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Thug kills black chick by accident, targeted his ex

Maxine Congress killed by accident/YouTube

Maxine Congress killed by mistake.

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INDIANAPOLIS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Frederic Pipes was thrown in the slammer after he shot and killed 23-year-old Maxine Congress by mistake. He meant to kill his other ex-girlfriend instead. The femicide transpired last week in Indianapolis. According to court docs, Frederic spotted his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend driving Maxine’s car in the vicinity of 40th and Emerson. The gun-toting malefactor then jumped out his car, with two kids inside, and opened fire — accidentally striking Maxine in the face as she was sedentary in the passenger seat. The other ex-girlfriend wasn’t hit. Maxine was rushed to the hospital where she ultimately died. “She lost her life over something that had nothing to do with her,” said Latoria Harmon, Maxine’s mother. “My baby was innocent. She had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on.” Frederic, 27, was arrested and charged with murder. You can tell from his mugshot somebody kicked his ass. Frederic’s left eye was all f*cked up.

“You know this issue of domestic violence isn’t just victims or survivors. It’s an issue for everyone and can impact everyone,” said Domestic Violence Awareness advocate Danyette Smith. “Unfortunately those killers aren’t thinking about who is around. Those shooters aren’t thinking about who will be hit if they shoot the gun.”

To compound matters, Maxine and the ex-girlfriend were about to beat up Frederic’s new girlfriend. They were parked in front of her home when the shooting occurred. Turns out, Frederic was f*ckin’ all 3 of ’em. Lucky bastard. Pookie & Ray Ray get all the p*ssy. Meanwhile, square n*ggas must undergo fingerprints and background checks to get laid. Realizing he was headed to prison, Frederic lied and told investigators his new girlfriend shot Maxine, not him.

But they knew he was full of sh*t.

Social media reaction was unforgiving.

One person wrote, “That wasn’t by accident. He knew what he was doing and should pay the price.”

Another added, “Daaaaaaaaaaam! She went to fight and got killed??? Sad as f*ck.”

Watch the report.

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  1. Ladies, if you or your friends want to continue to date these degenerate BM; please understand that life will be short for you; because as long as you women are running behind these losers, there will always be a loss of life in some capacity; whether it’s by violence, single motherhood or the many STD’s they carry!

  2. Maxine was a ride or die friend. I’m sorry, I’m a coward. I prefer to call the police.

  3. She didn’t deserve to die, but she wasn’t complete innocent.
    RIP young lady.

  4. So let me understand this she was riding with her friend to go with her so she could fight her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend and on the way there he intercepts them intending to kill his ex-girlfriend but somehow shoots her friend in the passengers seat.

    If I got that right she put herself in the trick bag when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes

  5. 🤦🏿‍♂️ y’all women have to DO better, meeting up for a fight and parking waiting for people to come home and on TOP of all of this, he played all 3 women. He killed the friend. INTENDED to kill his ex and threw his CURRENT girlfriend under the bus. These niggas Do NOT give AF about y’all because they barely care about themselves . Save your life and invest all that love you be giving away for free into a career, GOD or into yourself .

  6. Sooooo both of them are his Exs and BOTH went to go fight his new girlfriend … that’s the truth.. Smh. That is so unfortunate that this young woman lost her life over nothing💔. We have to think before we act. Myself including. Praying for the families.

  7. That’s why I don’t be around “friends” who got drama. Any domestic dysfunction I ain’t apart of it, especially over somebody else man. Going to people house ain’t it. She lost her life over her friends dumb actions. Going along with friends to bull💩 can get you killed. Friend 29 yrs old acting younger then the victim. Know she was childish then….not even the same age at 29 I’m not hanging with a 22 yr old unless my brain on the same wave length. Condolences ❤️

  8. Please. I wish y’all would stop saying she went with that girl to go fight! That’s NOT what MAXINE was doing. She was there when that girl called her trying to be a good dependable person! I ask that y’all do not think of her in that way. She never was the type to start trouble or even acknowledge it.

  9. Fighting over a bum, make it make sense. Condolences to the family, she lost her life over nothing.

  10. I can’t wrap my head around a thought that a young lady lost her life because her friend was a bum. How you 29 going to fight a 27 olds mans girlfriend??🤦🏿‍♀️

  11. He’s a coward he in there blaming the girl instead of taking accountability and these the type of niggas we be fighting over smh sad case

  12. This was a 4 way relationship dynamic

    3 women 1 man 👁️.👁️, some of y’all women love the excitement of these dudes 🤡

  13. He wasn’t worth fighting for or over. Was he the only man in town? Was moving on an option?

  14. Stay out of other’s drama. When I was a teenager, my friend allowed some girl she barely knew, to convince her to follow her friend’s friend ex. We were speeding all over town. Jsmh! When we made it home, I told her don’t ever invite me to go nowhere with that girl. She got mad, but she never hung out with that girl again. She thought about what I said and knew she got played.

  15. she dated a man , and was with his ex.. to go fight another woman who he was currently dating? WOW.. all three women wanted him- what did that man have for all 3 women to be crazy over him,.. sad that she was hit.. but ladies yall have to watch what you do ..all over a man, who none of them were married to. –smh

  16. Meeting up to fight? Over HIM? Smh 🤷🏾‍♀️. And then he accused his girlfriend.!!!! He doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself!

  17. No man is worth me dying…Ladies, place value on yourself. This beautiful young lady died over foolishness. My condolences to her family.

  18. They were probably fighting over him because of the “D”
    It’s ridiculous.
    A beautiful young woman put into a situation like this
    My prayers to her family.

  19. Be mindful of the company you keep and put the damn guns down. Rip beautiful girl❤

  20. So she enjoyed being single w/o a man but she also was willing to insert herself in chaotic, toxic situations…in other messy relationships. Not worth it. Maxine, the ex BF and her friend all played a part in this and could have prevented this senseless tragedy

    The only victim here is Maxine’s mother. She has to live with this for the rest of her days on this earth because her daughter wanted to be messy and deal with toxic “friends”.

  21. Some psychopaths roam this earth looking for a prey. They have no conscience. They are selfish, greedy, envious, very little, bestial & Barbaric, irrational, and demonic. The cowards hate to die but, Happy to kill others. May the killer meet a very painful gurging death.

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