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Pookie kills ex-girlfriend’s daughter over breakin’ up

Brittany’s ex killed her daughter/Twisted Crimes

Pookie kills ex-girlfriend’s kid.

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HOUSTON — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Jeremiah Jones, 22, is facing the death penalty after he murdered his ex-girlfriend’s 9-year-old daughter, Khylie Sorrells, because she broke up with him. The pedicide transpired on June 14, 2022 in Houston, Texas. According to police reports, Brittany Sorrells — a victim of domestic violence — told Jeremiah she was sick and tired of being his punching bag and she was done with their relationship. Jeremiah — a gang banger — wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and he proceeded to stalk the single mom of three — causing her to file a restraining order. On the night of the shooting, Jeremiah showed up unannounced at Brittany’s apartment while she was in bed watching television with two her children. Brittany’s cousin, who lived in the home, went outside — leaving the door unlocked.

Jeremiah promptly barged in, demanding that Brittany return the TV he bought her. After ripping it off the wall, the Indian giver told Brittany he wanted her cell phone to see if she was copulating with other dudes. As soon as she gave it to him, Jeremiah walked to the back bedroom where Khylie was, pulled out a handgun, and opened fire — striking her in the head.

Then he shot Brittany in the shoulder before egressing the apartment.

The other children were unharmed.

Brittany and Khylie were transported to the hospital.

The former survived, and the latter died.

Jeremiah was arrested and charged with capital murder and aggravated assault.

He’s facing the death penalty.

What’s sad is Jeremiah was out on five different bonds in Harris County when he shot Khylie and Brittany. Prosecutors wanted him to remain behind bars. But the judge kept setting him free. “They had this guy multiple times, they had umpteenth chances to keep him in custody,” said Andy Kahan of Crime Stoppers. “Every time he was released on bond, he violated his bond conditions by being charged with yet another crime.”

Jeremiah’s rap sheet is comparable to Charles Manson’s, dating back to when he was 12 years old.

Yet, Brittany dated him anyway because she was desperate to have a man.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. Can’t bring these men around your children you don’t really know,these men today are overly emotional and extremely violent.

  2. These women today luv thugs but dont think about what comes with em.😢😔
    No woman should be with a punk but def not a thug

  3. This is sad, women you can’t date career criminals ( only 22) and expect to have a loving relationship, especially if you have young children. Why would you let these thugs around your children 🤬🤬🤬 damn you have to choose better. Im sure she will carry this guilt her whole life.

  4. And he ugly!!! He had nothing to lose other than his useless life in jail!!! Burn in hell!!!

  5. I blame the mother for bringing this criminal into her life around her three daughters.

  6. I’ll tell you one thing I used to work at the jail. Tell the other inmates that he shot a nine-year-old girl and put him in general population. He won’t last 24 hours. Even the bad guys dont tolerate this nonsense.

  7. I hate to say this but he probably killed that little girl because she was going to tell that he was molesting her or some sh*t.

  8. She wasn’t even a Sexy chick With them mile long lashes 🤦🏿‍♂️

  9. So many women play a victim after they bring a monster into their lives. She knew he was a thug. Very sad 😮

  10. I think him and the mom at some point had issues and khylie was involved which is why he hurt her first.

  11. The law lets these devils out on bond, only for the 💵. That’s it that’s all. Where I am, folks sit at the work house or downtown jail for yrs. Until they go to court and get sentenced. Ain’t no way he should have been out on bond with his record (actions he has made.) this is crazy, I pray for that precious soul and her family that they lock his tail up forever. I don’t believe in the death penalty, because only GOD should say who lives or dies. States killing people on death row is just a horrible as the life that person has taken. It doesn’t make it right.

  12. I’m feeling like he targeted that Lil girl for a reason! If it was just to torture the mom, he would have zeroed in on the younger ones! I’m feeling like he didnt want this beautiful angel around out of fear she would testify to him molesting her!!!!!???????…..

  13. I feel so terrible for the death of this baby. I also feel like something isn’t adding up. If you have a restraining order out against someone, why is your door unlocked? There is definitely more to this story.

  14. This case is really sad and strange the reports said he shoots the child in the head but the mother in the shoulder, and the other kids were unharmed, it doesn’t make any sense

  15. Thug luvin must be some powerful stuff. These Pookeesias know that Pookie is homocidal before they even lay down with him. But they lay down with Pookie anyway, and make babies. STDs be damned.

  16. Bring back old sparky. He needs to visit sparky and one less person we have to pay taxes to make comfortable.

  17. He’s had a rap sheet since 12 years old? At what point can someone be considered unfit for civilized society? We need to start exiling people like this to some God forsaken corner of the earth.

  18. That woman should not have been dating anyone. Single mothers, STAY single. Your priority is on your kids.

  19. Sisters in this country need a class on how to pick men I’m sorry cuz this is ridiculous…. sisters it takes two to tango because at the end of the day you guys have the ultimate last say so if something’s going to happen with a guy and y’all always pick wrong and dangerous you hear so many of these stories about some women dating some thug dude and he end up killing them or somebody in their family that’s what happened to Jennifer Hudson mom her sister brought around some Thug dude and he ended up killing dam near the whole family. And brothers you don’t need to take a woman who has three kids when you that young stay away from single moms if you don’t have any kids yourself

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