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Pookie deletes baby mama behind daughter’s daycare

Pookie kills baby mama at daycare.

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DECATUR — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Taco Nash, 21, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama, 21-year-old Mic’Keya Montgomery, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired on June 15, 2022 behind their daughter’s daycare center in Decatur, Georgia. According to police reports, Mic’Keya — a victim of domestic violence — had already broken up with Taco and she had a restraining order in place. Mic’Keya found a job and moved into her own apartment to begin a new life with their daughter — Chloe. Taco abused her for years and he almost took Mic’Keya’s life when he shot her two years ago while she was pregnant. On the day of the shooting, Taco — who was wearing an ankle monitor — showed up at the Education Elevation Children Academy to confront Mic’Keya. He tried to barge through the main entrance, but daycare workers intervened.

Taco threatened to kill everybody, including the kids, if they didn’t get out of his way.

“She was saying, ‘No,’ you know and asking for help, yelling out for help,” Chancierra Coleman, Mic’Keya’s sister, told reporters. “And he got into a physical altercation with them [daycare workers] and threatened to kill everybody… So they ended up just having to let… her, you know, go with him.” Taco forced Mic’Keya, who was holding Chloe, to leave with him at gunpoint.

Rather than comply, the distraught single mom took off running towards a wooded area behind the daycare center. Taco chased her down and opened fire — killing Mic’Keya as she clutched their baby. Taco was arrested moments later. “She had been holding her because there was blood splattered all over Chloe,” Chancierra said. “He called my other sister and he said,’ I’m sorry, I killed her.’”

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “Huge shout out to the daycare workers for trying to intervene and save that woman. Another shout out for saving the lives of the 40 children in there. There’s literally nothing more that could’ve been done.”

Another person added, “Is Taco that n*gga’s real name? No wonder he’s angry.”

Taco’s rap sheet is comparable to Charles Manson’s but Mic’Keya dated him anyway.

He was jailed multiple times for domestic violence.

But the judge kept setting him free.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. This is why we need the 2nd Amendment. When the justice system fails, we need to protect ourselves

  2. Damn, RIP young lady. Our judicial system stinks. That family should sue and use the money for the sweet baby’s future.

  3. This is just horrible! Another case of letting a criminal out on the street!! 😡😡

  4. When are we going to keep judges and prosecutors accountable for failing our children? They fail these kids and when they grow up they want to call them horrible names and give them harsh punishments.

  5. What a Punk I can’t understand these Men say they can’t live Without their Women But R Too Cowardly to take their own life just Sad Women have to make Better Decisions on who they have Kids with and who they Date!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  6. One of her uncles or brothers should’ve knocked the meat out that taco.. the fear she must have felt knowing he was gonna kill her.. damn…that messed with me.

  7. Y’all women need to observe the guys y’all mess with they like to smoke weed hang out don’t mess with nobody like that you got trouble.

  8. This is terrible. These women have to stop playing with these man’s children because their results could be harsh.SYSBM

  9. You can look at that creepy man and tell something ain’t right with him. He looks crazy. Yng women plz stop accepting these broken lost , dusty, broke boys.

  10. @floyd daye: I think that he’s probably more pissed that she reported him and sent him to prison. These women need to stop making children with these kinds of thugs and to merely never associate with them.

  11. Taco? The dad’s name is TACO?
    Also: KNOW who you are having between your legs.

  12. Justice system failed this woman and her child, as usual. He had an ankle monitor so he clearly was known to be a danger and probably it was known that the target of his violence was the murdered woman. But they let him on the loose, albeit with an ankle monitor. But it wasn’t enough which means somebody fucked up big time making that decision.

  13. I wonder what did she do To him for him to feel like he had to take her life smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ R.I.P to the woman 🕊🙏🏾

    What young African-American men do not know is that God is real, and Heaven and Hell are real. Cold-blooded killers will not see the light of God in Heaven. When they die, they will be in DARKNESS.
    What we do on Earth (really) MATTERS to God. 🇺🇸

    Also, young African-American women should CHOOSE better men for yourself. ALWAYS do background checks on men. If he has a violent or criminal record , or if you know him to be violent and criminal, leave him IMMEDIATELY. Choose a nonviolent, legally employed and highly educated man. DON’T RUSH TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP, AND DON’T HAVE CHILDREN HAPHAZARDLY WITH ANY MAN. Be wise. 👍🏾👩🏽‍🦱🇺🇸

  15. I hope they handle his ass in jail!!!! Bend ova Nigga!!!!! 😮🤬😡🖕🏾

  16. The government doesn’t care about your life. They want to incarsurate people and make money. And at the same time allow as many people to be killed as possible in the process. The police protect the rich and powerful. The poor people are nothing to them. Black or white it doesn’t matter poor people are worthless to them. Wake up people. Time is up God is coming back soon. Could be today or tomorrow. Maybe tonight? Who knows? Are you ready? If he came right now would you be HELL BOND? Or would you be with GOD?

  17. that daycare lady who left her to be killed is trash. She should be ashamed of herself

  18. This is just disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is the comments constantly telling women to watch who they let in they life, stop telling men you are leaving them all the things that’s blaming the women for these tender ass men. No woman knowingly let’s a crazy disturbed man into her life. Sadly the system fail so many women especially when they continue to let these dangerous men who have proven they are a danger out of jail to terrorize and harm the woman again. The justice system needs to do better

  19. Everything about these Pookie murders is disturbing. Pookie is disturbing, the Pookeesia he kills is disturbing, and the entire wash, rinse, repeat cycle that they perpetuate, is disturbing.

    Pookie is usually a homocidal maniac,. He didn’t just get that way. There were always signs along the way. But most of these females are Pookeesias, they are Pookie’s female counterpart. To them, Pookie’s homcidal tendencies were the norm, in their world. So these women lay down with Pookies and make babies with them.

    The only difference is the ‘gubmint’ will give Pookeesia welfare payments and subsidized housing, but not Pookie. The ‘gubmint’ will pay for Pookeesia to go to school to learn how to do hair weaves or talon nails, or even something like nursing, but not so with Pookie.

    At the end of the day, he’s still Pookie, and she’s still Pookeesia. And between them and the dysfunctional ‘gubmint’, they have already spawned the next generation of Pookies and Pookeesias.

  20. I couldn’t even imagine leaving her alone with him. No way!! People in the educational system need to seriously stop being afraid of guns and LEARN to distract and disarm someone.

  21. @AyyoShyGurl: He could have killed her too. She is not responsible for this. People in the educational system are normal people like you and me. It’s not wrong to be afraid of guns, we are not immortal

  22. The world 🌎 we live in, 😔 these days you could hear the craziest story; and it’s not even a shock anymore. Just sad!

  23. There are no winners in this story. All I see is trauma. For the mother who died. For the child who lost her mother. For the father who murdered his baby’s mother. For all daycare worker who tried to help. For all other witnesses. Just so much tragedy for one incident

  24. Repent. Stop going for the pookie and Ray Ray with ankle braclets. It’s all fun and exciting until it ain’t.

  25. I really wish men would stop being so emotionally fragile and harming innocent women. 😡

    I pray that his downfall be treacherous, irreparable, and like no other.

    Prayers to her family. 🕊️🙏🏿

  26. Blame this on Criminal Justice Reform 100%. This evil monster should of been in jail for prior crimes against this same woman and yet time after time our justice system released him only to allow him to keep harassing and torturing this poor woman.

  27. Once you get shot, you have to leave everything behind. Go to a domestic violence shelter and never look back. Don’t worry about his name on the birth certificate or child support. One of the rules is you have to stop going to the places, where the abuser knows your locations: school, work, family, etc. I despise these liberal policies of jail reform. All it does is put the criminals out on the street to commit more crimes. When I went through DV training, it was difficult to hear the horror stories of abuse. Never ignore the warning signs, teach your teenagers about DV, before they start dating, and keep your personal information private, for example the address and telephone numbers of relatives, your job, etc. because if you have to leave a stalker/abuser, he/she can’t track you down. This little girl needs prayers and counseling for this trauma, when she’s older. No mother and her father took her mother’s life.

  28. Wait wait wait wait………. He shot her before? Why the f they keep letting this dude out? Send the judge to prison for life and whoever is responsible for letting this dude out.

  29. Holy shit he shot her while she was pregnant then killed her while holding her child. This is one of the evilest things i have EVER heard of

  30. Where were the MEN in her life that could’ve dealt with Glocktayvious?!?

  31. What is up with BLK men killing off our queens , it’s like you barely hear about a BLK man m*rdering their Caucasian partner or Latino always the BLK woman 😢

  32. Ladies and even gentleman if you have a forreal crazy ex . Where you believe they will go to any extent please just up and skip town if you have to!!! If they no where u work, hang don’t stay or be nowhere they no don’t even go your family or friends house. Go somewhere out of town or out of state!! Ask ur family for money if u don’t have the means atleast u have a chance of living

  33. The moment a man threaten you like that you need to be walking around with protection.. get him before he get you!

  34. With a name like taco u are already a failure, so many things to unpack, just tragic and senseless.

  35. They needed swat to arrest him at one point then let him out and expected her and the baby to defend
    themselves ?!

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