happens often. All cops aren’t good cops especially in poor communities of color.😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️hard working tax payers shouldn’t be subjected to this. I bet some of the cops were actually aware of this serial killers existence.🙄🙄🙄


  26. Stop seeking Caucasian leadership. Their institutions are at the service of their people. Build parallel organizations to fight the battles of our tribe.

  27. And you all vote for the same people to be in office year after year???

  28. ‘White supremacist’…yet dude is raping black women. Guess ONE part of him doesn’t discriminate. Bastard.

  29. All police departments across the country are completely corrupt along with all Branches of Government wake up people these are Terrorist organisations we the people are the obedient and compliance slaves we Do Not live in a Democracy

  30. It is happening in Houston Texas. They got a lot of black white and Mexican females all within the warehouse area of 2nd and 3rd ward. I have made reports the police ignore and I have seen them ignore cause they are involved in covering up that these females have been taken from Indiana and Illinois…

  31. Oh so now I know why it wasn’t reported. They don’t like to report on white supremacists who are actually doing illegal stuff like this. They will however create, make up, racial divisiveness when it suits their purpose.

  32. The klu klax clan is more at work. All black people need to arm themselves. The worse is coming. They need to dissolve the Kansas City police. That is terrorism

  33. He took his son to school. So he doing all this and his kid is there. Disgusting devil.

  34. That KKK DEPARTMENT ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN to do no investigation and MULTIPLE PEOPLE were saying Black women were being abducted…. They let it happen and didn’t care that it was happening because those women WERE BLACK, this world is in SO MUCH TROUBLE for what they’re doing to God’s people y’all think it’s a game but you will see, ALL OF YOU WILL SEE

  35. The police – the entire police department needs to be arrested by the United States Army !!! Then each one, must be placed in jail for life . This is disgusting, tragic. Kansas City people hold these men accountable !!!

  36. There was a similar psychopath in Philly years ago who kidnapped, tortured and murdered several black women and a mentally retarded white girl. One black woman escaped and reported the murders and cannibalism by the perp to the police who laughed at her and refused to do anything about it.

  37. The Serial killer looks like a previous Police Officer. I wouldn’t be surprised, if he was one before.
    I smell CORRUPTION so loud from this police department, it stinks!!


  39. Living in a suburb of Kansas City, this is too close to home. The police were notified for months that Black women were coming up missing. It was ignored because the people missing were on the margins of society, not White, and deemed not important. This is probably just the tip of his iceberg.

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