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Ciara G’s Fatal Attraction

Ciara Grimes killed by lover/YouTube

Ciara Grimes shot dead.

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ROCHESTER — The quietus of Ciara Grimes is featured in the “Fatal Attraction” television series in an episode titled “Dangerous Love.” The 18-year-old cosmetology student was killed by her jealous boyfriend — Jermaine Brown — around 12:30 a.m. on May 9, 2018. The femicide transpired at the residence of a mutual friend on Delamaine Drive in Rochester, New York. According to police reports, Ciara and Jermaine had contretemps in the bedroom. As the quarrel intensified, Jermaine pulled out a .25-caliber pistol and opened fire — striking Ciara in the arm. Then he dragged her outside and left her in the driveway (à la Ike Turner). Ciara somehow made it to her feet before she stumbled and collapsed. Turns out, the bullet traveled through her chest. Paramedics arrived and rushed her to the hospital. But resuscitation efforts fell short.

Jermaine, 17, was busted several days later and sentenced to a maximum of 6 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter. But, with good behavior, he could be out in two. That’s because prosecutors determined a murder charge wasn’t necessary, claiming Jermaine didn’t intend to kill Ciara even though she filed a restraining order against his abusive ass 4 days prior.

To compound matters, several people witnessed the shooting but were too afraid to snitch.

“Everyone makes choices in life, but at the end of the day, he’s going to have to pay for what he did,” said Erica Perez, Ciara’s mom, after egressing court. “My baby is gone. I will never see her again and I have to move on day by day.” Erica told investigators Jermaine is a serial woman-beater, saying Ciara was “being beaten for a long time before we even knew about it.”

Ciara didn’t tell anybody about the beatings because she was ashamed of being a victim of domestic violence.

Watch the Fatal Attraction episode.

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  1. He shoots her and they throw her body out on the ground and he gets 2 years what a sick system we have

  2. I don’t think he did it intentionally did it but I also don’t care…he need to be in jail

  3. With that face, that thing didn’t deserve all that love from that mommy, RIP Sweety😔

  4. Man listen, I’m not saying it her fault this happened BUT I am saying that these women need to stop going for hood dudes, for the life of me can’t understand it

  5. Teach your young daughters not to be attracted to street nigga shit like this. You have to teach them while they are little girls. Her parents should not have even allowed this boy to date their daughter. She was too young.

  6. I tell my daughter “you don’t know who your true friends are overnight” don’t call everyone your friend. Rest in peace young lady. He beat this young lady, as a mom with a daughter I’d be in prison. He won’t live if he hit mine. I know kids don’t listen. That’s why I pray. These families got a nerve to argue after they family murdered someone. Crazy, house be burned down to the ground. Smack in the face giving him 6 yrs. Don’t be embarrassed tell someone ladies. It’s ok to get help.

  7. Women have y’all ever thought the men that we love sometimes are jealous of us do your homework on these narcissistic men

  8. @Pay Ignorance No Mind: Exactly I could careless if my daughter tried to run back to a boy a thousand times she better not let me find out he put hands on her or else she won’t have nobody to run too simple we were teenagers once hell I know nobody could tell me shit that’s why I’ll always be on my daughter I don’t care how much she thinks she knows I’ll always tell her I know more and I will always guide her and never tell her wrong I don’t care if I have to remind my daughter everyday I will idc how tired or mad or frustrated I get I’ll never give up on my daughter mothers fail when they give up on their rebellious teens my mom gave up on me but I’d never give up on my two girls

  9. The thing is TODAY ALOT of young girls think it’s cute to be in a toxic relationship thinking is the way love is supposed to be I know a lot & with myself being in not one but two dv relationship making it out alive they still think it’s cute & funny & think they are special untouchable that this story could never be there life so sad ! My deepest condolences to cici family loved ones fly high baby girl

  10. After seeing him i feel even worse cus this boy don’t look like nothin special sorry but ladies we need to want better for ourselves.

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