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Pookie kidnaps his ex from Wingstop then murders her

Khaliyah was kidnapped and murdered/Viral Crimes

Pookie kidnapped girlfriend twice. 

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LOVEJOY — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of 19-year-old Khaliyah Jones who was shot dead by her simpin’ ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Cameron Hopkins, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired on July 16, 2023 in Lovejoy, Georgia. Khaliyah was busy working her shift at a Wingstop restaurant when Cameron barged in and forced her to leave at gunpoint without clocking out. As Khaliyah was shoved into the car, employees called 911 and reported the abduction. Moments later, Cameron led police officers on a high-speed chase. He was traveling at least 100 miles per hour. Cameron pulled into a high school parking lot, pointed his gun at Khaliyah’s throat, and opened fire — striking her three times. “We definitely heard a female,” an officer told reporters. “She was screaming after the shots were fired from inside that vehicle.” Realizing he took his ex-girlfriend’s life, Cameron called Khaliyah’s mom — Bridgette Jones — to explain.

“I hear the screams of him saying, ‘Mrs. Jones! Mrs. Jones! Wake up baby. She won’t wake up,’” Bridgette recounted.

“I think that the magnitude of what he had done probably started kicking in.”

Cameron fired several shots at officers and a shootout ensued. The trigger-happy thug was clearly outmatched, so he waved the white flag. Cameron was arrested and charged with murder. What’s sad is he was supposed to be in jail. Cameron kidnapped Khaliyah at gunpoint on July 17, 2022 in a Walmart parking lot. He was jailed for the crime. But the judge let him out on bond.

Had Cameron remained behind bars, Khaliyah would still be alive.

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “This why NO BOND should be allowed for violent offenders period!!! I don’t care if they rot waiting for trial!!!” Another chimed in with, “Had she lived, she would’ve went back to him so what’s the point?” A third viewer added, “These men are unhinged. The fact that they’d rather spend their entire lives behind bars instead of moving on is crazy.”

Watch the explosive documentary that includes police dash cam footage.

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  2. I hope they sued the hell out of Clayton County this should have never happened to that poor girl… Rip Young Queen

  3. They should have not let his crazy self out the first time. This is a sign. They want us to speak out when we’re abused but don’t do ish to help us. I’m so happy I got out of my abusive relationship. I’m free and alive. RIP baby girl

  4. Its a damn shame domestic violence happens so young. These little boys just have hatred for girls. When youre young, you dont care about the consequences.

  5. Getting involved with a man is how you increase your chances of dying. Men are emotional as fuck.

  6. At first glance when police pulled him over. It looked as tho they shot the car up😮

  7. The thuggatry starts early in the ni66aDOM. They are a threat to society . When the police pluck them off, black women should celebrate .

  8. Now don’t get me wrong, he was all the way wrong, but I don’t think he killed her, I think, when the police shot into the car, they missed him and hit her and the fact that he took her and kidnapped her, I think they’re putting the murder on him because most people, if they kill somebody in a police chase , its a murder suicide, as soon as they shot into the car, he surrendered immediately, so I really don’t think that he was trying to kill her. I think he was just crazy and didnt know how to face rejection because what stopped him from killing her the first time? The police killed her by accident by being reckless and is pinning is it on him.

  9. Absolutely can’t believe this, out again after he kidnapped her the first time. They don’t really put these sickos away until the victim dies. Y’all happy now??

  10. Crazy she was kidnapped last year by this lil motherfucker if that was my daughter I would have kidnapped him and mailed each of his family members parts of his body

  11. Why was this young lady still living in the area after the first incident? She should have moved since that monster was out on bond. In my opinion, many women lack situational awareness. After the first incident, it was obvious that he would try to un-alive her.

  12. The Family should sue the judicial system for EVERYTHANG!!!! They don’t really take nothing serious until they are dead!!

  13. Man nowadays people really need to start asking people to show their relationshipfax, because there are some sick and wicked/twisted people out there. Also if we know an individual is broken. Please do not try to fix that person, because it is not worth it at all. This young lady did not get to fully experience life, I’m honestly getting sick and tired of seeing this BS reoccurring daily. The judicial system really needs a makeover, because weed sellers get more time than violent criminals.

  14. How the hell did they mess up to the point where this bastard gets out of jail?! Ooh this makes me so upset 19 is a baby, she didn’t deserve this. This county needs to go ahead and settle this case now. I’m sure her family didn’t want money for this reason but they will pay for f’n up.

  15. 🤨”Well, that fatal Mistake”!!!,Cost this Beautiful young SISTA’S life being taken Away”!!!, Simply Because Of an error”!!!, Which could Have Been Prevented”!!!, No’ll, I believe it’s much more to than that”!!!, They knew that that boy was Dangerous”!!!, Ninety percent of the time” he’s going to go after her”!!!, Given the opportunity 🤨” they know this”!!! The Court” system”!!!, 🤨” It’s called killing two birds with one Stone”!!!, I’ll say it again, it’s called killing two birds with one stone”!!!, 🤨 Free him, chances are he’s going after Her”🤨” he kills her”!!!, 1, we drag his ass off to chill too face death penalty”!!! 2, black people don’t you see, the life playing Game”!!!, 🤨 If you don’t, I do”!!!
    🤨 They always release these Punks”!!! , Going with her going to do”!!! , It’s predictable”🤨” there’s been many cases of”!!!! 🤨” My Heart goes out to the family”, Relatives and friends”, May Beautiful young Lady REST IN PEACE” ❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  16. Shit is terrible what is wrong with the courts judges and prosecutors and states attorneys are SHIT! I am going through this now and they think its a game until its too fukn late

  17. Why are black people murdering other black people like….DAILY!!!!????? W H Y!!!????? WTF!!!!!!

  18. Instead of him hurting and killing her …….why wouldn’t he off him self.????

  19. These young boyz can’t handle rejection. Stop having sex with these young boyz until they are mature because the spilling of sperm is causing our nation of men to become soft. They don’t have enough testosterone to handle relationships. You will be able to find out the mental capacity of a man by not engaging then you will know to slip away softly. This is happening way too much to our people because of the ignorant men they get involved with. This saddens me this joyful young lady just working twice was abuducted twice and now gone. The prosecutors office should be held accountable for this. Period.

  20. Cameron, an outstanding, well raised young man who is a perfect example concerning everything wrong in the black community. Our young black men who in most cases are raised by single black women are in need of help.

  21. Just another emotional CLOWN that doesn’t know how to handle rejection… RIP Khaliyah

  22. Y’all keep voting for Democrats and they keep killing your children.

  23. We need to bring back the chair public executions and make them televised….

  24. She loved hood dudes and thugs this is the result! SMH 🤦🏿‍♂️


  26. We desperately need to implement Segregation from these lawless savages 🤦🏾‍♂️💩🐒🍟🍉🍗

  27. Ain’t no way you should be able to bond out after kidnapping someone period. The system always fail our woman if he stayed in jail this wouldn’t have happened.

  28. And he had the nerve to call her mama after he killed her? Wtf is wrong with him? 😢😢😢

  29. WOW no protection. They let this boy out to finish what he started. Black girls and women have no one to help us. We are clearly out here on our own. It’s scary. It’s not fair. This broke my heart. I have a daughter her age 😢

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