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Strip Club DJ hired his best friend to kill his loving wife

Tiffany Pugh was fatally shot/YouTube

Wife killed by hubby’s hitman.

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ATLANTA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. YouTube vlogger Leah Gordone released the murderous documentary of Tiffany Pugh who was buried 6-feet deep after her DJ husband, Andre Pugh, hired his best friend — Adrian Harley — to kill her. The femicide transpired in Atlanta, Georgia on November 23, 2014. But the case was delayed several years. Andre was sentenced to life without parole in October 2018. Adrian received the same punishment in October 2022. According to police reports, Tiffany told Andre she was tired of him cheating and wanted a divorce. Rather than respect her wishes, Andre remunerated Adrian as a hitman. Turns out, Tiffany was blessed with pecuniary resources and owned a couple of properties. The mother of two also had a lucrative life insurance policy. Andre was next in line to inherit everything she had. On the night of the murder, Adrian broke into Tiffany’s residence and shot her while she was in bed. One of the kids found her cadaver.

Andre was working at the strip club and he used that as an alibi.

Adrian tried to delude police by staging the crime as a burglary. But, thanks to forensics, detectives found corroboration that proved otherwise. Andre and Adrian were arrested two weeks later and charged with murder. Both were pallbearers at Tiffany’s sepulture. Adrian was the best man at the wedding. Ain’t that a bitch? Social media reaction insinuated homo deportment.

One viewer wrote, “Adrian was Andre’s boyfriend.”

Another chimed in with, “They were more than friends and it’s super obvious!”

A third observer added, “This was a love triangle. The husband and his friend were sleeping together. It’s Atlanta and I’m convinced.” 

Tiffany, a Clark Atlanta University graduate, was a commodity manager at Delta Air Lines.

Andre was one of her employees.

Do you sense gay activity?

Did Andre get his salad tossed?

Watch Tiffany’s documentary and Fatal Attraction episode.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Don’t tell them that you are planning to leave until you are already gone. RIH

  2. Follow your gut ladies we always know when something is off. RIH Tiffany ❤

  3. These men cheat and are mentally and physically abusive. Clearly you don’t want these women. Just let them go, allow them to live their lives. I cannot understand this level of evil.

  4. There’s no way that I have that type of loyalty to a friend. Better off to walk away

  5. Tiffany deserved so much better, it’s so heartbreaking!!!! Her poor children 🌺👧🏾 👦🏽!!! How could he take out the mother of his children 👧🏾❤️😢👦🏽

  6. Most likely another sacrifice. He had to take that oath to reach a certain level in that industry. It’s sad to see how our women are being taken like this

    You guys need to wake up, most things are not by coincidence.

    He planned this

  7. That best friend looks ‘sweet!’ Gotta be more than friends to commit a heinous crime for a best friend!

  8. She wasn’t his ideal woman. Don’t get with these men bcuz they willing to get married.

  9. These two have no problem doing life 3 hots and a cot and a boyfriend

  10. Him and his boyfriend should have just went on with their lives you didn’t have to kill her s*** just sad

  11. @Jon Smile: He wanted to cash in on Tiffany’s assets first.


  13. A lot of these men are downlow. These women also need to hook up with men who are on the same level as them.

  14. I think she found out he was also into men. I also think she found out her husband’s best friend was his lover. I think she was too embarrassed to tell family and friends and just decided to quietly separate.

  15. The electrocution chair would’ve been the best Justice for this case instead these two super predators get to live in prison they get to enjoy television, food and visit etc. you know this is telling other predators that do a crime it’s OK because you get to live for free and prison always being taken care of♒️

  16. now him and his boyfriend can live happily ever after behind bars.

  17. Them niggas should of played in r Kelly video they in the closet 😂😤😷🤦

  18. They had to be R. Kellying it up, doing a little Bump and Grind! Idgaf how close I am with my friend…. I can’t even see nobody coming asking me no sh+t like that! He must of went for the we can be together, and get the life insurance. Smh

  19. That’s so fucking disrespectful how he carried her casket after killing her 😡😡😡😡. Damn people really are so heartless….

  20. Them dudes was lovers aint no way in hell niggas that close to where a so called Best friend will kill your wife so easily like that and for what and why that nigga had some female love for that nigga so sad smdh

  21. That DJ gig must not have been paying the bills cause he couldn’t afford a place on his own… women stop getting these ♂ men that don’t match your ambition or finances… and they were lovers….

  22. I hope the jail life is giving them what they deserve. Just don’t drop the soap.

  23. Worlds dumbest criminal why would you call the police and say “my wife has been killed because she’s not answering the phone “ then said the window was broken and left but the window wasn’t even broken like huh smh rip to this beauty ppl are sick

  24. Why do people Kill their spouse when they want to leave!?. You’re staying with me even if I’m a Cheater! If I break both both your legs! and arms! You’re going to stay with me!.
    You’re Prohibited from leaving me ever! And if you try to leave I will end your life! Do you understand me?. Now Clean yourself up! and fix me a Plate!.

  25. Maybe the wife was his beard,and the friend was really his long time lover. He’s tired of waiting for her to die of natural causes. “He did it for LOOOVE.

  26. Damn!!!! Just realized he had her killed right at Thanksgiving. 🦃. Holidays are hard on family members anyway but since he had her killed on November 23rd, they will never have a “normal” Thanksgiving again. There’s a special place in Hell for him and his buddy. Being murdered at any time of the year is tragic enough but DAMN!!

  27. Her husband worked in Hotlanta at a popular Strip Club and she expected him to be faithful! WOW! She was beautiful but she shouldn’t have married him.

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