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Psycho Dollar Tree worker assaults manager over sex

A viral video shows a belligerent Dollar Tree employee beating the sh*t out of her manager for not letting her egress work early to go out on a date. Rather than intervene, customers stood and watched. Many recorded the pummeling with their cell phones. The female worker met a dude on Instagram and she was expecting to f*ck him after lunch break. But her corpulent supervisor forced her to cover the entire shift — igniting the beatdown. Cell phone footage shows the minimum wage earner punching her boss in the head repeatedly as she laid helplessly on the ground. “You bitch!” the employee screamed while delivering the ass-whuppin.’

Scuttlebutt has it the worker is a transgender woman.

“That’s a dude,” one of the customers said.

Moral of the story: If a horny person seeks penis, let ’em copulate.

After all, American men have purchased their passports — creating a paucity of phallus.

Watch the fight.

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  1. The bright side is by tomorrow she won’t have to worry about working there at all

  2. Just as usual, the same 🌚 suspects………but they all want us to respect them….smh

  3. It don’t justify assault. But I wonder how much the employee endured to go to that extreme. Maybe the manager can’t get a date. Anyhow I would fire both.

  4. That is awful but why is the manager so fat? That’s the bigger issue

  5. Jesus, and I got upset when I couldn’t get a weekend off…

  6. Damn right! She made her work as she should! The manager just ruined her chances at becoming baby mama #4 to some instagram rapper with a mixtape

  7. This is why people prefer to work from home. Less chance of having to throw hands. 🙂

  8. I wanted to beat the hell out of at least 4 of my bosses (I’m 57 now).It’s almost cathartic to watch this and yet the gal will never live this down and will struggle to be employed for the rest of her life, regardless of what happens to the manager.

  9. This is America today.

    The worst part is the law and order will not even blink an eye. The manager may get fired if the employee claims to belong to a protected class.

    And that employee may get rewarded with millions from taxpayers because of protected class.

    If manager also belongs to the same class, then blame will go to Whites as everything that is wrong in America is attributed to Whites who created such a f*cked up country.

    Yes, this is what is America today.

  10. This is what America has always been. I can’t understand why people don’t realize the difference is everyone now has a camera and recording device with them everywhere they go. Plus, a platform like YouTube and Instagram to broadcast it

  11. Gotta love the blacks ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🤬

  12. What in the EBT is going on here? Where is the professionalism. Get some referees and officials in there.

  13. Well it’s time to go.
    I don’t want that bubble gum that bad… aight put it back….. Leh go

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