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Juvenile thug smoked two beautiful chicks at a soirée

Lamar Oliver smoked 2 chicks/YouTube

Lil Lamar let his gat explode.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

DOTHAN — Law enforcement officials in Dothan, Alabama are investigating after 14-year-old Lamar Oliver Jr. murdered 21-year-old Jasmine Danielle Bean and 20-year-old Ja’Lexius Lashon Wells. The double-femicide transpired last Sunday in the living room of a residence in the 200 block of 5th Avenue. Lamar, a Pookie & Ray Ray wannabe, was arrested the ensuing Monday. He’s charged with murder and he’ll be prosecuted as an adult. According to police reports, Lamar and the popsies had contretemps at an evening soirée. As the donnybrook intensified, Lamar pulled out his gun and opened fire. Jasmine and Ja’Lexius were pronounced dead at the scene. When investigators probed Lamar’s social media accounts, they discovered pictures of him wielding firearms (à la Osama bin Laden). Social media reaction was venomous. One reader wrote, “Stupid ass little boy with no guidance! Lock his ass under the jail!!!” Another chimed in with, “I blame his parents. They created this filth… Disgusting!”

A third person added, “Start CHARGING these darn Parents & things will STOP… They will do better!!! Yes, start shackling their mothers with ’em & see how fast these hoodlums STOP THIS HORRID BEHAVIOR!!! RIP BABY!!!🙏🙏🤎” Sadly, runnin’ afoul of the law is nothin’ new to Lamar. The trigger-happy teenager was already wanted for two counts of first-degree attempted assault and one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle in relation to an incident that went down in July.

Should Lamar spend the rest of his life behind bars?

Are Western women being targeted?

Watch the sad report and interviews.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. How awful ! Lock him up for life, protect the public from him!

  2. These type of people have to be in jail for the rest of his life. Idc if he is 14

  3. A rabid dog needs to be put down. This is ridiculous. It’s over for him. He hasn’t even lived half of his life and now he’s going to jail for hopefully the rest of it

  4. I have no sympathy for this 14yo menace, he needs to be charged as an adult and not be released! He’s a menace to society and continue to be trigger happy and have no remorse

  5. He wanted to go to prison forever, he made sure of it, these killers are homosexuals and don’t want to be judged in society.

  6. This shit is getting outta hand. It’s time for parents to step up , and if you can’t handle your child go get help before it gets to this point. This child killed two women!!! This is heartbreaking! RIP to the young ladies.

  7. Throw his no-good butt in prison for life.
    My condolences to all family and friends.
    Prayers up for the child left without a mother .May God guide and protect that child.

  8. Black women need to seriously consider selective breeding because this will continue happening.🥵🥵🥵 R.I.P

  9. Where are his parents? 14? These upper coming generations are so disrespectful, and criminals as teenagers! We weren’t even thinking about fighting, guns, or anything in that manner when I was growing up! It’s sad the parents just let their kids do whatever these days! The kids under 18 are the biggest and most violent people these days!

  10. I’m telling Yu these dirty ignorant ninjas are disgusting. Its always them.

  11. These kids gonna learn u cant hang out!
    If they wanna party, do it at home 🏡

  12. Charge him as an adult and lock his ass up for life. RIP🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️🕊🕊

  13. Bet he’s a product of a welfare mother. These mothers have no motivation to work and start having babies they have no interest in except to collect welfare so these young kids are raised by the streets. This is how he ended up taking the lives of two young ladies. He’s a menace to society and should never be freed. Condolences to the families.

  14. That little sick fucker wants to be hood so bad and it’s sad and pathetic. Shooting this young ladies for no f’n reason. Smgdh

  15. Who the hell raised this kid! And where are they that he has access to guns like this! Rest in peace to these young ladies. 🙏🏾 This is unbelievable! Smh

  16. He won’t love to see 21, unless he gets locked up. Then who knows, something could happen to him in prison, since he wants to play big N bad. Eh?
    Rest in Beautiful Peace Lovely Ladies

  17. A rabid dog needs to be put down. This is ridiculous. It’s over for him. He hasn’t even lived half of his life and now he’s going to jail for hopefully the rest of it

  18. He’ll be placed in juvenile prison and released in a number of years and his record will be sealed like nothing ever happened, It’s a common practice by the criminal justice system. A lot of women don’t understand why their men act the way they do, because they don’t know their mans true history. A lot of people are walking around in public and many involved in relationships with a family who were juvenile murderers.


  20. Another dumbass black teen who’ll spend the rest of their life in prison !

  21. Put these children back in the church!!!! 14 year old killer. This is so sad.

  22. 🗣️🤦🏾‍♂️😒 Leave-MF’s-Alone 🤔🙅🏿‍♂️🤳🏾

    🤯🤦🏾‍♂️😒 STOP-TEASEIN-PEOPLE 🤔☣️🚷

  23. Black people love hurting and killing one another but sceda’deez Racist Devils..

  24. He thinks he bad killing two young ladies. Prison gonna turn him out he bout to be somebody lil girlfriend in there

  25. Wow smh just gets worse everyday our black community the killers are getting younger and younger.A 14 year old boy where are his parents he needs a belt to his butt Ain’t no way he is a child not even a full blown teen. SMH killing off all our black women young and old Give his but death penalty Stop giving these killers life sentences give them what they give their victims.

  26. First and foremost my condolences to the families and friends of the victims 💔. SECONDLY to the 14 year old suspect, May GOD have mercy on your soul. And to WHOM ever is prosecuting this case CHARGE HIM AS AN ADULT. Stop playing with these kids because of there ages . When commit
    violent,heinous and horrific Crimes as such you should be treated as such.PERIOD. You took two lives and for what. SMH.

  27. I see ALOT of comments about locking the boy up as an adult. NOT one person talked about where his family and why is he murdering at such a young age. No one wants to rehabilitate or help change the kid but throw him away as he already has been. I’m not excusing his crimes as he should be held accountable but he’s ONLY 14. There’s still hope for him.

  28. I’m glad they caught his lil azz, sad part is it’s soooo many more like him, my nephew was just killed labor day sitting in his car just came from shopping with his cousin, both killed , so I hate all of these menace to society. They ruin families we will never recover.

  29. I honestly don’t know if it’s the rap songs or movies because I’m still trying to figure out what is the glamorization of wanting to gang bang and unalive others. Why do some people choose that lifestyle? Like I just don’t know anymore. Like I grew up in the hood and still living in the hood and I am trying to better myself by going to school and working. So now I feel like certain people just make excuses that they didn’t have the luxury of this and that to hurt others. This is so sad. May they rest in peace❤️❤️

  30. Can we practice street justice on these lil punks? I would love to get my hands on some of them

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