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Wheeler-Weaver’s murder documentary shows horror

Wheeler-Weaver incarcerated for life/YouTube

Serial killer used dating apps. 

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NEW JERSEY — Viral Crimes released the homicidal documentary of Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, the New Jersey serial killer who used dating apps to catfish and lure his victims. If you recall, Khalil murdered three black chicks (19-year-old Robin West, 33-year-old Joann Brown and 20-year-old Sarah Butler) between August 2016 and November 2016 and he tried to kill a fourth. The Jack the Ripper wannabe was sentenced to 160 years in prison. What’s ironic is when Sarah met Khalil on the social media site “Tagged,” she texted him the ominous message “You’re not a serial killer, right?” Her corpse was later found behind a pile of rubble at the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange. Khalil’s fourth victim, Tiffany Taylor, managed to escape. Not sure if she was drugged, but Tiffany woke up in the back seat of a car handcuffed with duct tape over her mouth as she was being raped. She was, however, astute enough to convince Khalil to take her back to the Ritz Motel in Elizabeth to retrieve her phone.

Khalil was also indicted for the murder of 15-year-old Mawa Doumbia. Donning khaki-colored penitentiary garb and a white N95 mask, Khalil appeared in court for a 3-minute arraignment in October. He pleaded not guilty despite the fact prosecutors found “extensive digital evidence” that he met Mawa online the day she went missing. He even offered remuneration for a piece of ass. Khalil targeted prostitutes which is why Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens II wouldn’t rule out additional victims.

Khalil, 26, was a student at Essex County College.

He worked as a security guard at a grocery store.

Khalil looks like a normal dude with glasses.

Doesn’t resemble a serial killer at all.

Watch his documentary “A Monster in Disguise.”

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  1. It’s hundreds of white men in the US doing the same stuff this guy did.

  2. His eyes look so vacant. He doesn’t fit the description of your typical serial killer but those eyes tell alot

  3. Imagine almost being killed and having a POS pig treat you like crap. I hope that officer burns in hell.

  4. He thought he could get away with sexually assaulting and killing black women, but he was wrong.

  5. That officer wasn’t very professional. That poor lady was obviously traumatized and he treated her like a degenerate.

  6. that’s why police are hated and minorities won’t go Too them for wankers 💩💩💩💩💩

  7. Sorry but usually if your name is not Becky, the police are rarely of any use in these situations. Some may not like this statement but being a retired RN who saw my share of rape victims, I have more than a few stories to back my statement up. This needs to stop.

  8. So u LET him duck tape you! That pissed me off! Are u serious!!!! These kind of cops make me believe they TOO are into that kinda stuff bc why would you not give ppl the benefit of the doubt the lady still have handcuffs on.

  9. The young lady who escaped this ruthless killer and rapist when she told the police officer I seen the way he was speaking to her like she was trash or something and he had doubt about her story can you please sue the police department sweetheart that’s how you get them you steal them they think black women black cats Black Dog anything black they think has no justification or rights please sue the son of a b**** this murderer could have been stopped a long time ago the police department KKK had a lot to do with this young man being out there killing more women than he should have in the first place sue the police department

  10. If he pretended to be a good guy, she would not have dated him. Black women love thugs and killers

  11. Just sad. Just shows how much black men really hate black women. Which is why I don’t date them.

  12. I’m still stunned by that cop asking “did you let him duck tape you”?

  13. Raycist ass crahkaz beter let da boi go real shet he aint did nutin rong for real cuz btich ass wyite man just wona loc a nega up for nutin

  14. Good men nor nice guys don’t pay directly to get laid… this guy manipulated these women with money… the women were undercovered sellers.

  15. This is why I prefer not to meet strangers through social media.

  16. And what’s scary is he’s not a bad looking guy he’s just psychotic and crazy and got off on killing young women I don’t trust nobody I don’t want to date nobody no more I don’t trust nobody I’m good may all those victims rest in peace they didn’t deserve that they were in the hands of a monster sad man

  17. Next time ladies stop being f*ckin lazy and get a job. Stop selling ass for 500 dollars u don’t know what u getting urself into

  18. They think they can get away with it because they are sex workers.Surprise Surprise these women are daughters,sisters,cousins,& even Mothers& students.I am so Happy he was shown his jail cell& that he will no longer play God in someone’s else’s destiny.

  19. I remember I got kidnapped when I was 16 by some dude named Fred. He carjacked me after I went to go on a date with his friend who stood me up. When I think about it, it had to be a setup. He was gonna kill me in that park he drove to after raping me. He didn’t get to go through with his plan. I looked up and told him it’s some people over there that will witness what you do to me. I had no idea where I was and I got in the car; he had my keys. He drove to his apartment and told me he was calling his friend. That’s when I ran. Some stranger was driving down the street and pulled over to help me. I was crying. He let me use his phone to call 911. When we got back to that apartment complex, that dude had backed my car in and left the keys inside. Jehovah had to have been with me. I could have been killed!

  20. He looked SOOO nonchalant ….Like damn the REJECTION in high school from the pretty girls must have been REAL

  21. Slim, Clean cut young guy…. definitely doesn’t look like a serial killer. Watch out EVERYONE.

  22. It was the friends of the last girl that was killed that literally tricked this guy into giving info on who he was and where he was and got him to meet up with them then passed this on to the police. These police officers SUCK! fire them and find better officers then pay them accordingly! Fuck these officers for letting this happen. Pay these girls the salary of the police officers involved who did nothing.

  23. What piece of shit officers judging that women and assuming they know when a victim is lying or not…..

  24. Guess if she was white he might’ve believed her… F in sad. Never trust them

  25. Should have given the family 5 minutes all at once with his ass! Open season on him. If he still survives then let him serve his sentence but families by law should be able to get their own form of justice. 💯💚🇳🇬🇯🇲🇳🇬🇯🇲 we don’t play where I’m from. Eye for an eye tooth for tooth. What we do to thieves would be considered very cruel by American standards but Africans we don’t like liars murderers or thieves.

  26. This why I don’t meet guys off the internet or really ever. Guys are crazy. They either get hooked too fast or just have mental issues from their childhood.

  27. This is why I’m staying single.
    Plus I have a 6 year old.
    I’m good on dating

  28. I could have been one of these girls I’m glad I never met anyone off tagged

  29. “So u LET him duct tape u”?

    Like wtf?!! Ugh some cops are just as*holes! Yeah officer I “let” him duct tape me so he could rape & kill me! Ugh grrrrrrrr!!!

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