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Stepbrother and girlfriend dismembers his stepsister

Becky Watts brutally murdered/Anna Uncovered

Stepbrother murders stepsister. 

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ST. GEORGE, Bristol — Here’s another reason to keep stepparents and stepchildren away from your kids. Anna Uncovered released the murder documentary of 16-year-old Becky Watts who was dismembered by her evil stepbrother — Nathan Matthews — and his pregnant girlfriend, Shauna Hoare. The homicide transpired February 19, 2015 in St. George, Bristol — a district on the eastern edge in England. Becky’s father married Nathan’s mom. According to court docs, Nathan and Shauna harbored a secret sex idée fixe with prepossessing teenage girls and Becky fit their profile for a Ménage à trois. So the sadistic pair kidnapped Becky, handcuffed her, zapped her with a stun gun, raped her, and asphyxiated her. Then Nathan, 28, and Shauna, 21, pulled out a circular saw and took turns chopping Becky into bits before storing her remains in a red suitcase that was placed inside their Vauxhall Zafira. Despite all of that, Nathan and Shauna showed zero contrition. They ordered carryout and played the game of Monopoly while chortling over Frozen’s parody song “Do You Want to Hide a Body?” Ain’t that a bitch?

Nathan was arrested, charged and convicted of murder.

He’s serving 33 years to life in prison.

Shauna, who laughed during police interrogation, was found guilty of manslaughter.

She was sentenced to 17 years.

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “Divorce is bad for kids.” Another chimed in with, “Both of these evil demons should have had their hands and legs handcuffed so they could be thrown in shark-infested waters.” A third person added, “That’s what you get when you force unrelated kids to live together… and why does he get 33 years and she gets 17? They always get away with it.”

A year before she was killed, Becky told caseworkers Nathan — who suffers from depression and fibromyalgia — bullied her, took pictures of her naked and vowed to post them online if she didn’t satisfy his fetishes. She also said her simpin’ father, Darren Galsworthy, “would throw her out” if the photos went viral. Nathan was attacked by inmate Royston Jackson, 49, in prison.

The convicted murderer poured a jug of boiling hot butter all over Nathan’s countenance.

“Karma’s a bitch,” Darren told reporters.

“I’m not sorry it’s happened. It’s my birthday today and that’s the best present I’ll get all day.”


Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. they should do to the killers what killers did to the victims … an eye for an eye … this is why the justice system has failed the victims

  2. Seems to always be child services take kids from Loving homes for pathetic reasons and fail to protect the ones that actually need to be removed. That poor girl! The fact her own parents didn’t even take notice of her telling them her step bro was a bully is just sad. This poor kid was let down by everyone around her nobody seemed to listen to her. If just one person did she probably would still be alive 😢

  3. He only got 33 to life for 1st degree murder. Both got light sentences. She’ll be out while still relatively young…Becky never got justice.

  4. We all need God’s protection !
    especially teenagers !
    Please accept Jesus as your
    Lord and Savior, become a child
    of God, and ask God to send
    angels to protect you, 24/7, when
    you go out and when you come in !
    Jesus loves you ! God bless you !

  5. That’s why people commit these crimes The punishment is not harsh enough!!!!!

  6. The father had the audacity to say he had no parental support which is why he told Becky if she didn’t behave she’d have to move out. Another COWARD making excuses for HIS parental failures & no common sense! Most kids that young won’t tell everyone from social services to her parents, etc…a b.s. story. Usually they only tell ppl they know they can manipulate. A way to test it? Make sure Nathan & Shauna weren’t allowed over at all, see if there are any changes w/Becky.

  7. Wait I’m so confused??? They wanted a sex slave, and decided to kidnap her for that purpose, but he ended up just suffocating and stabbing her the moment he got to her house instead, and then just cut up her body? Like?? The whole thing makes zero sense unless you’re withholding details?

  8. Can’t get over how pretty Becky was. Life would’ve got much better for her, away from teenager bullshit, bud sadly those two had to have their twisted fun. The girlfriend was the enabler, should’ve got way more prison time.

  9. He gets Life and she gets 17 years? what the hell is always giving women less of a sentence! they are only weaker on body, if they do the same shit they should get the same punishment!

  10. Gender priveleges. Shana should also suffer same sentence like nathan. Fuck the feminists.

  11. First, he says he wants a teen to torture with sexual games and then he kills her immediately. What did he want?
    Myself I think that is all an excuse for overwhelming jealousy! What a lousy son!
    To ruin a family and take a lovely girls live for nothing but his on sick imaginings.

  12. Shauna is such a freak. what kind of a woman fantasizes about kidnaping and assaulting children??

  13. becky is sooo beautifull !! the killers are soooo uuuggglyyyy !!!! ugly people kill cause they know they will never be as beautifull !!

  14. To be surrounded by clueless people and a demonic person is a death sentence, clearly. Poor girl 🥺 everyone failed her. When your child tells you something is up, don’t try to put a bandaid on it. I hated when my parents did that and I was always right in the end.

  15. That girls so called brother, and his partner are sick perverted freaks, that took pleasure in destroying that girls life, he is a vile, evil, worthless piece of crap that should never see the light of day again💛💛💛

  16. I cant get over how little blame the dad puts on himself. If he hadnt kicked her out, she would probably still be alive. What an a hole

  17. Becky’s Dad: I couldn’t imagine why she’d be scared of Nathan.

    Also Becky’s Dad: Nathan once tried to bring home a car full of 12-year-old girls and I even called him a pedophile about it.

  18. Another case of being failed by the people around her. Her dumbass of a father and creepy step brother as well as her neglectful and ignorant stepmother didn’t help at all. She was bullied EVERYWHERE.

  19. The cold blooded manner of the entire case is chilling. Many years ago a dog ran out in front of my car and I couldn’t stop in time. Sadly the poor thing died and it was in pain. I was physically shaken and I vomited at the side of the road. I felt guilty for years after. So the idea of dismembering a body is just beyond my consciousness understanding.For the killers to remain calm under police questioning surely suggests a psychopathic personality trait.
    Thankfully, because of advancement in technology, and advancement in police interview methods, it is getting almost impossible to get-away with murder these days. The Bristol police deserve huge praise for their investigation of which was first class in my opinion. I have a daughter myself so my thoughts and prayers go out to the father.

  20. My half brother is 10 years younger than my brother and 12 years younger than me. It’s our literal duty as big siblings to protect our younger siblings. This is fucking evil.

  21. I think maybe Nathan was having inappropriate behaviors towards Becky and Shauna found out about it, and out of jealousy she threatened Nathan that she would tell his family about it and planned to kidnap Becky and that’s when things went wrong.

  22. could you imagine just being at work ringing someone up for a circular saw completely unaware that they’re about to use it to dismember their murdered sister

  23. I’ve never been so disgusted with a case before. the idea that an older step-brother murdering and dismembering his step-sister with his girlfriend is mortifying. she should have lived a long and happy life. she is so beautiful and i feel for her so much. rest easy baby.

  24. I’m thinking that Nathan WAS attracted to her from the beginning, but he hated himself for it and took it out on her.

  25. Poor girl literally spent her entire life being terrorized by her future murderer.

  26. Nathan and Shauna were both attacked in prison, so let’s celebrate that

  27. IM FUCKING FURIOUS 33 years !!!! For fucking stealing a child’s life !!!??? LIKE ARE YOU SERIOUS. Why is this world so fucked up bro why

  28. These 2 Scumbags among many other murderers need to be fried. It’s disgusting how the workings of the Law continuously allow p.o.s to plea out or other to spare their life. This happens all around the world. These p.o.s get LIFE:/ They have murdered, sexually assaulted, & dismembered a pretty young girl that had her entire life ahead of her. She had no opportunity. These Scumbags need to be suffocated, assaulted & same. All of these sexual predators & other deviants need to be put in a massive building, suffer, & be electrocuted slowly. There’s to much Evil in this World. The prison systems are $$ making Institutions. Without these millions of prisoner’s there’s a loss of millions of dollars. $oney on a grand~scale that goes to that other Institution.

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