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‘Mea Culpa’ is hot garbage

Mea Culpa is a dumpster fire/YouTube

Mea Culpa is hot garbage. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry, “Mea Culpa” stinks. It really, really stinks. Its malodor reeks to high heaven. Not even Kelly Rowland could extinguish this dumpster fire of a film. And, what hurts most is she’s part of the problem. Mea, played by Rowland, is a criminal defense attorney married to an unemployed simp — Kal — who, when he’s in the presence of his mom and brother, pretends to be the breadwinner. Yet — despite their struggles as a single income household — Mea hired a private investigator to follow her homebody hubby whose sedentary lifestyle entails playing video games 24/7. Talk about a waste of cash? Mea spends the majority of the film bitchin’ and complainin’ about their lack of remuneration. But she apparently has enough mazuma to put a freelance detective on the payroll. Make it make sense. Facing eviction and car repossession, Mea spurned Kal’s wishes and accepted an offer to represent Zyair (Trevante Rhodes) — a sadistic artist accused of murdering his girlfriend.

Rather than meet with Mea at her office to confabulate the case, Zyair convinced her to conclave at his creepy loft equipped with a ’70s record player and a raggedy elevator. Mea pulled out a confidential case file — which should be illegal outside the office — and began reading. But Zyair’s place is so stygian, there’s absolutely no way she could see. You get the sense the home lacks light switches. Like your typical beta male, Zyair lacks a big screen television and he’s completely disinterested in sports. Instead, the muscle-bound loverboy chose solitude in the dark while listening to Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By” over and over again.

Who the f*ck does that?

After a few sessions, Zyair proceeded to seduce Mea, using corny pick-up lines like, “You’re attracted to me but you won’t admit it.” Blah. Blah. Blah. Mea reluctantly turned down Zyair’s advances until her private investigator — who was in Mexico — texted her a photo of Kal getting a hotel room in Chicago with another woman. Not sure how that’s physically possible. But we’re talking about a Tyler Perry movie and realism is not a part of his repertoire. Rather than rush over to see what the hell is going on, Mea achieves reprisal by f*cking the sh*t outta Zyair just seconds after she descried him having unprotected sex with a courtesan, which is ironic because in Perry’s 2013 film “Temptation,” the protagonist (Jurnee Smollett’s Judith) contracted AIDs for being equally irresponsible.

Perry must’ve forgot about that.

Matrimony be damned, Mea didn’t hesitate to give up the ass.

She obviously wanted to f*ck Zyair all along.

She simply needed an excuse.

During the aforementioned sex scenes, Perry gave a naked Zyair all the camera angles. His buttocks was all over the screen. That’s how you know Madea’s alter ego is gay as hell. A straight man would never put that sh*t in the script. Conversely, Mea’s birthday suit garnered zero airtime. We heterosexual men couldn’t see sh*t. No ass. No titties. Nothing. Nevertheless… after spending the night with Zyair, Mea found out Kal wasn’t cheating. Instead, he got the hotel room for his churlish mother, Azalia, who had cancer. But, we later learned she didn’t have cancer. It was merely a publicity stunt to help Kal’s brother — Ray, the district attorney — garner sympathy votes for his mayoral election.

Feeling mortified, Mea told Zyair she could no longer f*ck him. Then she discovered he painted portraits of every woman he copulated with, including her. She was just another feather in his cap. Ray, who’s prosecuting her case, found out Mea was having inappropriate sexual relations with her client and had her removed as defense counsel. A depressed Mea went to the Dominican Republican to clear her head and — lo and behold — while at a hotel resort, she magically stumbled across Hydie — the Mexican woman Zyair was accused of killing.

Mea tried to detain Hydie, who worked as a housekeeper.

But the missing Latina sprayed Windex in her countenance and ran away.


Mea called Ray, told him Hydie was alive, then returned to America.

But, turns out, the deranged brother-in-law used Hydie to frame Zyair for f*cking his wife — sparking a bout of fisticuffs.

Mea — who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet — beat up Ray before killing Azalia via vehicular homicide.

Then, she caused an automobile crash that took Kal’s life.

After getting his ass whooped by a woman, Ray went to jail.

And Zyair was subsequently exonerated.

Again, “Mea Culpa” is trash.

It’s hot garbage on a 100-degree day.

Perry must’ve been high as hell when he wrote the script.

If you plan to descry the film, you better get faded too.

Blog-O-Meter Rating: 2 outta 5 popcorn bags

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  1. Tyler writes like he doesnt like Black women, imo. Also, to disrespect Black women in law who work HARDDDDD to get anywhere in the field— by portraying her as unintelligent enough to risk being disbarred… utterly a waste of budget and the (very talented) actors’ time.

  2. I’m convinced Tyler Perry hates black women. He refuses to write us in any proper common sense way.

  3. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, because I wasn’t surprised it would be trash. it was comical to me; the horrible acting made me laugh. Tre’s character had no game. Kelly’s character had no backbone. TP just needs to hire some good writers and let some talented, up-and-coming directors do his movies and he can just be the executive producer. Just saying.

  4. I really tried to watch this movie but I just couldn’t get past 15 minutes into it it was horrible !

  5. This lazy ass writing, if tyler wants to make his messy movies he should at least try.

  6. Tyler must have a low opinion of women if he thinks a professional woman is so hard up for some smash that she’d bang a murder suspect client with cheesy pick up lines. It was a B porn missing only the B porn music from the 70s.

    “Close your eyes and hold my paint brush.” Cue 70s porn music.

    “Hike up your skirt and get on my bike” Cue 70s porn music.

    “Wanna smash? I got X” Cue 70s porn music.

  7. The problem I seem to have with Tyler Perry movies that are outside of his Medea movies are how he portrays the cast. It’s always partners at a firm, District attorney, Mayor etc. Can never be just ordinary salaried people. Then the storyline is always some far fetched scenario that almost would never happen so you can’t even put yourself in the actors shoes. It just meets that fork in the road and always goes left. I still have hope for him but I feel he needs to produce better quality written material to keep the audience. Otherwise he will just be another M. Knight Shyamalan.

  8. I liked the movie. Because it was just that a movie. I did pick up on details before the reveal like the mother not having cancer. However, my issue with the movie is that when Tyler Perry 1st started making movies, he claimed to only make religion based movies with messages to help us with past trauma. And it’s clear that this is no longer the case.

  9. Kelly really embarrassed her husband and children for this film?! A Tyler Perry film?!

  10. I just wanna watch it for the sex scenes. Not even Tyler Perry cant mess up sex scenes.

  11. this movie was trash🚮😂
    All I know is Kelly’s acting was great, Trevante Rhodes deserves better roles & RonReaco is still fine af!

  12. Bruh yall just haters because it garners attention! That movie was fine! It had similar writing concepts to other white movies about the same thing. It’s just old at this point the way yall hate this man for every single thing he does! Shonda rhymes could write this and it would be gold but as always yall gon hate on this man! It’s old and tired at this point!

  13. I really tried to watch this movie but I just couldn’t get past 15 minutes into it it was horrible !

  14. Im disturbed about how she freaked him right after shorty….at least shower first…and did paint go in her 🙀???

  15. That movie was trash and the sex scene was nasty. The first woman was in sexual motion with him, then she just gets up and without washing, Mea gets busy…. Nasty and gross. The movie’s storyline was ridiculous.

  16. Here’s my thing… was it the best movie-no! But at the same time, it’s not the worst movie ever made like people are trying to make it out to be! I feel like since this is the first thing Tyler Perry has come out with since the Christian Keys allegations (which never even named Tyler directly), people didn’t even give it a chance and would dislike it regardless.

    The only 3 things I could have done without were-the underground sex club. It added absolutely NOTHING to the film and seemed like a cheap attempt to make it even more sexual/risqué than it really need to be. The mother-in-law’s behavior was just too over the top, very soap opera. The dislike for Kelly would have worked being alittle more subtle because no one in real life would tolerate that. And the last thing that just seemed off and unrealistic to me was the running into the missing girl scene. They should have reshot that. Acting definitely missed the mark.

    Overall I’m not mad at it. If nothing else, it gives Kelly more on screen time/practice so that when they (finally) do the Donna Summer movie it’s right!

  17. The only way he will stop this is if Black people stop supporting his terrible movies. He’s doing this because no matter what his people will support it SMH

  18. @iLoveRedLobstersCheddarBayBiscuits: There was never a Golden Age of Tyler Perry. Black people were and still are starved to see themselves represented in films. Due to being underrepresented in film, black audiences were willing to ignore the fact that his movies are mediocre at best. His movies do not have in-depth storylines such as a Spike Lee. He came into prominence due to his Madea character which went from the stage to movies. Even those are a poor imitation of Eddie Murphy playing different characters so nothing original. Tyler has made good in Hollywood because his movies are like black soap operas. Yet for those of us who prefer more substance in films, he is not a very good filmmaker.

  19. Excellent points made. However when it comes to casting, if we’re trying to make the story somewhat realistic, everyone can’t be super fine and attractive. I’m sorry that’s just not the real world. When all the characters in a movie are super attractive, it gives me campy soap opera vibes. I’d rather have a character with a lot of personality that draws me in through their acting, opposed to a pretty face that can’t act their way out of a soap commercial. When I see a Tyler Perry movie with a bunch of super attractive men and women, I almost always expect some bad acting. And I’m sorry but a pretty face can’t make up for bad acting. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. It wasn’t good unfortunately but, its another stepping stone for kelly Rowland into the big leagues.

  21. The acting was weak, the writing was weak, but the music and photography was all right

  22. I give the movie 5 stars. Excellent movie. The concept, the acting, and the plot. This is not a typical Tyler Perry movie. I’m trying to figure out what movie people in this comment watched.

  23. Kelly Rowland is in this film in order to draw in this movies primary demographic Destiny’s Child fans & 65 year old women that worship at the church of MADEA 👩🏾‍🦳 who are the only people that enjoyed this film……The rest of us know this was a terrible movie.

  24. I thought it was horrible! And it sucks because I was really rooting for Kelly Rowland but sadly she can’t act that good. the plot was missing so much shit. Everyone in this movie was over or under acting. It’s was just hot mess. I already knew who the villains were in this movie a few minutes in , it was just a mess🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. (Shaking My Head….)
    Yaw notice how in the beginning he was a church going man that do the grandma friendly church plays…..right after “Temptation”, he no longer pushing the church plays & now doing all these black relationship dramas with no sign of God in them. In fact…i see him getting more & more mediocre. Is it by design ? Hmmm…maybe, he certainly making movies that make us black men look like we cheaters, back stabbers, or abusers. The only movie he did try to make us black men look positive is his film “Daddys Little Girls” but most of them are “Team Females”. I dont see a balance. You wanna do films making the sistas look like a hero….then do movies making us men look good too …

  26. i want to understand why this man refuses to hire writers it’s insane. You can be hiring young black talented writers

  27. I watched it last night & had several takes on the film that in my opinion is worst than a tubi movie:
    1.) The 2 main characters are terrible actors.
    2.) There was basically no plot
    3.) The sex scene is absolutely terrible [ who fantasizes about having sex in paint]
    4.) So then after a terribly acted movie the finale is so out there that it’s laughable [ this woman who weighs 100 lbs soaking wet beats the hell out of 2 men & leaves without a scratch]

  28. I think he should stick to the plays. Now I loved those when they were on dvd. Like bootleg…. I just don’t think his drama shows or movies are good. I mean Im a writer. Poetry is my first love, but I write short stories and stuff too and sometimes you need to write out all of what you are doing as a rough draft and make edits. Get someone to give you feedback and you have to know how to take good and bad criticism. “The Have and Have Nots” show was crazy and that damn “A Fall from Grace.” And we’re not hating just sharing our honest opinions for those who come with the comments that we are haters!!!

  29. I wanted so much more from this movie cuz Kelly and Trevante are in it. Alas, it’s your typical TP movie with plots started and not finished, too many holes, and his usual tropes. I have so many questions lol. But i really wanted to see Kelly in a court room, an actual investigation

  30. When the credits said, DIRECTED, PRODUCED, and WRITTEN by Tyler Perry, I said, “Oh 💩” 😂

    I swear it was like 10 different people wrote a part and nobody collaborated. Nothing matched or made sense😮

  31. When she slept with Zyair right after he was with that prostitute, I turned it off. No shower, nothing. Just risking her PH balance

  32. TP basically has no incentive to do better. The movies and plays generate substantial revenue that doesn’t get spent on writers, directors, wigs. As long as this works for him, he’s not likely to change anything. Like most people, I wanted so much more from this film but ended up disappointed. At least the wigs were decent (except for that witch of a mama who deserved that struggle wig) and the clothes were gorgeous.

  33. Strong BW weak BM. Wonder where I’ve seen this before? Tyler Perry continues to take BW to the movie equivalent of the Cheese cake Factory.

  34. It was like Tyler mixed addicted , with temptation and acrimony . Extremely predictable. I called everything before it happened and the acting was terrible

  35. How was Heidi supposed to collect the 3mil life insurance if she’s supposed to be dead? Was it just supposed to make Z look guilty? How’d the private investigator get a picture of the husband and Jenna entering the hotel room if he was in Mexico?

  36. I kind of knew the sister in law slept with the artist when she was very much against mea talking to him to decide if she wanted to take his case or not before her brother in law knew about it . Its a tyler perry movie so i wouldnt expect oscar worthy performances from it but thank god there wasnt any hideous wigs being worn like his other movies 😂😂


  38. This movie made absolutely no sense from beginning to end. Rowland’s character should have been a fashion designer (because of her clothes). Her character could have just started an affair with him and could have been his next possible victim. She did not have to be married. The district attorney did not have to be crooked and damn sure did not have to lie about his mom having Cancer to get voted in as mayor. Did he frame the artist because he had an affair with his wife? Divorce anyone? Tyler Perry has a habit of having his female characters have affairs. Why would his mom agree to this? And brother? Is no one in that family a voice of reason?

    They lost me in the beginning when Rowland’s character was because her husband wants to be around his mom who has Cancer (before we find out the truth) she is angry. I think I would be worried if my husband wasn’t visiting his sick mom. She mentions an old female friend of her husband’s that we see one time and never mentioned again. Rowland’s character has no integrity as she is supposed to be an attorney and easily has an affair with this guy, who she even believes committed the murder. She also stayed in the place where everyone was obviously having sex behind sheets. She was with her client. This was not professional in anyway. I feel she should have dropped the case a long time ago. How many people has she affair with?

    The husband’s reasons for being fired makes no sense. If he was an anesthesiologist and was using the drugs, I would think he would be falling asleep on the job as the drugs used are for sedation before operations. If he was mixing this with alcohol, he shouldn’t wake up eventually. That could have been part of the plot. Her husband could have overdosed. She could have been grieving and this made her vulnerable to fall for the artist and possibly become his next victim.

    Don’t forget Rowland’s character lets the not dead lady she knows who she is alive, instead of just calling her PI.

    Did the sister-in-law survive?

    Tyler Perry is a great example of why you need schooling for your craft.

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