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Queen Pin actress JoKisha murdered by abusive lover

JoKisha Brown shot dead/Queen Pin

Jealous lover murders actress. 

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ATLANTA — It took 6 years. But they finally got his ass. Alfredo Capote was thrown in the slammer after he kidnapped and raped sexy actress JoKisha Brown before she was murdered on the eve of her 36th birthday. The femicide transpired around 10 p.m. on July 1, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. JoKisha’s corpse was found inside her Mercedes-Benz riddled with gunshot wounds. The prepossessing redbone was parked outside a strip mall in the 2100 block of Cheshire Bridge Road, near the Red Snapper Seafood Restaurant. JoKisha’s friends posted several messages on Facebook accusing Alfredo of foul play. The Ike Turner wannabe also has an extensive history of abusing JoKisha. In 2016, Alfredo raped her in a hotel room before she jumped out of a moving car and hid inside a stranger’s vehicle. When police officers arrived, they said JoKisha was scared as hell.

“She was laying in the floorboard of this stranger’s car and would not raise up,” Perry Police Captain Heath Dykes told reporters.

“She was obviously distraught, frightened, very upset and started telling us what happened and who the guy was.”

Alfredo also hog-tied JoKisha’s 17-year-old son then left him stranded at home while he raped his mother. Alfredo, 30, is facing kidnapping, rape, armed robbery, aggravated sexual battery and false imprisonment charges. And it won’t be long before he’s charged with murder. JoKisha, a Jacksonville native, starred in the 2010 film “Queen Pin.” She’s stunning and very curvaceous.

Makes you wonder why she hooked up with Pookie & Ray Ray.

“Queen Pin” is available on Freevee and Amazon.

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  1. Pookie & Ray Ray are jealous and envy women, they can’t handle the feeling so they kill these women. These men have nothing to lose

  2. She was so freaking gorgeous he knew he could never do better smh ok sorry ass bastard

  3. We are supposed to protect, support & love our women. I don’t know all the details, but i do know this for sure, ladies if you have a man who is abusing you pack your items and leave, and don’t tell him your leaving, just act like everything is cool, and when he is gone you be gone, and please please don’t agree to met him anywhere!!!!!! Change locks, get another cell phone, check your car for trackers, move different, don’t post your location on social media. This is your life!!!!!

  4. Wow I had no idea this happened to her smh I’ve watched her movie before R.I.P

  5. (Most) pretty women LOVE broke, dusty, ABUSIVE and controlling dudes WHO ARE THUGS. But will NEVER give a non-thug dude the time of day for superficial reasons.

  6. Another “loser” who is butt hurt for losing a woman he can’t control. Smfh. His ass was broke, dumped and crazy! Stay away from these types ladies. Prayers and healing for her family and loved ones.🗽🚨

  7. Black women don’t get it! All I can do is sit back and watch all drop like flies 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤣 ! SO keep on worshiping your grim reaper!! 🙄🙄💯 Black Women have gone from 5.5 every hour to now 4.5 every hour and yet still chasing behind These black men🙄 who WANT WHITE WOMEN!🥱 Why?🤦🏿‍♀️ They don’t want you alive!! LET them go to Becky!!🤦🏿‍♀️🤣🙄🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. I seen queenpin when it dropped then found out she really died! Shit crazy

  9. Alfredo is a sick ass bitch and a murderer. How tf can any man sit up there and sexually assault a woman and kill her? Just sickens me

  10. These men are PATHETIC out here! BE CAREFUL LADIES. Men don’t know how to move on after a relationship. Men are weak and emotional and violent.

  11. This is so sad. I actually knew Kisha before she became a model and actress. I remember thinking how naturally beautiful she was when I first met her. It’s unfortunate she always chose the wrong men. She was in an abusive relationship when she was younger and found the strength to leave after she had her son, Jack. Yes, anyone who knew her knew she absolutely loved her son. He was her world. We weren’t close friends but were cool and I respected her and her hustle which is why I supported her as she was coming up in Jax. She’d been through a lot in her life but even through it all, she had a good spirit. It broke me down when I heard about her death through a mutual friend. This is something I never saw coming. I pray for her family and I hope they they get justice for her.

  12. Ladies when you see crazy in the beginning it’s not cute nor love… LEAVE! Check records before dealing with these ppl letting them into your homes around your children. Be vigilant and smart … never trust a cute face a smile good sex and money thrown at you if they are abusive. Rest well dear sister!

  13. Women we got to be careful who we date I dated men that shot at me even tho I shot back I Hit him twice ladies all I’m saying is we got to fight back she’s with God now my sorrows goes out to her family

  14. Boo this story suck….She deserved better protection!!!! Police did not do a good job 😤

  15. If I died I hope people say “Rafael always lit up the room with his sarcastic asshole personality”

  16. Rip Queen Pinn me& my husband was just watching yo movie this morning. My condolences damn.💔🕊🔓

  17. It’s sad but many women chase these men who are thuggish,clubbing and worldly.There’s many good church going men,who are home bodies,nature seekers and prefer the simple life but many women prefer to go backwards with a guy instead of building with a guy that has a head on his shoulders.I’m super kind to my daughters as a girl dad and they have no interest in guys that are not a image of their dad.Very sad.Choices though

  18. Wow 😏🤕 speechless 🤯 such a beautiful lady robbed of her life, R.I.P. Queen Pin ❤ that guy gunna get his karma💯 God dont like ugly💯🙏

  19. I am so sick of these p.u.s.s.y ass, weak ass, men taking women’s lives because of their jealousy!!! Women don’t need a man to validate them!!! This idea is put into young girls subconscious that they need a man in order to feel normal, well you don’t!!! ladies, be by yourself and get to know who you are!!! learn to love yourself and you won’t attract the wrong man when you are ready for a relationship!!!

  20. Queen pin is my movie I was so mad when part 2 came out and she wasn’t in it I was wondering why she wasn’t in it now I know why shaking my head I never even knew that this was her n I seen that movie back n 2016

  21. This is the chick who played in the 2007 movie called Bloodline. She played as sexy and thick stripper from Atlanta. RIP

  22. She was beautiful. I first remember her as being “Ms Dynasty” from her modeling and video modeling days, and being in men’s magazines. Then in the Queen Pin movie. And was shocked at how ironic it was when she acted in an episode of “Fatal Attraction” on TVOne. RIH

  23. WOW my name is Mikisha 💔 and I too have been a victim of an ex he tried to shoot me in my head but the gun locked up I had an active restraining order because he was also stalking me after only serving a year and a half in the county jail he was released on house arrest since he told the prosecutor about a murderer he knew of he was free for the whole summer then went back into custody for only One Year and is now a free criminal oh I was sexually assaulted by him before the gun situation so sometimes you unfortunately have to be murdered before these DEMONS are taken seriously by the LAW😡 RIP JOKISHA 💔💜😢🙏🏿

  24. Know and overstand if you are successful you cannot be around people who are not. Know and overstand if you are successful you are targeted by jealous, envious, and oftentimes murderous individuals who come to you with hidden agendas. When you are asked to “loan” money, or allow someone to move into your home you are taking a chance that the person will soon show their true colors.

    There is nothing wrong with being single even if you are a parent. Much better than allowing a leach to hang onto you causing disruption in your life and in your home. Be cautious allowing “fans” to approach you for the purpose of getting into “your circle” of family and friends. Sociopaths are very intelligent, charming and they move on a person telling them what they perceive is what the target wants to hear.

    Many of them are well dressed, well spoken, and oddly enough have had ample opportunity to hone their skills behind prison walls. A user, a manipulator, may get out of prison and the first stop is the Salvation Army where they pick up a used Bible and some attire and then they head straight to the church or to where the target is performing or gathering.

    Watch as well as pray, people. The devil doesn’t always look like a monster. Peace.

  25. I didn’t know that she was murdered. I’ve loved her movie queen pin and bloodline she was a great actress.

  26. She was naturally pretty. I watched her in a couple of good films and said she could definitely go further than the low budget films she was casted in 💔

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