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Jeremy Brown’s sepulture featured twerking & more

Jeremy had the craziest funeral ever/YouTube

Jeremy’s funeral was insane. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

CHICAGO — Jeremy Brown, the Pookie shot dead by Carlisha Hood’s 14-year-old son, had one helluva funeral. His family wore “Knockout King” t-shirts to commemorate him beating Carlisha’s ass. They tossed marijuana into his grave. And Jeremy’s baby mama twerked on his cardboard cutout. She even donned transparent raiments so we can descry her derrière. The service was captured on video. Jeremy’s chick clapped back at haters via social media. “This mothaf*cka internet-trolling ’cause I put ‘Knockout King’ on my mothaf*ckin’ shirt,” she ranted. “Bitch, he is the Knockout King. Y’all really gettin’ on my mothaf*ckin’ nerves.” Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “Aww, that’s nice. Too bad he’s in hell. I’m sure that’s where Knockout Kings go.” Another viewer added, “The Knockout Kang who probably knocked her out a few times, and she still didn’t learn her lesson. This really shows how most women like her are lost.”

Jeremy punched Carlisha’s countenance multiple times in a Chicago fast food joint before her son filled him full of lead.

The sanguinary ordeal was captured on video.

Carlisha and the teen were arrested but charges were dropped.

Do you agree?

Watch Jeremy’s wild sepulture.

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  1. Classic hood funeral 🤦🏾‍♀️ this is why our people catch hell 🤯🤬

  2. How is that mark azz buster “The Knockout King” & couldn’t even knock down a whole female with 3 clean haymakers & he stole on her with the first punch ??? I know his Grandmom shaking her head !!! He went in for burgers & came out with wings 🕊!!!

  3. I hope he had God in his life. Because judging from how everything is playing out and the history of him. He might just be in Lucifer’s den. 🙏

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