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Alabama basketball player helped murder single mom

Darius Miles helped kill Jamea Harris/YouTube

Hoops star tied to shooting death. 

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TUSCALOOSA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continues. University of Alabama basketball player Darius Miles was thrown in the slammer after he contributed to the shooting death of Jamea Harris because she wouldn’t give him her phone number. The femicide transpired around 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning at a fast food joint on ‘The Strip’ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Darius’ partner-in-crime, 20-year-old Michael Davis, was also thrown behind bars. According to police reports, Jamea and her boyfriend were sedentary inside a vehicle after purchasing something to eat. Darius walked up to the automobile and started flirting with Jamea in front of her boyfriend and several spectators. “He was advancing on her and she declined his attention,” said DeCarla Cotton, Jamea’s mom. “He refused to go away.” Feeling rejected and mortified, Darius handed a gun to Michael who opened fire — striking Jamea. The boyfriend returned fire in self-defense, striking Michael who was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Jamea, 23, died at the scene. Darius and Michael were arrested and charged with capital murder.

Darius, 21, also lost his basketball scholarship. “We were made aware of the recent charge against student-athlete Darius Miles, and he is no longer a member of the Alabama men’s basketball team,” school administrators said in a statement. Jamea leaves behind a 5-year-old son. “She was a beautiful young woman who loved her family and most of all her 5-year-old son Kaine,’’ DeCarla recounted.

“She was just trying to enjoy her weekend with her cousin that attends the University of Alabama and her boyfriend.”

DeCarla also posted this on Facebook: “Took my baby’s life because she wouldn’t talk to him.”

Darius was 4-star prospect out of Washington, D.C.

Now he’ll have to settle for hoops on the prison playground.

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. Imagine GOD gives you opportunity not many will ever have..then you say nah my feelings and rep matter most🤦🏿‍♂️

  2. They need to put Oz back on television. I swear, that show scared me straight.

  3. His Mother probably raised him to Mistreat Women? I Learned this is what some (Bitter Black Mothers) do and their Sons go to Prison while (Black Mothers) throw Rocks and hide their Hands! He did not become this overnight! 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  4. For absolutely NO reason this young mother is now gone from this world and the careless and callous attitude of these individuals is so disrespectful and hurtful to the family.

  5. Why are people always messing up a good thing 🤦‍♂️ Alabama prison is no joke 🤣

  6. why pookie gotta be dark skin and look like a chipmunk😂😂brown skin handsome niggas are pookies too😅😅

  7. What happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. All these young dummies think they are going to go pro. Maybe. BUT none ever seem to have a back up plan, like maybe actually doing something while they are IN college….Besides playing dribble ball.

  8. Smh this is heartbreaking. I remember a viral tik-tok of a girl saying she always gives men her number because they be killing women. The men in the comments where mad but this is little a fact smh. Bless her soul and family!!!

  9. Word on the street is her jealous bf shot at these guys and one returned fire

  10. Let’s get these wannabe thugs a cell and bed so they can realize the pain they have cost her family.

  11. At the end of the day, she is also at fault in this. Who was she hanging with again?

  12. God don’t bless no mess why all the pretty women chasing devils? God don’t bless no mess is a damm lie!!!

  13. @Donel King II: ((Probably)) Got With A Trigga Boi – 2 Confront The Ex & Make Him Jealous – It Worked

  14. Have seen this more times than people can imagine. When these athletes are recruited to PWIs, most come from the worst of situations and often they invite cousins, friends, family members to visit/live with them on campus. It’s a recipe for disaster: weed smoking; orgies with White girls; multiple baby-momma’s; guns and violence; drug-dealing; armed robbery…

  15. When Simping goes terribly wrong. He dunked his life right in prison, instead of dunking in college or possibly the NBA.

  16. I don’t feel sorry for him. Here this young man gets a grand opportunity to play basketball at a great university and possibly make it to the nba. However, the best part is, he had an incredible opportunity to gain a prestigious education which many can not afford. And what did he do with those opportunities, he hangs around his want to be gun toting friends and started acting tough. Now look what happened. Our young men are so craven for clout and attention. Every altercation is a gun play.

  17. Shot and killed because she didn’t want to talk to him. Now, Miles is crying about how he loves someone. What about the girl who lost her life because she rejected you? Roast slowly in misery, both of them.

  18. You are a basketball player so whats that gotta do with a gun? None. You wanna be a thug sooo much you threw your life away. Smh…these boys and gals dont respect freedom man

  19. Nobody feels sorry for yall but y’all females and the simps y’all keep using but don’t really love just trying to shit on the men u want but don’t y’all because your make us fall in love with the person you’re really not so lmaoo because every real men and real women not females but women understand one thing nobody dies for no reason

  20. Sounds like he had a broken heart 💔 ; they said she wouldn’t talk to him. Looks like he snapped. They say the investigators have footage of him doing the deadly deed from several cameras.

  21. I don’t understand black guys. If a woman turn them down after the black man approach them, the black guy start insulting the woman, harassing them even hitting the woman. . even if the guy see the girl with her. boyfriend or husband, another black guy will still approach her being disrespectful like somebody owes them something.

  22. I had college teammates who would get high and carry weapons when I started. It was a culture that shocked me freshman year. I guess I was pretty sheltered. All I kept thinking about was how mad my momma and daddy would be so mad at me. I got off campus housing by myself so that I didn’t have to worry about it. My coach wasn’t happy about it until I showed him my grades and refused study hall. I didn’t trust anyone and probably went to three parties in college.

  23. Although Darius was not the actual shooter— he’s just as responsible because he told the police he gave the shooter his gun. He thinks he’s innocent just because he didn’t pull the trigger. It was HIS gun and he gave it to his friend to use. This guy got out, went to the passenger ( where the victim was) and shot through the car SIX times. Both of them deserves prison.

  24. Demons walking upon this earth in human form. Something not sitting right with this story its more to it in my opinion I guarantee it.

  25. She went to this party with her boyfriend but he shot her because she rejected his advances ?!. Her boyfriend needs to tell the truth of exactly what happened because that sounds completely made up.

  26. It’s so sad out here, these young bro’s soft as tissue, claiming to be gangsta! So sad!❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽

  27. So because he felt REJECTED he CHOSE to behave in his feelings, becoming emotional and THROW HIS LIFE AWAY LIKE A G-D FOOL!!!!😞😞

    Now with assistance from “BUBBA” “TINY” AND “PEACHES” he’s on the journey to become “DARIA.”😞😞

  28. And the other evil dude who pulled the trigger.. stuck on stupid? I mean you kill a young woman cause your homeboy feelings hurt. I don’t get it

  29. Dam, so a hurt ego caused her to lose her life. Women shouldn’t have to compromise just to be safe, but if all else fails give a fake number and keep it moving.

  30. Thank God 80-90% of all new borns across the Globe are now female NOT male. Man has f💀cked up this world for centuries.

  31. Omg these negroes have lost their minds🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾to the young woman’s family

  32. Just sad For the young girl.
    This knucklehead should have just left it alone. If he had good people around him they could have helped him walk away.
    Now this poor girls life was taken. Her family broken and hurt.
    Just stupid.

  33. So the boyfriend had a gun and they LEFT to go get one ,,, this was not over getting REJECTED,,, the boyfriend either threatened them or flashed his iron

  34. Men hate rejection. I give a fake name and number. Hell, I’ll give a Text Now number just in case he tries to call in front of me.

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