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Shanquella killed by haters

Shanquella killed on vacation/Leah Gordone

Shanquella killed by friends. 

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CHARLOTTE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is conducting a probe after 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson was beaten to death while vacationing with a sextet of frenemies in Mexico. The femicide transpired November 11th inside a hotel room in Cabo. Salamondra Robinson, Shanquella’s mom, was initially told her daughter died from alcohol poisoning. “[I] spoke with her Friday evening. She was having dinner and I never spoke with her again,” Salamondra told reporters. “On Saturday evening, they called and said she wasn’t feeling well, and they were going to call a doctor. And when they called, the doctor hadn’t arrived yet, but they said she had alcohol poisoning.” But Shanquella’s death certificate from Mexico shows she died from a severe spinal cord injury. There’s also video corroboration of a naked Shanquella being beaten to a bloody pulp by Daejhanae Jackson as Pookie & Ray Ray egged her on.

Daejhanae resembles a tranny.

“Quella, can you at least fight back?” asked Khalil Cook while recording the ass-whuppin.’

“At least [do] something.”

Shanquella replied, “no.”

After Daejhanae got her licks in, Shanquella’s other frenemy — Wenter Donovan — finished her off with a body slam.

That can be seen on a second video.

Salamondra found out the frenemies lied when she received Shanquella’s necropsy. “After they said it was alcohol poisoning, we received the autopsy report on Thursday, and it said that her neck had been broken and she had a back spasm,” Salamondra said. “[Her] spinal cord was cracked. That took it to a whole ‘nother level because that meant somebody had attacked her.”

Rather than contact authorities, Shanquella’s frenemies left her corpse in their vacation rental and returned to the United States.

Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “No one is your friend but God. People let you down. God doesn’t. Be careful who you call your friend.” Another added, “Her friends left her body in a foreign country? Mexican authorities found a murdered woman and just let them leave the country? Passports should’ve been taken and a real investigation should’ve took place.”

Shanquella was an entrepreneurial beautician with her own boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So jealously definitely played a role in her demise.

Also, during police interrogation, each frenemy spewed a different story.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving donated $65,000 to Shanquella’s GoFundMe account.

Is it time to cancel Pookie, Ray Ray and Pookeisha?

Are they the biggest detriment to urban civilization?

Watch graphic footage of the beating.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Ladies, there are always red flags with fake friends, but we often choose to ignore them. I have been there myself, but not with quite so devastating consequences. The very first time you get that “off” feeling, could be from a look (often you feel in a millisecond) or from a comment (sometimes delivered as a “joke”), do NOT ignore it. Walk away and never turn back. Also observe how they treat other people, what they say. Choose your friends very wisely, they are valuable gems. Do not tolerate trash around you.

  2. This is Like Kenika Jenkins all over again this is so fucking sad that beautiful woman deserved the world and more she had a bright future and for them to falsely say that it was alcohol poisoning is digusting this is insane I wish she didnt go R.I.P to another beautiful soul!

  3. Real good example of how black lives matter less to black lives. So freakin sad! Why? Wtf was the purpose? Pisses me off. Then the black guy recording, egging it on. What a bunch of scumbags! My thoughts and prayers are with her family. HER LIFE MATTERED. And I hope all the scumbags involved in her death, including the person filming it, gets a LIFE sentence in a MEXICAN PRISON!!! Bastards.

  4. These women are full of anger and masculine energy. Whereas the guy recording sounds super feminine, talking about fight back. This world is getting weirder day by day. She really thought they were her friends

  5. This hurts my soul and I’m just catching up on this. This is sick they all are sick. Who in they right mind would do this beautiful lady like this. They wasn’t never friends with her because a friend would of step in it period. And I wish I was a fly and then transform into a human to been by her side. Because that whole house would of been f’d up. She said No when they was telling her to fight back wtf!. I would of show her what a true friend was and wouldn’t let that go down. I don’t play about my love ones smh they all needs to get locked up and throw the key away. Put them in a cell with someone bigger then them

  6. I believe the “animals” planned for her murder before the trip and I feel that they decided they could lie and get away with it in a foreign country! They are all culpable in her death because not one of them intervened to save her! The dreg 2ho attacked her should get the death penalty, asap! The “dregs” who watched her being brutalized should each get twenty years in prison, hopefully a Mexican one! All are despicable miscreants and they should be removed from civilized society fir as long as possible! Dregs! Cowards! Bullies! Miscreants! Hoodrats! smdh!😡🤬

  7. what kind of man stands by and not only watches and does nothing but also films it?…..a worthless piece of crap that stands far from being a man ,that kind…..she was set up big time and flat out murdered.

  8. When she said “no” in fighting back! Broke my heart!💔🥺🥺🥺🥺 shame on the person recording & not helping her! I hope family get Justice for her!🤍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  9. This is exactly why I’m so glad to have had a sister! She’s now deceased and although we always fought each other, it taught me how not to care if I win or lose during a fight! I’m using anything & everything as weapons – including doors, lamps, tables, chairs, pots, pans, shoes, the garbage can, and even other people.. kick my *ss but nobody is leaving without KNOWING they were in a for hard *ss fight. This is the mentality that survived me thru HS, and I’m still on it decades later. At some youthful point a guy thankfully told me to always slay that dragon when dealing with girl bullies – or willingly die while trying..

  10. Poor woman, must have been incapacitated somehow not to fight back, anyone who’s being beaten so brutally will at least try to put their arms up in a defensive posture. But she was just sitting there with her arms by her side and her head down, not even trying to pull away. I hope she gets justice.

  11. This is totally wicked. And come to find out she PAID for some of them to be there! They were jealous because she had money, was beautiful, and was going someplace. People, make sure the people you choose for your friends are similarly situated as you. That’s harsh, but people kill for a lot of reasons, including jealousy. I pray Shanquella gets justice, and that all who observed the beating are found just as culpable as the one who was beating her.

  12. I pray to GOD that all are charged to the fullest extent or get the just due karma that they deserve on these streets…not get off easy like the white girl that stabbed, punched and slammed the head of her so called best friend in Canada this month while bystanders recorded and cheered it on calling it a ‘b…. Fight’ smh this sh…has to stop. How u can stomach someone in a pool of blood with possible skull fragments laying next to her is sickening. We live in a world full of demons moreso now since the plandemic. Something has definitely been in the air smh

  13. Shanquella was an incredibly attractive woman inside and out. Why was she even around these trashy people? What was keeping her down?


  15. 40-60 years in a Mexican prison sounds good to me and Mexican prison is no joke they literally feed their inmates bread and water, no clean water to shower and most sleep on the ground with no blanket oh and the cartels run the prison.

  16. She had so much going for her. Smart, kind, beautiful, and loving . These friends were despicable.

  17. At minimum that so called “man” filming her beating and eggin it on should be charged with conspiracy or something. A true piece of sh*t 💩 he is.

  18. Looks like they all ganged up on her, poor thing. There is little impulse control in young people today. They need to use words not fists. She was so pretty and young with her whole life ahead of her, so heartbreaking. Deepest condolences to her parents and family. Sincere sympathies. What a tragic loss.

    I’m very satisfied with the speedy FBI progress on the case, many thanks FBI! I hope they catch them all and make an example of these evil people who destroyed a beautiful life.

  19. The “Cabo Six” ALL should be arrested immediately. I believe the attack was planned and intentionally executed while outside the US. The six thought the Mexican Government wouldn’t extradite them. In a way, I am pleased that they will be tried in Mexico and not the USA. As I understand it the Mexican Prison’s are unbearable, filled with overcrowding, gangs, unsanitary conditions and constant violence. Any and all of the Cabo Six deserve nothing but a Mexican Jail for the rest of their lives.

  20. All should be charged. The ones that filmed it. The ones that encouraged it and cheered it on, the ones that stood and did nothing. All of them. Not just the one. Animals do better than this. That was a planned attack and they all knew it was gonna happen. So wrong. 🤬

  21. SAY her name Shanquella Robinson. When this is over any person planning to travel to commit murder will double THINK. Say her name folks and keep spreading the word JUSTICE for Shanquella Robinson.

  22. They set that woman up. Every one of her fake friends that went on that trip with her should be arrested. NOBODY stood up for her? They just WATCHED her be killed?! Where is BLM?! Why won’t they touch this?! Black Lives only matter when a white person ends them? The rumors are the creature that killed her is TRANS! That’s a MAN! THATS why BLM won’t touch it. Because it’s an LGBT organization. They don’t give AF about black lives. Only LGBT lives. Damn shame. Justice for Shanquella 🙏🏼

  23. “Can you at least fight back,Shanquella”.
    “NO !!”.

    This broke my heart,I’m also scared because I’m 28 and I can imagine how scared she was to fight back her so cold hearted friend 🥺.

    Rest well baby sister 🥺🥺.

  24. To the people wondering what is going on they should watch Mexican news, the prosecutor says he basically has the case solve, he just needs the US government to processed the extradition

    They want them back in Mexico

  25. Looks like her Neck was broken when she spun her to the ground and and attempted to kick her in the head… look how she slumped forward!! SMH i hope they all rot in prison.

  26. Wow…he fought her like a man..I can’t wait for him to rot in hell. I’m sorry. But people like him, I believe rot in hell. They probably were intoxicated. I mean he is literally killing her… This is A MAN. I hope all transexuals know that in these will NEVER be the gender you want to be.

  27. If those are friends I’d hate to have enemies! lock those son of a sea cooks UP! Poor Baby😏

  28. I don’t know why–I can’t put my finger on it–I feel this is an important / milestone story for African Americans. There’s something here about how we draw the line between CONSCIOUS black folks who are about living well + loving + progressive lives and the folks who are about everything antithetical to those intentions. We MUST go forward as a NATION of people and have the courage to say who we are not rolling forward with.

  29. Where is FAKE a$$ blm now? Or is it only when another race hurts a black person? That video was beyond horrible, to hear poor woman say “NO, why should I fight her” when asked to fight back was bone chilling. But of course, they wont say a dang word because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  30. Daejhanae sounds like a mustard brand or some other condiment. 🤣😂🤣😅

  31. If they all go to a Mexican prison for what they did to this poor girl, the inmates there will take good care of all of them in there, just saying.

  32. Had it been a rich white girl the FBI and Marines be on high alert.

  33. This was a Premeditated attack on Shanquella, and it had been planned weeks, maybe months in advance. They weren’t her friends…just enemies in disguise. And it doesn’t matter that she knew them 5+ years. DaeJhanea Jackson is the woman seen beating her in the video, and is also the one being extradited. Khalil Cook, who was supposed to be her best friend, is the one who’s recording the beating and who u can hear saying to Shanquella, “Are u gonna fight back or something?” The others present were Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, and Nazeer Wiggins (3 males/ 3 females). She was naked and outnumbered. They planned it this way…caught her in a most vulnerable moment as she was naked because she had been told they were going skinny-dipping. Yet, she was the only one naked while everyone else was fully clothed. I felt sick watching Shanquella in this state with no one offering to stop the beating…cause it’s not a fight when the other party isn’t fighting back. She was caught off guard that her “friends” were doing this to her. The breaking of her neck during this beating is what rendered her helpless. BTW it is said that Wenter Donovan is the “friend” who grabbed her by the neck, body-slamming her to the ground. She died in PAIN, and she died ALONE on a trip that she funded for her frenemies to travel and help a friend celebrate a birthday. This hit close to home as I have two beautiful daughters. After I learned of this disturbing story, I went to my youngest daughter in tears reiterating lessons I’ve already drilled into her head about fake friends and said to her, “Please always listen to that gut feeling about those u chose to call ur friends; if it don’t feel right then GET OUT!!!!” And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Blue-on-Black crime, White-on-Black crime, or Black-on-Black crime, Black Lives Matter and justice needs to be rendered swiftly. The same way it is rendered when its White-on-White crime, etc. Shanquella didn’t deserve to suffer the way she did and those Fake Friends have a price to pay…

  34. A black woman was killed by another black woman bc of jealousy.
    It’s fucked up.

  35. Nobody is speaking on the bogus terms that are being thrown out like “femicide” WTF does it matter the gender or based on gender!! It was Murder point blank.

  36. They continued to party and have a good time after her murder. This is cold blooded all around. Did they really believe an autopsy would not show the injuries and that they could just return home minus one person like nothing happened? Not only did they take her life but they stripped her of her dignity by filming her naked. Prayers for Shanquella’s family who have to see videos broadcast on the Internet forever of their daughter’s final moments. She was not killed by strangers but by so called college friends whom she trusted enough to go on a trip together. Someone on that trip is going to turn against the others when they realize how much hard time they all may be facing. Rest in Peace, Young Lady. You had no idea you was traveling to your death.

  37. This is how this poor girl died while they laughed. Then they lied and finished their vacation?!? No this is so ridiculous, why do young people have such a huge disregard for life. Quella, can’t you at least fight back? How could you.. how could you just stand and watch? And refuse to help her, refuse to take her to the hospital. God holds quella now.

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