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White chick has 11 babies fathered by eight negroes

PhiPhi loves having babies/TikTok

White chick wants 30 kids. 

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MEMPHIS — Octomom, eat your heart out! A viral TikTok video shows a beddable white chick named Phieudoraa braggin’ about giving parturition to 11 mulatto kids with 8 different black men. Damn, her coochie must be hella good ’cause ain’t nobody pullin’ out. The tattooed succubus — who resides in Memphis, Tennessee — spewed an elucidation for her fecundity; claiming it all comes down to basic math. “If I only had one baby daddy and he [happened to] leave or die, my kids would be fatherless,” she explained to her followers. “But if I have eight and three were to leave or die, my kids still have five dads.” Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Every last man after the first is stupid as f*ck🤨‼️” Another chimed in with, “Is she using Common Core Math? She’s assuming the other fathers would take care of children that are not theirs. The delusion and entitlement are profound.. Smh.”

A third observer added, “Honestly, as a White guy, I was surprised at first when I heard about Black men getting passports because I thought White women in America were here for them. But I guess even these White women are only going for the Pookies & Ray Rays. White guys today are typically going Asian. The European type is splitting into two groups, Afro European and Eurasian. But yeah, these White women really are trying to act it out by going for Pookie & Ray Ray. They could at least find a good established Black man.”

What’s sad is Phieudoraa, whose modus operandi entails finding the next Pookie & Ray Ray on Craigslist, ain’t done having kids.

Contraception be damned, she hopes to get knocked up at least 20 more times.

“I wanna have like another 19, just so I could make it an even 30,” she said.

Scuttlebutt has it, white women are black men’s kryptonite.

Phieudoraa’s parenting plan gives veracity to that claim.

Do you support her childbearing?

Is she taking advantage of your tax dollars?

Watch Phieudoraa reveal her calculation.

Share your thoughts.

@phieudoraa #answer to @kalasoo like duhhhh yall gotta do the math… #babydaddyproblems #babymamachallenge #babymamatiktok ♬ original sound – PhiPhi🍭

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  1. Fellas, PSA: There are women out here who will PURPOSELY HAVE MULTIPLE BABY DADDIES so they can collect “Multiple child support checks” and NOT have to work or keep all of the money they make.

    Protect your seed fellas!!!!

  2. So is it just as bad when Nick Cannon and Future doing the same nonsense 🤨

  3. That thing must be a hallway 🥴🥴🥴🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  4. She should be sterilized that way she cant have any more Pookies and Ray Rays and and Shaniquas…

  5. White women have always used black men as a come up. Black men can’t be this naïve…They let an entire family become billionaires off of their backs etc. Cant blame these women any more

  6. Black Men, gotta stop simpin at every “open” hole you see.

    11 kids, no daddy and they all black. Come come TF on.. the writings on the wall

  7. Remember black women, these weak black males claim these Caucasian brawds are better than black women.

  8. She’s not bad looking in a stripper, I only date black guys sort of way. Next black dude: “so, do you have any kids?” 😱😱

  9. She’s the worst kind of person. She doesn’t “love black culture”… she’s a caricature of black stereotypes. So lame

  10. Not that I agree with her methods, but there is some logic to what she’s saying. Multiple bd’s = multiple streams of income. In places like Nepal, fraternal polyandry was common. Which means 1 woman marrying 2 or more brothers.

    That way all the kids are related to both husbands no matter what. The idea is that with 2 men working, there will be more wealth in the household. We have tried to somewhat replicate this in the west with both mom and dad working, but then that leaves no one to raise the kids.

  11. You just KNOW this person is on public assistance because if you are not Jeff Bezo’s or Elon Musk there is no way anybody can work and take care of all those kids, simply irresponsible and very dumb! So the taxpayers are taking care of her kids.

  12. Hate to say it some women do have kids just to get a check. Instead of maybe furthering their education, getting a job. When the child gets a certain a age they kick them off of assistance. Then they have another one. And the sad part is that she’s bragging about it, like it’s a badge of honor or something.

  13. I’m sure it wasn’t hard to find 8 kangz to rut on her. They’ll put their AIDS sticks in anything.

  14. To be honest with you I have no problem what she is doing in the Bible it says be fruitful and multiply is she doing just that

  15. She’s disgusting how can you be proud that you have 11 kids by 8 different men and what the hell is wrong with all of those black men that would allow this sort of evil because that’s what she is an evil woman.

  16. Setting her kids up for the streets. Just a hot mess. She has daughters too. The dudes are nasty too. No way I’m going in that especially unprotected.

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