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Ciara G’s Fatal Attraction

Ciara Grimes killed by lover/YouTube

Ciara Grimes shot dead.

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ROCHESTER — The quietus of Ciara Grimes is featured in the “Fatal Attraction” television series in an episode titled “Dangerous Love.” The 18-year-old cosmetology student was killed by her jealous boyfriend — Jermaine Brown — around 12:30 a.m. on May 9, 2018. The femicide transpired at the residence of a mutual friend on Delamaine Drive in Rochester, New York. According to police reports, Ciara and Jermaine had contretemps in the bedroom. As the quarrel intensified, Jermaine pulled out a .25-caliber pistol and opened fire — striking Ciara in the arm. Then he dragged her outside and left her in the driveway (à la Ike Turner). Ciara somehow made it to her feet before she stumbled and collapsed. Turns out, the bullet traveled through her chest. Paramedics arrived and rushed her to the hospital. But resuscitation efforts fell short.

Jermaine, 17, was busted several days later and sentenced to a maximum of 6 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter. But, with good behavior, he could be out in two. That’s because prosecutors determined a murder charge wasn’t necessary, claiming Jermaine didn’t intend to kill Ciara even though she filed a restraining order against his abusive ass 4 days prior.

To compound matters, several people witnessed the shooting but were too afraid to snitch.

“Everyone makes choices in life, but at the end of the day, he’s going to have to pay for what he did,” said Erica Perez, Ciara’s mom, after egressing court. “My baby is gone. I will never see her again and I have to move on day by day.” Erica told investigators Jermaine is a serial woman-beater, saying Ciara was “being beaten for a long time before we even knew about it.”

Ciara didn’t tell anybody about the beatings because she was ashamed of being a victim of domestic violence.

Watch the Fatal Attraction episode.

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  1. Jermaine was ugly her friends were never her friends Ciara must have really felt like she was in love with him for her not to leave and him being her first boyfriend

  2. You gotta do background checks on people everybody not playing with a full deck of cards don’t ignore the red flags 🚩 🚩🚩🚩

  3. NINJAS!!!! All of them are straight up NINJAS!!! how are you going to protect a murderer?!?? Rest in peace to her. At least the spell is broken and she isn’t hurting over and over again.

  4. The family should’ve took care of lil dude when they found out he was putting his hands on her

  5. All of it it B.S her friends was fake and he gonna get killed soon

  6. My sons father had me in a headlock in the middle of the road with his his arm around my neck. My 1 year old was on the street squirming to get out of his car seat as his dad was choking me. I had to bite him and hit him in the head with my iphone. I will never forget the panic when i realised i really couldnt breathe. Even after hitting him, i had to squeeze my head from his hold and he got me arrested afterwards by lying. The injuries i inflicted in self defense had the police believing his lie. I cant get over the fact that he didn’t care that people were watching. He wanted me gone. Im 21, hes 25. The police have failed me and my son. I have reported him to the police countless times throughout my pregnancy and up until this incident.

  7. 2-6 years??? that’s Preppy college kid with rich parents jail time 🙄

  8. I think he made it LOOK like an accident and pulled the trigger intentionally.

  9. He think he got off with that little time but trust me , Karma is mf!

  10. If that’s your best friend, why would it take you so long to talk? All the kids in the house were guilty because no one called for help until it was too late.

  11. Shame on all these kids they all lied and continued to lie and just got a slap on the wrist I think they all shouldve got charged with her murder smh

  12. I knew I shouldn’t have watched this because now I’m irritated.

  13. Her mother failed her by not getting the police involved and getting her help from the very beginning and getting all the men in the family to do to him what he was doing to her.

  14. I hope they keep him locked up as much as they can. I also hope he does something in prison that he has to stay longer. Lastly I hope he violate probation so he has to go back behind bars.

  15. 2 to 6 years for killing somebody. Are you freaking kidding me? This so called bullshit justice system is no justice at all. This shit pisses me off


  17. WOW. Jermaine got away with murder. He intended to kill her and his sisters and Hailey knew it. Shame on all of them.

  18. 2 to 6 years for killing someone? Her parents and loved ones got a whole life sentence, and this POS got 2-6 yrs. How is that justice. She had a restraining order on him, past abuses, and he dumped her ass like a pile of trash. He doesn’t deserve a light sentence. Our justice system protects criminals and shows very little care for the innocent/victim. Bless her little heart, she thought she could love him enough to change him back to the boy he once was, and that’s tragic.

  19. I was in a abusive relationship for about 13 years and when he put my head through his mom’s windshield I knew if I didn’t leave he would kill me I’m so glad I was able to get away and now I’m with a man who has loves and respects me and in 20 years has never put his hands on me I pray for everyone who has/is dealing with abuse to get out bc it only gets worse

  20. This young man was absolutely jealous of her beauty. He was insecure, power and controlling. Most of all a NARCISSIST!! Those career goals, and her planning her future, the idiot was out of his league. He didn’t have no plans for a future, and didn’t care about this young woman. He didn’t care about college, and he sure didn’t care about a career. Totally unmatched. When you mess with thugs who have no goals, want to be controlling, jealous, and insecure, you’re dealing with your worst nightmare!! Those so call friends? We’re NOT friends at all.

  21. Since dating young has become more and more prevalent in our society today, I feel as though classes should be taught each year in High-school about how to maintain proper relationships; about healthy boundaries. Dealing with emotions in a logical way. Most kids repeat things they’ve seen that are more often than not toxic. As young as they were, they both had their whole lives ahead of them and probably wouldn’t have lasted past Highschool anyway. I’m scared for my sons and my daughters because more and more people are losing their minds these days, no matter what age they are!!

  22. If you are my friend, you better tell the police what the fuck happened. Don’t you dare protect my murderers. I’ll haunt you for the rest of your days.

  23. This story is horrible ESPECIALLY because she was so young! I was in a situation almost exactly like Ciara’s but I was 14 & he was 18! I thank God for giving me the strength to get away from that horrible man!!! I’m so sorry I can’t imagine the pain her family will go through the rest of their lives!! My experience changed me FOREVER…part of me will NEVER be the same…

  24. My father was abusive to my mother, he was 15 years older than her and she was an adult. Once, after she “got away”, he kidnapped me. He beat my mother with a 2×4 as she held infant me until she fell to the ground and then he snatched me. This was the 80s and it took months before she got me back. One thing my mom said, when I finally got the story from her, was how my grandmother threatened my father. She told him, “You lay your hands on my child again and I will shoot you dead where you stand. I’m a pistol packing grandma, I will kill you now and explain it to my grandchild later.” My mom said that was the first time she really honestly believed she had a way out.

  25. F*ck forgiveness Just wait for that p.o.s to get out of jail and empty a entire clip into his face and head to guarantee a closed casket and put his sister’s 6 feet deep as well

  26. Maaaan them so called phony friends did her wrong in her final moments R.I.P babydoll🕊

  27. Jermaine Brown, a Evil, Demonic Fowl, Pathetic, Deplorable piece of human life. A classic Heathen from the pits of Hell.

  28. These beautiful young women who give these loser,abusive,having a face only a mother could love chances and they hurt them. Teens it’s okay to hold yourself in high esteem and don’t think you can save a person. They have to want to be helped and take actions to get help. Leave these buzzards alone. The abusive, good looking and not so good looking ones to their own devices. You only get one time to hit me and I am gone no matter how much I love a person. Condolences to her family 💔

  29. This is why I’m not an advocate of teens in relationships. They’re not mature enough to maneuver through them. Keep your teens busy, so their too exhausted for relationships.

  30. It’s sad that I can relate to the abusive relationship they had, and my family tried to tell me how bad the guy was but I just ignored them. I’m just glad that I got out of that relationship before he actually killed me.

  31. I was in a abusive relationship but I miss my ex even tho I shouldnt I think it’s a trauma bond like I feel like I’m going crazy without my ex

  32. As a DV survivor, I did everything she did to hide every bruise, scratch, black eye… EVERYTHING! It finally ended when he dumped me because he was moving onto someone else. As much as people hate being dumped, I was relieved because I could finally start healing in every way (after getting a restraining order) and get my life back and stop hiding. My heart goes out to her family and friends 💚 RIP SWEET GIRL 💜

  33. Lesbian here-I was strangled nearly to death by my ex girlfriend. Please please please never settle for ANYTHING less than you deserve. Please. Put yourself first.

  34. My condolences she didn’t deserve that just don’t understand why she was messin wit that lil troll in the first place 🤦🏾‍♂️

  35. It’s nearly impossible to reason with people that are in love. And even more impossible to reason with young people in love.
    But love isn’t worth your life people. Relationships will come and go throughout your life. Learn how to let them go and move on. And women please stop giving yourselves to these emotional, effeminate boys. Especially if you know you deserve better. I know some women like drama and these emotional feminine acting boys and that’s their choice but for those who don’t, please stay far away from them 🙏🏿🤲🏿

  36. see you gotta watch out for friends like hailey because how tf you let that happen to your friend . like bffr now .

  37. I wish a mf would be treating my daughter like this. His little skinny ass would be laying in the gutter.

  38. Give a black man a gun….he won’t protect women, children or the community. Instead he will kill and terrorize the women, children and community.

  39. judging from the outcome of a lot of these domestic abuse cases, if my child/ family member/ friend was being abused i would straight up “kidnap” them, and bring them to a different secure location. essentially try to detox them from this toxic relationship

  40. Ladies:
    A order of protection is NOTHING but a piece of paper!!!! They DON’T HELP

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