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Black woman stabbed and called a “N*gger” by racist

Devonna Walker killed by racist/YouTube

Black chick stabbed by racist. 

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CEDAR RAPIDS — Murder or self-defense? Residents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa are in an uproar after 29-year-old Devonna Walker was stabbed to death by a white supremacist who called her a n*gger. The femicide transpired January 2nd at Cambridge Townhomes. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Devonna having contretemps with a white woman in her front yard as a white man opened the door and said, “Please, just get inside.” The white woman ignored his ass and proceeded to yell at Devonna as she held her dog on a leash. “So you come back, you come back after me again?” the white woman screamed. “I’m gonna press charges again.” As the argument intensified, Zaddy told Devonna to “Shut the f*ck up! Shut the f*ck up, you f*cking n*gger!” Devonna — who was unarmed — then ran up on the white woman and shoved her from behind before the white man pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the neck and torso.

To add insult to injury, the white woman mocked Devonna as she collapsed on the lawn, saying, “Oh, she’s playing stupid. She’s playing stupid. Leave her alone. She’s acting like the dog attacked her.”

A few minutes later, a group of bystanders noticed Devonna was stabbed and called 911. “Oh my God! This is all f*cking blood!” yelled one of the neighbors. “They stabbed her!” Paramedics arrived and performed CPR before transporting Devonna to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The white man and white woman were detained by police but later released.

It was determined they acted in self-defense despite the fact they outnumbered Devonna 2 to 1.

Hell, 3 to 1 if you include the dog.

Angelina Ramirez from Advocates for Social Justice called it a hate crime. “It is not up to the police department to create a defense for her killer,” she told reporters. “There is testimony from witnesses. There is video footage of the killing. There is no excuse for an arrest not being made at this point. The black community, the brown community, mostly black community does not feel protected by the police. They don’t feel like they are given the same due diligence under the law as white people are.”

Social media reaction was partially in disagreement.

One viewer wrote, “This girl came UP TO THEIR DOOR. There is literally no excuse. This was clear self-defense. You can’t attack someone because they called you the N-word. Period.”

Another added, “No offense. But when you go look for trouble, that’s exactly what you are going to find. Lost her life over a damn word.😩”

For what it’s worth, Iowa law states “a person is justified in the use of reasonable force when the person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to defend oneself or another from any actual or imminent use of unlawful force.”

Devonna leaves behind three children, including an infant.

What’s my take?

– The white chick had a man and a dog on her side. Conversely… the black chick had nobody ’cause she’s strong, independent and don’t need a man for sh*t. She’s also capable of defeating three beings all by herself. The left teaches black women they’re “Superman.” This incident dispels that theory.

– Where were the black chick’s three children? Why weren’t she with them? And who the f*ck was watching ’em while mom was involved in a donnybrook?

– When a white person calls you a “n*gger” either ignore it or retort by calling ’em a “cracker” or “honky.” They hate that just as much as some of y’all who despite the N-word. Attacking white folks on their own property is not an option. It’s also illegal. So stop listening to left-wing radicals. They’ll get you killed. Besides, it’s not against the law to call someone a “n*gger.” The deratory term was conconcted to trigger blacks. Sadly, Devonna took the bait.

– The boyfriend is a simp just like many Western men. Who the f*ck stands at the door with a knife waiting to lacerate a woman? If I were him, I would’ve circumvented the quarrel from the giddy-up and the squabble wouldn’t have escalated. Telling you dawg, too many Western men are bitches. Not sure what women see in ’em. They must be desperate as f*ck. That’s why masculine men are purchasing passports and traveling overseas for wives. Western culture is despised. Hell, a Russian hockey player with the Philadelphia Flyers stood up to the LGBT community on U.S. soil — something many American men don’t have the balls to do.

Very embarrassing.

It’s a damn shame what’s happened to America.

Watch disturbing footage of Devonna’s stabbing.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Whether we like the racial slurs or not, this was not a hate crime. A hate crime is when someone is attacked by someone who’s being prejudice. Literally attacking someone for being black, gay, trans, latino, or drag etc. she charged at him when she could’ve left. Not a hate crime

  2. She never should’ve charged the lady into the house. They may be racist but she should’ve ever been on their property. I’m from Texas and thats how you easy get shot. This whole story is sad.

  3. This is why we have to be ready for war at all time cause we are living in war time

  4. Heated exchange is fine. N-word is not fine. Pushing the first girl to the ground is not fine. After that is where it gets murky. Dead girl appears to trip over the woman she pushed and into the racist who is already armed? Why is he armed? She’s clearly unarmed. Premeditated.

  5. How is this a hate crime when she could have walked away instead of attacking the woman from behind? If she has walked away racial slurs or not she’d still be alive but she initiated the physical violence and gave him the ability to hide behind self defense

  6. Once you put your hands on someone, they have the right to defend themselves. Idc what happened. In THAT situation, she started the altercation & physically assaulted a woman when she was walking away.

    She didn’t get attacked bc they were racists. She got attacked bc she assaulted someone. As adults, we need to learn to control our emotions. As WOMEN, we don’t fight in the streets like school kids.

  7. It’s sad when we allow people to use their words for us to react in such a way that it causes violence and death that could’ve been avoided, allow people to talk because a lot of people are just talk. The people that killed the young lady are cowards and white supremacists.🤦‍♀️

  8. This sadly was a fatal error she made and this guy may get off! She went to their house..mistake number 1..she went without any protection ie a pistol…mistake number 2..just bad all the way around..I can not watch this footage 😞😞

  9. Yea she could’ve walked away but why was he there with a knife in hand ??? Who just stands with a knife?

  10. It never ends but God will end the violence soon I don’t know why white people think that they are supreme to the point that they should not face consequences for their murders the only supreme beings is the Lord Jesus Christ and his father the God of this universe Jehovah and they will pay for these evil deeds my heart goes out to the mother and her family because this was senseless praying that God will bless, strengthen and comfort them in this difficult time I couldn’t even imagine the pain.

  11. Where’s the deadly force used by the young lady that got unalived that warranted deadly force given. No weapons here, except the murder weapon. She was also provoked and mocked which will be used as premeditated murder. Gross negligence of force.

  12. Black Children can not be taught to think it’s okay to assault people without consequences. No matter what someone calls them. Walk Away. Move. File harassment charges. Live another day.

  13. Self defense? Was his life threatened? CASTLE LAW, STAND YOUR GROUND…Justifiable vigilante homicide seems to be more and more the norm nowadays. Giving these self righteous hypocrites a excuse to kill. Yes, she was wrong to instigate a confrontation. But how to justify murder for a non- life threatening attack? Was she armed? The home owners had a aggressive dog and a knife, what was the threat?

  14. This is why I mind my own business and don’t fight or argue with no one. U end up in jail or with a severe butt whooping or dead. Ppl are crazy out here. It’s always better to walk away if u can. RIP 🙏🏼

  15. Yes y’all will call it racist cause it’s white & black , but let’s be realistic she came to her place of residence and he protected his family . Now I’m not saying he should’ve killed her but her own actions caused her death she should’ve let it go press charges etc . . You don’t know anyone’s intentions especially when you are at THE HOME THAT BELONGS TO THEM! Please take this as a lesson learned . She could’ve been alive today if she was just adult about the situation


  17. This is clearly premeditated murder. He had knife in hand while standing in the door screaming racial slurs to provoke an altercation & stabbed her.

  18. Im tired of seeing our brothers and sisters killed on video. These videos need to be banned immediately

  19. They baited her. The fact that he was armed when she shouted the slurs tells me that he wanted her to come at them. He can use the the self defense argument. I hate she fell for that.

  20. They know how we react to certain shit.. he knew the N word would trigger her.

  21. It’s sad what happened but Ms Walker had no right to go up to the woman and attack her from behind (by shoving her to the ground and punching her) and then begin attacking the woman’s partner (who she struck multiple times) who ultimately defended himself and his partner via a weapon. It’s sad and my condolences go out to the Ms Walker’s family but she made a very poor decision that night. Regardless of what words were exchanged in an altercation you have no right to place your hands on anyone. Acting “hard” is just one way to get you killed and it’s just better to walk away from most situations.

    For those who don’t understand self defense, here is the current law in Iowa where this happened:

    “A person is justified in the use of reasonable force when the person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to defend oneself or another from any actual or imminent use of unlawful force.”

    What is reasonable force in Iowa?

    “Reasonable force” means that force and no more which a reasonable person, in like circumstances, would judge to be necessary to prevent an injury or loss and can include deadly force if it is reasonable to believe that such force is necessary to avoid injury or risk to one’s life or safety or the life or safety of another, or it is reasonable to believe that such force is necessary to resist a like force or threat.”

    Citizens in the state of Iowa do not have a duty to retreat (It was clear the woman Ms Walker attacked from behind had disengaged from the situation and was headed inside her dwelling).

    As always let the law and the courts do their job. Whether deadly force was necessary is what will come into question and if any charges will be rendered. The man who committed the stabbing has a strong self defense case as he was defending himself and was in the defense of another (his partner). No matter how you feel this is what are on the books and there is more evidence that will need to be gathered and released.

  22. You people are so deranged and emotional. Just because a person calls somebody “the N word” doesn’t make them a racist, its to garner a reaction because the Left has brainwashed blacks into fearing a word and weaponizing it to use on anyone by labeling them a racist. I don’t use it but back in the day have called one person it just to hurt his feelings, am I a racist, no. I don’t condone it, but it’s a word, quit being such babies about it.

  23. Yes they are racist…. But I’m sorry, she gave that man exactly what he wanted… You have to control your anger



  25. This is insanity! He clearly stabbed her and there was no self defense, she did not have a weapon. He should have been arrested that night.

  26. They wanted a reason. She gave them one. 2 words: Street Justice. Ijs

  27. It’s the word NIGGER for me!! I’m sure she snapped. I feel like they waited on the day to provoke her to get her to come to their door. Very sad.

  28. Racist are not she should have went home to her children and not rush at the White people’s because the first thing they gone do is scream self defense sad but she put herself and that situation

  29. I watched this video several times she was wrong I had the same incident and I tried to kill the person cause why come to my house I have a right to defend my house and self we call each other niggas all the time should have been at home with them babies that white lady knew her apparently she said you had a baby shower and nobody attended and don’t nobody like you she was mad I watched it and seen him stabbed her in the neck bad and her side by her heart they will move and life on while she is in hell and the kids suffer.

  30. I’m just sick she let them get under her skin like that 😢 when I say I give these snow goblins none of my energy, I mean N O N E…they aren’t allowed in my personal space under any circumstances and I keep the very rare business interactions where I have to deal with them as short as possible.

  31. Oh, so she started the fight?? Well then, what do they say? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!!!

  32. If she had prior altercations with these people I don’t understand why she ran up to their door like that almost going inside their apartment to fight. I hate she lost her life but we have to be smarter when dealing with these demons and also have protection with you.


  34. This was indeed murder…she attacked the female not the male…I hate the fact that our ppl agree with these ppl….it’s Kool though The Most High will bring our justice as he’s already started….I live in a racist area and my children get attacked racially but it’s ok cause I know what The Most High will bring…rest beautiful achoti

  35. I wonder if that was her apartment and the lady n black was telling her to go around the dogs?!? Either way this was senseless, no need to stay! Also sometimes you just have to move, I know it’s not easy but avoid confrontation at all costs, prayers to the family dealing with raising those babies, this world is crazy

  36. It Wasn’t murder, should of had her ass at home, she has 3 kids a fresh newborn and out arguing, you can’t attack anyone in my family and think you’re not going to get the business, especially in my door way

  37. He should be charged with murder but due to the fact we are in a race war this is what happens. Non black men have no problem defending their women from a black woman. Should have had a brotha around.

  38. Coward!..All he had to do was push her back, subdue her or grab his girl into the house to end it all but they wait purposely for their “self defense chances” to murder us knowing they’ll get off by the white supremacy system that are set up for them..RIP to the woman 🕊️

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