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Black woman stabbed and called a “N*gger” by racist

Devonna Walker killed by racist/YouTube

Black chick stabbed by racist. 

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CEDAR RAPIDS — Murder or self-defense? Residents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa are in an uproar after 29-year-old Devonna Walker was stabbed to death by a white supremacist who called her a n*gger. The femicide transpired January 2nd at Cambridge Townhomes. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Devonna having contretemps with a white woman in her front yard as a white man opened the door and said, “Please, just get inside.” The white woman ignored his ass and proceeded to yell at Devonna as she held her dog on a leash. “So you come back, you come back after me again?” the white woman screamed. “I’m gonna press charges again.” As the argument intensified, Zaddy told Devonna to “Shut the f*ck up! Shut the f*ck up, you f*cking n*gger!” Devonna — who was unarmed — then ran up on the white woman and shoved her from behind before the white man pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the neck and torso.

To add insult to injury, the white woman mocked Devonna as she collapsed on the lawn, saying, “Oh, she’s playing stupid. She’s playing stupid. Leave her alone. She’s acting like the dog attacked her.”

A few minutes later, a group of bystanders noticed Devonna was stabbed and called 911. “Oh my God! This is all f*cking blood!” yelled one of the neighbors. “They stabbed her!” Paramedics arrived and performed CPR before transporting Devonna to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The white man and white woman were detained by police but later released.

It was determined they acted in self-defense despite the fact they outnumbered Devonna 2 to 1.

Hell, 3 to 1 if you include the dog.

Angelina Ramirez from Advocates for Social Justice called it a hate crime. “It is not up to the police department to create a defense for her killer,” she told reporters. “There is testimony from witnesses. There is video footage of the killing. There is no excuse for an arrest not being made at this point. The black community, the brown community, mostly black community does not feel protected by the police. They don’t feel like they are given the same due diligence under the law as white people are.”

Social media reaction was partially in disagreement.

One viewer wrote, “This girl came UP TO THEIR DOOR. There is literally no excuse. This was clear self-defense. You can’t attack someone because they called you the N-word. Period.”

Another added, “No offense. But when you go look for trouble, that’s exactly what you are going to find. Lost her life over a damn word.😩”

For what it’s worth, Iowa law states “a person is justified in the use of reasonable force when the person reasonably believes that such force is necessary to defend oneself or another from any actual or imminent use of unlawful force.”

Devonna leaves behind three children, including an infant.

What’s my take?

– The white chick had a man and a dog on her side. Conversely… the black chick had nobody ’cause she’s strong, independent and don’t need a man for sh*t. She’s also capable of defeating three beings all by herself. The left teaches black women they’re “Superman.” This incident dispels that theory.

– Where were the black chick’s three children? Why weren’t she with them? And who the f*ck was watching ’em while mom was involved in a donnybrook?

– When a white person calls you a “n*gger” either ignore it or retort by calling ’em a “cracker” or “honky.” They hate that just as much as some of y’all who despite the N-word. Attacking white folks on their own property is not an option. It’s also illegal. So stop listening to left-wing radicals. They’ll get you killed. Besides, it’s not against the law to call someone a “n*gger.” The deratory term was conconcted to trigger blacks. Sadly, Devonna took the bait.

– The boyfriend is a simp just like many Western men. Who the f*ck stands at the door with a knife waiting to lacerate a woman? If I were him, I would’ve circumvented the quarrel from the giddy-up and the squabble wouldn’t have escalated. Telling you dawg, too many Western men are bitches. Not sure what women see in ’em. They must be desperate as f*ck. That’s why masculine men are purchasing passports and traveling overseas for wives. Western culture is despised. Hell, a Russian hockey player with the Philadelphia Flyers stood up to the LGBT community on U.S. soil — something many American men don’t have the balls to do.

Very embarrassing.

It’s a damn shame what’s happened to America.

Watch disturbing footage of Devonna’s stabbing.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Not a hate crime. It’s clearly a disagreement. The women weren’t mature enough to walk away. Just because someone lost their temper and let a slur fly doesn’t matter. Don’t come to someone’s home thinking you can attack them. That’s how things like this happen.

  2. These devils relish having the opportunity to murder you, never go unarmed and unprepared! History should have been her guide RIP, Devonna😠😔

  3. IDK, it may be hard to get a conviction because Devonna ran up and charged at the woman in the woman’s doorway… evidence may show that Devonna Walker WAS the AGGRESSOR. She NEVER should’ve been in the couple’s walkway! I’m so sorry for the kids and family of the deceased victim. Now had the couple come to her doorway, it would have been totally different. All she should’ve done was, RECORD each and every incident with the dog, and the racial slurs then take it to the authorities but at the same time,what reason should a MAN intervene with a weapon? 🔪

  4. I know she charged at them because she got tired of their disrespect but she should of just went home and created a plan to sue those racist cowards because I don’t blame her for getting mad because these racist punks think they can do what they want without suffering the consequences.

  5. How did she set herself up? When these ppl repeatedly attacked her, verbally & with dogs physically. How much was she suppose to take? This is why we should always be armed. This was definitely a “HATE CRIME”.

  6. I hate to see stuff like this but to be honest she could have walked away. You know most white folks are itching to kill us. If he’s that bold to argue with us he must have a weapon as in this case. We have to practice discernment.

  7. This is why White people need guns, not knives. Must protect themselves against the evil attacks by minority members. 😈

  8. Say what you want about stand your ground, but if the races would have been reversed, and she would have killed a white man, she would be in jail. PERIOD. Her family might want to look up street justice..

  9. He yelled for his wife to come inside multiple times. I doubt he PLANNED to kill her. Y’all need to accept the fact that she made a bad choice and died because of it. She should’ve thought about her THREE kids. But instead, she ran up and put her hands on somebody’s wife.

  10. @
    Jan 13
    Replying to
    My question is Where is the Men Or the Boys that are protecting these girls from this Maniac White Supremacist who is yelling with Immunity and Anger that isn’t new .. all them girls were in danger ..that man need to be dragged out that house with same enthusiasm he used to kill

  11. It was murder because she wasn’t fighting HIM, she was fighting his BITCH!! SCREW HIM, HER, & THE DAUGHTER WORD FRFR 💯

  12. Terrible situation. The aggressor should be prosecuted for murder. As far as I’m concerned, he was armed with a knife; Pre-meditated murder. When you do damage to somebody, you don’t grab them and try to assail them with a volley of hits. You throw one or 2 decisive blows; making contact with them without them being able to touch you– a knockout. If you can’t produce that, leave it alone then.

  13. Racism is a crime. And as long as the US continues to allow it to exist, with out consequence they are EMPOWERING HATE CRIMES, and thus supporting murderers! Because they to are RACIST MURDERERS! It’s embedded in the fabric of this country. They use their pets, their racial slurs and everything else to try to inflict fear and inferiority into people. Physical violence is not the only attack that should be punishable. Verbal abuse can harm you worst than a little ass whoopen! Especially when your whole existence is connected to it. They clearly said to her you nigga go away nobody wants you here. And I’m sure this wasn’t the first time they made it known “ they didn’t want her there”


  15. These sistas treat black men the same , way worse Masculine women are nothing good for society , skin color doesn’t matter , if a woman show a masculine energy with a man , she has to accept whatever is coming next

  16. I notice, in alot of situations when a black woman is arguing/fighting with a white woman a white man always physically attack the black woman in the white woman’s place. As if a black woman isn’t a woman. I noticed this years ago. These movies aren’t helping much, movies such as woman king and Wakanda forever has black women masculine and fighting men. Which is making men even more comfortable with physically fighting us as if we are their equal. If you see the video, this girl was arguing with a woman and charged after that woman. Why would that man do that to her. All he had to do was break up that fight. Smh. Rip, sweet heart.

  17. Family these WS d👹vils are MURDEROUSLY Cunning and WE have to know and understand how THEY operate, and it’s not surprising to me if the Sista❤️(Rest in peaca😢) ran up on that d👹vil when he yelled f*****g n***er … Opportunity killers

  18. If a black man did that to a white woman, he would be arrested. The justice system needs to be destroyed.

  19. It amazes me how women think they can fight men. This woke feminist movement has fried their brains.

  20. Bait !!!! Homegirl was baited into an altercation! He knew he was packing a knife and chose not to de escalate the situation because he knew what the outcome would be.

  21. But zaddy is so loving and caring. May the real leaders of genocide please stand up.

  22. BLACK WOMEN…this is a prime example why this “I don’t need no man/strong & independent” BS needs to stop.

  23. ❤️🖤💚🙏🏽 He would be dead that day. There comes a time where we have to be willing to die to protect our people period, especially our women & children. All that marching & protesting has gotten us nowhere but continued suffering. The police are nothing but a modern day branch of the ku klux klan. Like I stated before, he would be dead that day. ✊🏽

  24. Yeah But What I Can See Is Her Being The Classic Black Woman Being Aggressive And Quick To Put Hands On Another Individual, And From What I Can See Is That She Got What Was Coming To Her, I See No Racism, And By The Way I’m A Blackman

  25. Two separate hate crimes occurred….he engaged in hate speech, there are such things as fighting words….and it was unreasonable force. Oh wait, his complexion gives him protection

  26. She f*cked around and found out…. seemed like self defense once she charged her with her back turned

  27. This sickening hateful evil demonic stuff needs to stop I’m afraid our race of people will start killing the opposite in self defense like never before it’s white men at that picking on black people for no dam reason black men need to stand they ass up come together to protect your families its a huge race war going on Satan an his demons running wild what if they kill that white couple before they pay for what they’ve done…

  28. She should’ve just called them trailer trash 🗑 😒 and went on in the house to her 3 kids especially the fresh newborn. Rip sweetheart fly high

  29. Unless black people know white people to be good people, they should stay away from them. You shouldn’t befriend them or associate with them. Prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  30. That’s why you need your black male warriors. Theses black women for some reason today they feel they can take on being so masculine out here with the fowl mouth and tattoos Like man, personally I think it’s the music and movies. Showing women in movies going toe to toe with a man 2 or more times bigger than them and the woman whips his ass. Black women it’s just a movie. Don’t let these feminists fool you. Ok!

  31. Black women stop being so damn masculine, she bought that full price no refunds…..

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